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How to prepare for Salesforce data recovery service from end to end?

The end has arrived for Salesforce Data recovery and looking to the future is important for all Salesforce administrators. With Salesforce end of life arriving on July 31st, 2020, the future of Salesforce administration is the subject of preparation and anticipation, and getting ahead is hugely important.

For Salesforce administrators, this can be a confusing and worrying time, but it needn’t be so. Understanding the oncoming changes will ensure a smooth, efficient transition and promising future. As a Salesforce administrator, you need to learn how to prepare for Salesforce data recovery service. Keep reading……

Coming Changes

Whether they’re a product, service or in our case a software, the basic job of any reseller is to buy a product at a discounted price and find customers interested in acquiring it and getting him onboard.

A software reseller essence is his capacity to find the right customer for the selected product, he may work as an individual or a business. It may be a dedicated business or in your case it might be a related business. They buy from distributors or, sometimes directly from the provider then sell those products directly to the end customer, in our case today generally a company.

Reselling software can be very lucrative. But, it can also be more difficult than selling services. The cycle of sales and the expectations from your customers are different, you also need to consider the services you will need to provide which are generally attached to the licenses or expected from your customer. Those services can range from placing the product, invoicing, and collection but also delivering support to the customer past the initial project and throughout the life cycle of your customer and ensuring the customer succeeds using the product.

Salesforce Direction

Looking to the future of Salesforce, it is difficult to see what direction it takes without it’s Data Recovery Service, which for so long had been a hallmark of it’s service. A native option of the Salesforce system, looking to other similar services within the Salesforce repertoire offers little to garner optimism.

Other offerings in terms of data service include the Data Loader, which involves manual functioning to export data, usually these are bulk exports. Emphasis here is placed on the manual nature of the service- a time-consuming, laborious process. The Data Export Service is similarly intensive for the administrators, working on a scheduled basis. Essentially it is manually scheduled to plan for the exporting process, and with it being manual, it incurs all the risks of manual work, which is tedious and delicate with data protection.

The Report Export, similarly, requires manual work on the part of the administrator, emphasizing on-demand exports of data through a reporting based process that incurs further manual techniques.

What’s Needed for the Future

With the future uncertain for administrators, there are many potential directions to consider. Here at Platinum Partner, we are committed to guiding our customers and partners through the uncertain future. Protection of data is paramount to continuity of service and overall growth, and working in tandem brings a level-headed, streamlined service throughout our organization. While Salesforce retains its native options which offer manual data services, for us, this is not an adequate service for your business.

So Data Recovery has retired from Salesforce, so where do we go from here?

What’s Needed for the Future

Seamless restoration and overall granular control are paramount in this context.

So, as a salesforce member how to prepare for Salesforce data recovery service in the future?

Connecting with Salesforce members has been a revelatory experience for us here at Platinum Partners, in which we have found that Salesforce are openly requesting administrators to begin using backup solutions (i.e. – Spanning Backup) to the native options available with the Salesforce package. This is part of along term plan to build a sustainable and efficient data restoration and protection system that may function efficiently and securely for all partners.

Data protection is not just protection of facts and figures, but protection for the health of your business. With just a few simple guided instructions, we identify and restore potentially lost data and bring a peace of mind that enables you to focus on the things you are passionate about, namely the health and wellbeing of your business.

Stay in the Race

Though Salesforce has announced some dates for it’s retirement, it is likely to take a phases approach that allows those who have relied on it’s services to find alternative arrangements. We suggest using the best salesforce data backup and recovery solution for your business. You cannot put a price on the value of your data, to your colleagues and customers, and we have put steps in place to plan ahead. We are excited to work together to bring a resolution to the questions that are plaguing Salesforce administrators.

Don’t get left behind in the race to secure the data that has built your business from the ground up. Continuity of service and syncing all personal information ensures the minimum of fuss and maximum focus on the challenges ahead, in a world with Salesforce. Put your data in good hands today.

Hopefully, now you have learned how to prepare for Salesforce data recovery service. If you have any queries related to Salesforce, you can contact us.

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