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You are at the forefront of your customers’ digital transformation. It’s thrilling, it’s engaging and there is no shortage of work.  It also means that you have less time to take care of your business.

Are you constantly juggling between, learning new technologies?  servicing your customers? finding the next key project? Recruiting and retaining the most talented consultants?  Finding the right solution for your customer?

We enable you to sell licenses, so that you can generate more revenue and run a more profitable and predictable business.

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What We Do For You

At Platinum Partner, we specialise in reselling software solutions. We review, select and distribute the most frequently used solutions for Salesforce Partners. We facilitate all the license work in your projects ,so that you can focus on your consulting projects.

Working with us, you run more efficient projects, generate new revenue, find new contracts, and customers.

Our services include:

  • A selection of solutions for Salesforce projects: We selected the best providers on the market covering 95% of your project needs. Our list of solution partner is constantly growing, so are always able to offer more solutions to your customer.

  • License best price garanteed: We have the most exclusive pricing on licenses. We bulk bill all your customer licenses in one invoice and one renewal date converted in one local currency for peace of mind.
  • Unmatched support: All our team members are certified in = the solution we resell, so that you and your customer have one single point of contact for all your support during and after the implementation.
  • New revenue: We pay you a recurring fee for each license you place but we also refer you, customers, when they need professional services. So that you also get a new revenue stream for your service business.



Our list of partners has been carefully selected to ensure you are able to showcase your expertise through a selection of great solutions.

Three main parameters are used during our reviews:


Our solutions are selected for their capacity to resolve the challenge they are designed for. We review, the quality of the solution, it’s stability but also its ability and flexibility to address a large range of challenges and further support your customer expansion. Finally, we also assess on the ease of use for the end-user.


We put a detailed attention to the pricing of our solution partners. All solution need to be reasonably priced. The pricing should also remain easy to understand and to apply. Finally, we review the stability of their pricing to ensure a smooth experience for all customers.


We all love feeling the dynamic of a good team working well together. As a customer we appreciate the attention to our needs and responsiveness to our requests. If quality and pricing is important the third value assessed for all our partners is the ease of business. It is all about customer experience isn’t it!


Is Platinum Partner right for me ?2020-08-27T05:07:53+00:00

Our membership is free, we have no quota to meet, no certification for you to pass. If you believe your business will sell at least one of our solutions in the space of a year then you should consider working with us.

I already have partnership with those solution providers2020-08-27T05:07:02+00:00

If you already a partnership you do not need to change anything right now. Though, you will receive better commission and enhanced support working directly with us.

You don’t have the solution I need2020-08-17T07:14:59+00:00

It’s rare, but we are constantly working on improving our offering, and while we target the most common needs first. If you need a solution we don’t have, let us know and we will work with you to find the right fit.

Is Platinum Partner providing a lead referral fee ?2020-08-27T05:06:48+00:00

Lead referral fees are the compensations, you could try to obtain if you were not working with Platinum Partner. Our commission is always higher than a lead referral fee.

I have a relation with a competitive provider2020-08-27T05:07:14+00:00

Our relationship is non-exclusive. If you are satisfied with another solution provider then you are free to continue developing this relationship and business.

When the customer increase their licenses ?2020-08-27T05:06:34+00:00

Any increase of licenses by the customer will generate additional commission for you even if you are not involved in the process

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