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Formstack- The automated document creation software

Formstack to Generate Documents Automatically

Manually creating and sharing documents may be the norm for most businesses. But lately, automatically-generated online documents are becoming a popular option due to the ever-increasing need for efficiency, speed, and flexibility. So, you’ll need a robust document creation software to generate such documents.

Platinum Partner is proud to present to you its foremost solution for automated document creation software – Formstack Documents, formerly known as WebMerge Document Generation Software. Let’s have an overview of what document generation tools are in general, then delve deeper into Formstack Documents, and what it can do for your business.

What is Automated Document Generation Software?

A document generation software is a tool used to automatically create documents. Simply feed the data needed to accomplish the document, and the software generates the finished document for you. The tool can automatically create online documents from data uploads, form submissions, and CRM data.

Apart from creating documents, this automated software also has other features such as:

  • Merging different documents into a single one


  • Delivering finished documents to the intended recipients or customers


  • Automatically integrate documents into your team’s workflow



You can create any kind of document you want using a document builder tool. Medical forms, legal contracts, applications, proposals, event tickets, invoices – automated word document creation software can seamlessly handle all these.

Why Use Document Creation Software?

Document creation tool generally eases up office work and improves communication and professional relationships between companies and their clients or customers. It can also improve work productivity and give employees a chance to be more efficient in their tasks. You will get the following benefits by using automated document creation software:

  • Lesser human errors from manually creating documents
  • Lets anyone in your company generate documents seamlessly, even those with non-technical backgrounds
  • Makes document storage more efficient through the cloud
  • Improves work collaboration and speeds up tasks
  • Saves money and resources used for document-making and processing
  • SLets you expand your global clientele and reach

Best Features of Our Document Generation Tool

Document generation tools aren’t created equally. It can be daunting to look at all your options without knowing the features you’ll need in it. Here are five key features you must check when researching for the right document production software for your business needs:

Overview of Our Automated Document Production Software – Formstack

Platinum Partner proudly offers you Formstack Documents, formerly known as WebMerge document generation software. This is our premier document builder tool with a powerful feature set and numerous integrations.

Features of Formstack Documents to Save Time

Formstack Documents/WebMerge has a superb feature set that can truly automate document generation and delivery for any industry. We’ll break down its features into three groups:

1. Document Generation

Formstack lets you automatically generate documents based on the data or files fed into the system. Pre-built templates are available, or you can customize to suit your branding. You can utilize conditional logic to hide or show content in your documents, as well as control how the documents are shared. Finally, data routing lets you pass data through multiple documents with ease.

Formstack Documents covers all the document generation you need:

  • Native salesforce plugin
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF generation
  • Native integration to 11 e-Sign solutions (includes DocuSign, HelloSign, Adobe Sign)
  • Native integration to 10 storage solutions (includes Gdrive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon)

2. Document Automation

Document automation software offers a plethora of tools to populate, sign, store, or send your documents. It includes features such as:

  • Automated Microsoft Word Document Generation
  • Generating documents through CRM data
  • Auto-generated custom forms
  • Documents API
  • Electronic signature integration

3. Security

Protect data in sensitive documents and ensure their compliance with security standards through Formstack Documents’ security features. You can use SSL, encryption, firewalls, and passwords to secure your documents depending on your requirements.

Formstack Documents also complies with HIPAA requirements for secured patient records under the healthcare industry use.

Upgrade Your Subscription Plans To Get More Automated Templates

Formstack automated document creation tool is available in five subscription tiers. Experience more features as you upgrade to a higher subscription plan:

  • Micro – 30 document merges per month with 3 templates, 1 user
  • Starter – 150 document merges per month with 10 templates, 2 users
  • Pro – 500 document merges per month with 20 templates, 5 users
  • Business – 2,000 document merges per month with 50 templates, 15 users
  •  Enterprise – more than 2,000 document merges per month with more than 50 templates and greater than 15 users, full feature set

Micro and Starter plans are suitable for smaller businesses. Pro and Business plans are suitable for medium to large businesses. Big organizations can invest in the customized Enterprise plan that’s worked out with the Formstack Documents team.

Formstack offers a free trial for automated document creation for 14 days. It’s a great chance to check 6 Formstack documents integration and see if the tool is indeed a good fit for your business needs.

Formstack vs Other Automated Word Document Creation Tools for Commercial Use

Webmerge is ranked the highest against its main rivals Conga and Drawloop

 FormStack DocumentsCongaDrawlopp
Meets Requirements9.58.98.5
Ease of Use8.68.18.0
Ease of Setup8.37.67.4
Ease of Admin8.88.07.7
Quality of Support9.68.98.3
Ease of Doing Business With9.78.98.5
Product Direction(% positive)


Save Your Time & Money With Automated Word Document Creation Software

Formstack Documents works with third-party integrations to make document creation easy. Connect your online forms, automatically send info to the file sharing apps, and more. Our strength is in our flexibility.