Integrate all your customer’s systems with Salesforce and Workato, a modern versatile integration platform.

Key Winning Factors

Workato covers all types of integrations, offering a very flexible solution to your consultant with click not code.

  • Recipes : Save time using ready-made recipes to use for the most common integrations.
  • ETL : Connect directly to databases to transport and transform raw data.
  • API : Custom integration with third party system API using code enabling the
    most complex work.


Workato is ranked the highest integration platform compared to Jitterbit, Boomi and Infomartica Cloud.

Workato Informatica Boomi Jitterbit
Meets Requirements 9.2 7.3 8.2 9.2
Ease of Use 8.8 7.6 8.5 8.7
Ease of Setup 9.0 7.9 8.5 8.4
Ease of Admin 8.9 7.7 8.5 8.7
Quality of Support 9.5 7.3 8.2 9.2
Ease of Doing Business With 9.6 7.9 8.6 9.4
Product Direction(% positive) 9.4 5.4 8.7 9.2

Source extracted on 27/07/2020 over 229 reviews.


Like all our solutions, Workato is very friendly priced and delivers significant value out of the box. The pricing is very easy to understand which is an added soft benefit.

  • Unlimited apps (Included in workspace)
  • Unlimited tasks & jobs (Included in workspace)
  • Unlimited connections (Included in workspace)
  • Unlimited users (Included in workspace)
  • Access 400,000+ pre-built recipes (Fair billing policy)

Indicative Starting price at 10,000 USD per year.