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6 Formstack documents integrations to simplify workflows

There are endless opportunities for Formstack documents integrations. With each integration, you can do a lot of things and automate much paperwork that you never imagined can be done so quickly.

Many organizations are trying to digitalize their workflow. They shifted most of their paperwork into digital documents and PDFs to eliminate the number of papers used as much as possible. Formstack is one of the easiest business solutions that allow companies to create documents in minutes. Formstack offers pre-designed templates and allows users to create their own templates. Also, these documents are shareable and editable by different people according to the roles given by the admin.

Formstack offers a lot of solutions where Formstack documents are only one of them. With Formstack documents, companies that need to work with less paper have an easy solution to collect all their papers on one platform. Furthermore, the ability to integrate Formstack documents with many other software programs and applications makes it possible to have a comprehensive solution for the tremendous papers and documents needed to process the work. Since it is a software program, most of the processes can be automated which adds to its features as it saves time, effort, and cost of papers.

Automate Your Paperwork with These 6 Formstack Integrations

Below are the top Formstack documents integrations you can use in your organization to automate most of your paperwork. These integrations can work for different industries and each business can make use of the integration in its own way. Whether your business is eCommerce, marketing, HR, or legal industry that needs a lot of papers and signatures, these integration workflows can help your business and simplify your work. Explore the integrations and think of what they can do for your business.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of Google’s free services that allow you to upload word documents, images, and videos to store them on an online cloud. You can share these files and documents with others or you can keep them private on your drive only.

formstack google drive integration to create documents

With Formstack google drive integration, you can use create documents and upload them directly to the drive. You can also allow certain team members different access modes, so, they can read or edit your documents. For more organization, create folders for each project and send the files created by Formstack documents directly to specific folders.

Even more, this process can be automated through this integration. Without integrating Formstack documents with Google drive, you will have to create the documents and manually upload them to the drive. Then you need to organize the drive manually and give each file its name and store it in the designated folder. With Formstack documents integration, this process is simplified and done automatically by adjusting the settings only once. Further, your team members will have access to the same files and data, so, the workflows go faster and easier.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a 100% free service which have millions of use cases according to the type of business. Google Forms can be used to collect data about something or ask about the customers’ opinions on a product or a service. Also, they can be used as registration forms for attending a webinar or an online conference for example.

If you used Formstack documents integrations with Google Forms, you can simplify workflows a lot as you don’t need to copy and paste data between documents. You can just extract the data obtained from the forms and upload them directly into the mapped fields in Formstack documents. Although the integration seems very simple, the workflow’s speed and easiness will make a noticeable difference.


Dropbox is another storage cloud service that allows you to store files in an unlimited storage space according to the package you buy. Dropbox also has the same service of sharing files between different people to download or just view the files.

formstack dropbox integrations to create custom docs

With Formstack dropbox integrations, you can retrieve data from any other application or software and create customizable documents using Formstack. Then, automatically upload and share these documents with other team members.

All the features available for Google drive are also available for Dropbox as automatic sharing or folders creating and so. In fact, Dropbox is sometimes considered an alternative to Google drive. However, Dropbox offers easy integration to several applications and software programs including Formstack. Also, you can develop APIs and integrate them into your own system, so Dropbox is a handy solution for organizing the workflow.

By using FormStack document integration and taking the advantage of the various integrations of Dropbox, you have a comprehensive solution for organizing all your company’s data and simplifying processes. Not to forget that Dropbox has a mobile application that works on Apple and Android systems and they are very user-friendly applications.


Any company that has customers need a customer relationship management system and Salesforce is one of the most powerful CRM systems. Different departments in the company can use Salesforce to manage the customer journey at different points. For example, the sales team, the BD, the customer service, and the marketing departments.

By Formstack Salesforce integrations, you can simplify the document generation processes and populate data from Salesforce directly into the pre-designed Formstack document. All the involved departments can have access to this data and can also make copies of the same document to be used differently according to the department.

These kinds of integrations are very beneficial for those who need to save time and effort needed to fill up documents and share them between different people. Also, the same document can have different roles for different people. For example, the sales team can create pitches based on the customer data obtained from Salesforce and send them directly to the customers via Formstack Sign.

formstack salesforce integrations simplify doc generation

Customers will have access to the documents and they may sign it digitally but they cannot edit the document. Another example is if you are having a marketing campaign and need to alter some massages according to the target customers based on the data you pulled from Salesforce. You can create a template and the marketing team work on the same template and change what needs to be changed accordingly.


One of the most powerful Formstack integrations is Magento integration. If you own or intend to build an eCommerce website using the Magento platform, this integration will be very helpful.

To know how it works, let’s see first what Magento offers. Magento allows you to create an eCommerce website easily with minimal developing expertise. You will build a user-friendly eCommerce website and even more, tailor the content of the sold products according to the target audience. With this solution, you will be able to create the best user experience on your website where customers can shop with no technical issues at all.

To make the experience better, consider Formstack integration workflows. With this integration, you can create personalized documents and send them to your customers. These documents can be product brochures, guides, and warranty papers. While you can send all of these documents manually, with Formstack workflows, everything will be automated and sent in seconds.

You can create templates and just change the customers’ data for documents that need slight changes like receipts and product manuals. Branded documents or special ones sent to special customers can be prepared separately and sent directly to customers via Formstack Sign. In all cases, Formstack integrations will be simplifying the process a lot and you will reach your customers in seconds using professional ways.


You certainly know that you can use social media to grow your audience and reach a wider customer base. With Formstack Facebook integrations, you can easily import data from Facebook into Formstack documents. These documents can be later used for making proposals and marketing materials.

formstack documents integration with facebook

For example, create a document based on a template you have or build one from scratch to collect data from your customers. Share the document via Facebook using the Formstack integration and people will be directed to the document easily. When you get the data you want, you will be able to use this data to create other material automatically using other Formstack solutions as forms and send them using Formstack Sign.

The power of this integration is that it can convert leads into potential customers quicker than the traditional methods. When the workflows are easy and automatic, this reduces the time and effort which translates into more revenue.

Last Few Talk On These Formstack Documents Integrations

The best thing about these Formstack documents integrations is that they are very easy to implement. Using one or more of these integrations will really change how your organization process such paperwork. This will result in enhancing the customer experience and freeing up the employees’ time to do some other jobs that cannot be automated. If you have such a way to automate many of the paper and document workflows, why don’t use it?

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