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Workato vs Zapier: Guide to Choose the Right Automation Platform for Your Business

Workato vs Zapier is an intense debate in the IT sector. Workato and Zapier are both software-based solutions that fall under the category of iPaaS. Choosing the better one among such a massive many other solutions available on the market is quite a task for a client. To help users choose the best product that suits their business needs, we have listed a clear comparison of functions and plans as well as other details of Workato and Zapier.

To give you a little less trouble, we have categorized the content. Let’s get started!

So.. why this “Workato vs Zapier” Comparison is important?

Workato is award-winning enterprise automation and integration platform which is trusted by more than 21000 businesses. It allows business and IT teams to integrate their apps and automate workflows without lagging on security and governance. In addition, Workato empowers easy custom-built integrations by the business without knowing to code.

Zapier, on the other hand, is also an automated integration platform that performs daily tasks using two steps: ‘Zap’ – by creating Zap, you can set up an action and make it repeat when a trigger happens. ‘Trigger’ is like an alarm. For example, every time you receive an email from a particular client, the Zap will send you an SMS notification. Zapier weaves together several web applications that are eventually changing the course of work.

What are the different integration platforms available in Workato and Zapier?

Some different integration platforms used in Workato are:

  • Dropbox
  • Eventbrite
  • Twitter
  • Box

And few of the platforms used for integration by Zapier are:

  • Gmail
  • Asana
  • Facebook
  • Google Docs

Comparison of Features offered by both the software:

Some of the most amazing features of Workato are:

Agility with Auto-versioning

If you want to iterate on the integration to understand additional business rules, the auto-versioning feature in the Workato integration solution keeps track of all your changes and lets you revert fast without missing out on any work.

Workflow Automation

Comparison of Features offered by both the software

Along with the basic integration for synchronizing data across multiple applications, this software allows you to automate workflows that map business processes.

Bot Customization

Workato allows you to custom build your bot recipes and keep them in their function name and icon – for instance SupportBot, and HRBot. This feature offers great convenience in the customization of the bot’s functions.

Collaborative Governance

Workato ensures collaborative governance through multiple tools, audit trails, and custom reporting, which make administrators apply compliance and security policies.

Here is a list of features of Zapier:

Zaps are used to connect apps we use daily

  • It allows workflow from Any App
  • It helps complete routine tasks quickly and automatically
  • Provides a very simple format that can be gotten accustomed to in minutes.

Here is a chart comparing the features of Workato and Zapier:

Comparison Chart

Features Workato Zapier
Data Management Yes No
SMS Messaging Yes Yes
Web Services Yes Yes
Data Mapping Yes No
Database Support Yes Yes
Website Integration Yes Yes
XML / RSS No Yes
Drag & Drop Yes No
eCommerce Management Yes Yes
API Yes Yes
Sales Management Yes Yes
Social Media Integration Yes Yes
Third Party Integrations Yes Yes
User Management No Yes
Access Controls/Permissions Yes No
Email Management Yes Yes
Event Tracking Yes No
Data Connector yes No

General Comparison of Workato and Zapier

Based on Price

Workato works at annual payment modes. It starts at $10000 a year. A free trial is available, but no free version is provided.

Zapier starts from $19.99 a month. It avails both a free trial and a free version.

Based on best-suited clients

Workato is best for all sizes, small, medium, and large, requiring end-to-end workflow and automated scaling of growth in HR, Finance, IT, Sales, and support. Examples of prominent clients – DeepCrawl, Bitamtica, Alternatives.

Zapier is better for short-scale practices like small or medium businesses with marketers, salespeople, designers, developers, etc. Examples of prominent clients: Spotify, McAfee, Adobe.

Based on enabled platforms

Based on enabled platforms

Workato is available for all Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and web-based devices.

Zapier can be used only in Windows, Mac, and web-based devices.

Based on training programs

Workato offers training in person, live online, thorough documentation by videos and webinars.

Zapier offers training only via documentation.

Based on customer care

Both Workato and Zapier provide customer care services.

Workato enables customer support through email/help desk, FAQ, Forum, knowledge-based, phone support, chat.

Zapier, on the other hand, offers knowledge-based and through emails.

Based on Top alternatives

The best alternatives for Workato are:

  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.
  • SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform
  • Jitterbit.
  • Postman.
  • Celigo.
  • Dell Boomi.

The best alternatives for Zapier are:

  • Integromat.
  • Cloud Elements, a UiPath Company.
  • HubSpot Operations Hub.
  • Jitterbit.
  • Dell Boomi
  • Integrated.
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • Celigo.

Final Thoughts

Workato and Zapier emerge as powerful contenders in the dynamic realm of automation. These were the essential points of comparison in this Workato vs Zapier article. Platinum Partner can help you with any type of software reselling solutions for salesforce and Asana. Get in touch with us today so we can understand your requirements and offer you a solution accordingly.

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