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Asana: December Update

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What’s new on Asana this month of December?

Well, Asana intends to add the best features you can all appreciate before taking your vacation, and when you return to work, you’ll find it easy to navigate and use all the upgrades. With Asana’s new updates, you can keep tabs on how much time you spend on various projects, get more precise details about individual tasks, and automate routine activities to free up more of your day for what really matters.

Here are the new updates of Asana:

Time Tracking

With this, you can ensure that, despite your busy schedule, all important duties will be noticed. By using Asana, you may monitor the amount of time you think you’ll need to complete a task and the amount of time it takes.

Custom fields in My Task

Asana allows you to add extra custom fields to “My Task” for a more comprehensive picture of all your tasks. My Tasks now supports the addition of new private custom fields as well as the addition of existing fields already used in projects.

Create new task using Rules

Do you want to automate creating new tasks in Asana? In the Asana December update, rule-based automation for tasks, milestones, and approvals is available in projects with either an Enterprise or Business Tier. Pick a trigger, or a set of triggers, and Asana will automatically create the task when the rule activates. You can set the name, assignee, due date, and other details of a task ahead of time.

Updated Portfolio View

Want to have an organized portfolio view? Now you can resize and reorder columns in the portfolio list, similarly to the project grid.

Increase limits on forms and forms questions

When you utilize Asana Forms, you standardize your team’s work initiation process, collect all the necessary information, and prevent any tasks from being overlooked. You can now have up to 20 forms in a single project and 200 questions in each form thanks to the latest version.

Note: All Premium, Business, and Enterprise users can access the forms. Only Business and Enterprise customers have access to form features including branching, header customization, multiple forms per project, and confirmation message personalization.

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