What are Online Forms ?

In the past, filling in a form meant collecting a paper document, completing it and sending it off. Today, lots of forms are available online as convenient alternatives to paper forms.

Online forms are becoming very common. There are now lots of things you can apply for online. Job applications, car tax and pension benefits are just a few examples.

Features and Benefits

As the leader in online form solutions, Formstack Form comes with a slew of benefits to help your business.

Effortless to build

Design online forms with ease using our simple drag and drop interface. No need to worry about your technical skills. It just takes a few clicks!

Simple to manage

Let multiple users manage and share form submissions. All changes to your forms update in seconds so your team can stay informed with our Data Routing feature.

Easy to publish

Embed forms on landing pages and social media to reach more customers and boost submissions. All of our forms are mobile-friendly out of the box.

Painless to optimize

Improve performance by testing your online forms to see what converts. You can even pinpoint the areas that need improvement with deep data insights.

Why should i use online forms ?

Why waste hours waiting for your developer to code your online form for you when you can just build it yourself in minutes? Formstack makes this possible with our easy-to-use website form builder and advanced features. Collect payments, gather customer data, and automate your day-to-day tasks in just a few clicks. Data collection and management have never been this painless. Don’t believe us? Demo our product now!