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Formstack form and Wufoo are two of the top online form generation tools. However, with an intense competition in the market, it often becomes difficult for users to understand which app is more suited for his business. This article on FORMSTACK VS WUFOO comprises a clear comparison of the two apps to make it easier for you to choose one for yourself.

Formstack vs Wufoo: General Comparison

Whether you are a newbie channelling through various websites or a high-tech developer, Formstack vs Wufoo article will help you in many ways.

Let’s get started!


Formstack and Wufoo are both form and templates automation apps.

Formstack is a great application that helps you create forms online. Formstack simplifies the process of data collection and allows you to make great online forms in no time. It is a one-stop platform from where you can create surveys, donations, lead gen, and order forms online.

Wufoo as an alternative is another user-friendly platform that helps to build unique online forms with a built-in database, scripts, and other features to help you design a layout.


Formstack and Wufoo have got a lot of similar features. Choose for yourself and know what is right for your business.

Data Analytics:

Formstack allows you to keep track of your data through graphs, and you can collaborate your files and information with Google Analytics to track page views. Their program will enable you to see why people leave a page, and it lets you follow the unique ideas and conversion rates.

Wufoo helps the user keep an eye on payments, run survey programs and track analytics very easily with the help of charts, graphs, numbers, grids, and texts. You can easily add, mix and match your reports, track views, submissions, and conversations. You can either keep the forms public or add a password for maintaining security.



Formstack allows you to check the performance of your data on its mobile app. You can easily keep track of the submissions, registrations, and other stats to see how your campaign works.

Wufoo notifies you immediately through emails or SMS if you have any new leads, payments, registrations, or any new data inputted on your form.

Templates Available

Formstack has 24+ pre-made templates to choose from, ranging from contact forms to surveys.

Wufoo has created over 300+ built-in templates to choose from, including all varieties from questionnaires to donations.

Logic and Branching

Formstack provides the users a conditional logic field that allows them to let other applicants skip questions that don’t match them. In addition, there is a feature present to show and hide questions so that the applicants don’t leave the page blank if they do not find any relevant questions.

Wufoo provides the feature of Rule Builder to make your forms dynamic, customize them based on the user’s answers to the questions. While filling out the state, the options of show and hide fields, skip pages, and share with others are provided based on the question they choose.

Here is a chart to compare the features of Formstack and Wufoo:

Comparison Chart – Formstack vs Wufoo

Features Formstack Wufoo
Conditional logic Yes Yes
Hidden fields Yes Yes
Multi-step forms Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Yes Yes
A/B testing Yes No
Responsive forms Yes No
Reporting Yes Yes
Webhooks / API Yes Yes
SSL security Yes Yes
Zapier integration Yes Yes
Edit form CSS Yes Yes
Edit form HTML No Yes

Best suitable clients

Formstack’s best clients include all big to small businesses looking to make internal or external forms for HR, IT, etc., to receive applications.

Wufoo is best for small business owners who are not looking for something big to start with, generally within a small budget.

Both the apps can be used by freelancers, small business owners, large business firms, or other services that require forms.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Formstack provides customer support online, knowledge-based, and through video tutorials.

Wufoo provides customer support through video tutorials.

The price range for Multiple users

In Formstack, the silver plan allows up to 10 users to access 1000+ forms and 100,000 submissions. The total storage capacity is 10GB. The price of the plan is $249.00/month.

Wufoo offers the Unlimited Plan in which up to 60 people can access Wufoo. It allows access to an unlimited number of forms, 200,000 entries months, and 20GB storage capacity.  The price of this plan is also $249/month.

Pricing for a single user

If you are running a business by yourself, the individual plans will suffice your needs.

Formstack starts at $19/month. However, it allows a free trial, no credit card is required, and it is subscription-based.

Wufoo also charges $19 per month for a single account holder. It allows free trial without credit card, free account, and subscription-based payment method.

Top integration platforms

Formstack allows integration with

  • AWeber
  • net
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Mail chimp
  • PayPal

Wufoo’s integration platforms include

  • AWeber
  • Magneto Commerce
  • Mail chimp

Working Platform – formstack vs wufoo

Formstack works on all web-based, iPhone app, and Android app, Cloud, SaaS platforms.

Wufoo, however, works only on web-based, Cloud, and SaaS platforms.

Recognitions and awards

Formstack has been recognized as one of the top 20 survey software of 2020

Wufoo has been recognized as one of the leading 20 automation software of 2020.


In Formstack, training is done in person, live online, through webinars, documentation, and videos.

Wufoo’s training services include only documentation and videos.

The best Formstack alternatives are:

  • ProntoForms
  • com
  • Forms On Fire
  • Harvest Your Data
  • 123FormBuilder

The best Wufoo alternatives are:

  • JotForm
  • Typeform
  • GoCanvas
  • Submittable
  • GoFormz

Hope this comparison helped you to make a decision. Platinum Partner can offer a wide range of Salesforce Software Reseller Solutions to help you run your business operations seamlessly. Please leave us a message and we will get back to you in no time.

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