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Electronic Signature Software: Benefits, Considerations, and Solutions

Isn’t it quite tedious to physically pass documents, agreements, or contracts back-and-forth from its source to the intended signatories? Indeed, scanning, faxing, and mailing documents to their signatories take up lots of time and effort. Also, the increasing demand for remote online work has made physically signing important documents a challenge. So, what’s the best solution to ensure that important paperwork is still reviewed and signed off properly? Online document signing through electronic signature software!

Let’s review what e-sign is and how it’s done. We’ll also explore the benefits of using electronic signature solutions and things to consider when selecting the right e-signature product for your team. Lastly, we’ll have a quick overview of Platinum Partner’s two online document signing software – Formstack Sign and DocuSign.

What Is Electronic Signature Or e-Sign?

Electronic Signature or E-sign is simply the process of signing documents online. It is electronically done through the different digital signature tools. These solutions are designed to facilitate affixing of e-signatures to important documents easily. Most e-sign tools allow users to upload their documents, sign them electronically through different means, and send or receive documents between company members.

Here are some ways to sign documents electronically. One or more of these methods may be seen in a particular e-sign tool. Note that these online document signing methods are deemed valid and enforceable when used on valid documents and contracts recognized by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act:

How to Use Electronic Signature Software?

  • Scanning your typical inked signature and uploading this file into the signature box
  • Typing your name into a designated signature box
  • Typing a personal identification number or a code representing yourself on the signature box
  • Clicking a dedicated “I Agree” button

Now, sign off tools also have security features that do not allow documents (especially contracts and non-disclosure agreements) to be altered on modified in any way before and after signing. The features further authenticate a document’s legality even if it is signed electronically.

It may seem simple, but online document signing is a tricky thing since many people question the legality of documents signed electronically. Security issues may also be a concern, with people thinking that electronically-signed documents are prone to fraud and forgery. Sign off tool vendors addresses these concerns by incorporating various security measures and features in their respective solutions.

Benefits of Electronic Signature

With the increasing demand for paperless transactions and remote online work, using e-sign services has increasingly become a staple in several offices and companies. There are many benefits to using document signing tools such as the following:


  • Online sign-offs make way for paperless transactions, thereby saving on operational costs and producing a positive environmental impact.


  • Documents can now be signed electronically and sent to intended recipients through email or company management tools, reducing the need for postage, stamps, and other mailing supplies.


  • Quicker document turnover happens because there’s no need to wait for postage – files can quickly be sent and received in an instant.
    Paper document archives need not be operated anymore since documents can simply be stored and archived in a digital format.


  • Deals and documents can now be signed without face-to-face contact in meetings, reducing travel especially in this risky time of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Safer and more secured than paper documents because electronically signed documents contain traceable information such as the person who signed, the date and time it was signed, and where it was signed.

All these benefits attract paper-driven companies to gradually transition to paperless transactions through online sign off tools.

Things to Know Before Buying e-Signature Solution

Selecting and purchasing a Salesforce data backup and recovery solution for businesses is no easy feat. Ask yourself the following essential questions to ensure that you’re looking at the right data backup solution for your enterprise:

  • Look for a solution that provides different signature capture methods. Your clients and other signatories can choose a signing option that’s right for them. For instance, one client may prefer uploading his scanned signature, while another thinks that’s a hassle and chooses to click action buttons such as the “I Agree” button instead. You can accommodate both clients with a tool that offers varied capture options.


  • Consider getting an online document signing software that’s mobile-friendly. Many customers and colleagues now rely on smartphones and tablets to complete transactions. Hence, it’s great if your solution allows people to sign on mobile devices and similar platforms.


  • Finally, partner with vendors that have good industry knowledge and reputation. Doing so allows you to pick a solution capable of seamlessly integrating with your brands. All this time, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your sign off software is as dependable and reliable as its creators.

Our Electronic Signature Software Solutions

Here at Platinum Partner, we offer two popular online document signing software – Formstack
Sign and DocuSign. Here’s a sneak peek of each sign off solution:

Formstack Sign

Formstack Sign is a simple yet powerful electronic signing solution. The tool allows you to sign digital documents anywhere, even on mobile devices. It also integrates with its sister productivity tools such as Formstack Forms and Formstack Documents.

Some of Formstack Sign’s notable features include:

  • Easy to use (Drag-and-Drop Builder)
  • Support all types of files like PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, MS Word
  • Customizable templates
  • SMS reminders for sending and signing documents
  • Auto reminders for collecting recurrent signatures
  • Drag-and-drop document builder
  • HIPAA compliant, so sensitive client data are secured
  • Sign Open API

Formstack Sign integrates with over 100+ tools such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, PayPal, Stripe, Platinum Partner, and many more.



Here at Platinum Partner, we offer two popular online document signing software – Formstack
Sign and DocuSign. Here’s a sneak peek of each sign off solution:

DocuSign is another popular e-signature collection tool. It’s the leading online sign off tool used by several businesses across the globe. DocuSign offers the following features:


  • Document generation and negotiation


  • Contract Lifestyle Management


  • Easy setup and use


  • Performance monitoring and live reports available


  • Comprehensive and native Salesforce integration


  • Compatible with mobile, android, Apple, and Windows apps


  • Agreement analytics available

DocuSign works on the cloud and can also integrate into other apps. It’s being used by large companies like Apple, Samsung, Visa, and
AstraZeneca, among others.

Online sign off services are becoming in demand today. There are several key things to factor in before investing in such a solution for the office. And with that, choosing the right software that matches your business needs and demands is key.Platinum Partner is proud to present two key solutions for your online sign off needs – DocuSign and Formstack Sign. Choose any of the two online document signing software and see your business grow as it becomes more efficient in a paperless way!

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