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Things to Know About Integromat Automation Integration with Asana

Simply put, Asana is a mobile or web application created to help teams in an organization track, organize, and manage the workflow. With time, every business evolves. Thus, the departments, number of employees, and projects scale up together. But as the number of teams increases, collaborating and managing different teams become a tedious task. So, using a project management platform that will automate the process organizations can increase productivity with Asana. Asana is one such project management platform. In this article, we will discuss everything about integromat automation integration with Asana

With Asana, you have the option to customize the management platform as per your organization. This ensures you deliver within the deadline. By using its incredible features, you can get insights into your business performance to take the needed action.

Asana has a host of features that can easily automate repetitive processes and tasks. So, you can focus on the more creative and important tasks.

Let’s look at some Asana integrations-

  • Any completed task can be saved from Asana to Google Spreadsheet
  • Create an Asana task whenever a new response to Google Forms is submitted
  • Send push notifications through Google Chrome for new Asana tasks
  • Create even on Google Calendar from a new task on Asana
  • Send Microsoft Teams messages for brand new Asana tasks

Key Features of Asana

Asana works to projects across the organization manageable. Thus, it comes with some intuitive features.

1. Remote Access:

Asana works to projects across the organization manageable. Thus, it comes with some intuitive features.

2. Asana Time:

It sets stages for the project and checks the status of different tasks as things are processed.

3. Asana Calendar View:

This provides a list of tasks assigned to you and the team that must be completed within a specific deadline.

4. Asana Workload and Portfolios:

You can separate Portfolios for each department and keep track of its performance. By using the Workload tab, you can check the amount of work assigned to each employee. So, it helps with equal work distribution.

5. Customization:

Asana Customization

Based on your requirements, you can customize the Workflow process. Start to create Calendar, Timelines, and Boards from scratch or just use the template it offers.

6. Collaboration:

Ask your team members to attach files, appreciate someone’s work by using the ‘Like’ button, comment for the tasks mentioned.

7. Online Support and Communities:

When you get stuck while working in Asana, you can get assistance from Asana Community Forum. The forum can help in solving your queries to get you back on track. Also, you can get access to many resources, such as Asana Help where you can get instructions from an expert. There is an Asana Guide that lets you access documentation on how you can use the tool to its full potential.

Business processes can be made even simpler with the integration of Integromat to Asana.

What is Integromat Automation Software?

Modern-day businesses depend on software tools to run their daily operations. These applications, include email, internal messenger services, accounting tools, and ERP systems. But like we already mentioned, using countless software tools can only to an unmanageable web. Moreover, using different tools might also mean you have to enter the same data and information in different tools.

Automation can optimize the process. Thus, it will increase productivity and save time. It will enable business processes to run independently. Integromat can do all these.

Integromat is an iPaaS application enabling apps and process steps to be interconnected with each other. The application runs in the background seamlessly. With this technology, you can save valuable hours and work on something more important.

Syncing Asana to your favorite tools and apps through Integromat automation software can make the business process smoother. You can take action when require and automate the work without being repetitive. Create tasks from emails and get alerts when changes are made through Asana.

Integromat Automation Software

Integromat software is created and maintained by a Czech company. It is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the present time. So, integrating it with Asana can eliminate all difficulties of sharing data across various platforms.

How does Integromat Automation Work?

Integromat performs all its functions through APIs. These are coding lines specifying the applications that must connect with other applications. Integromat enables simple implementation of the APIs through modules. The modules are just small icons displaying different processes and applications for easier access.

For instance, you receive an email from a client containing crucial information and attachment. Usually, you would just open the mail to read and download the attachments. Thereafter, you might open Asana for uploading the collected attachment and information. So, you are handling everything manually.

However, if you use Integromat automation, you can automate the whole process. Since the email app is linked to Asana, you can choose a trigger, such as a keyword ‘project’.  As soon as the phrase or word is detected, the applications will exchange data and the upload will be complete.

You don’t have to worry about incorrect data being uploaded. Integromat is highly intelligent software. Thus, it can easily recognize what’s relevant and what’s not before adding it to Asana.

The example shows a simple process, but the tool can handle multi-step and complex processes. Once Integromat is switched on, it will run round the clock.

How to Connect Integromat with Asana?

Connecting Integromat with Asana is an easy process. It will only take a few minutes. Let’s look at the steps you have to follow.

  • Create an account at Integromat.
  • After logging in, click on the ‘Integrations’ tab to choose Asana.
  • Now, you can set new triggers, take actions, or even try out existing integrations in Asana.

Integration Integromat with Asana: Reasons to Use It

Integration Integromat with Asana

When your organization is new, you might feel, you can handle simple tasks all by yourself. But as the organization scales, these simple tasks can become complicated.  These small processes become complex with large data inputs that can take a lot of resources and time.  By integrating Integromat with Asana can take care of these complex processes.

Since it saves more time, you can engage in additional activities, project management, customer communication, and a lot more.

Here are the features you can enjoy when you integrate Integromat with Asana.

Data Storage:

With the tool, you can import stored data from Asana into a new process and reuse the outcomes for further processing.


Integromat automation can simply every process through the drag and drop interface. After creating new processes, it is easy to change them without any hassle.

Data Protection and Security:

Since Integromat is based in Czechoslovakia, it abides by the European Data Protection Regulation. So, the tool is data protection compliant.

Ample Possibilities:

You have plenty of technical possibilities to format information and data and map complicated processes.

Benefits of Integrating Integromat with Asana

You are more interested in your advantage from it. We will look at them, too-

  • Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is the cornerstone benefit of Integromat integration. Mechanization has sparked an industrial revolution, and automation played a significant role since the start of the virtual revolution.

Saving leads to fewer interruptions to your work and saves more time for work that creates value. So, by integrating it with Asana, you can increase productivity across the whole organization.

  • Smarter Allocation of Resources

Automation achieved through Integromat plays a vital role in improving how you create, process, and transport key resources in the organization. ERP systems add value to the organization by making the whole process efficient in every way. It offers an opportunity for task automation and product scalability but within lesser deployment times.

  • Reduced Occurrence of Error

Integromat integration with Asana can reduce the possibility of human errors. Since data and information are not being transferred from one software to the other manually, there is no possibility of error.

Repetitive tasks are one of the major causes of errors. And this integration can get rid of that.

  • Timesaving


The iPaaS application will take over small time wasters in every aspect. Marketing, administration, account, sales, etc. you can save a few minutes everywhere. A few minutes can add up to a lot.

No Programming Knowledge is Required to Integrate Integromat Automation software into Asana

Integromat has been created with a simple interface. You need any technical knowledge to optimize the workflow and process for increasing efficiency.

Sure, it doesn’t require you to have coding knowledge, to implement complex workflows comprising multiple steps can be implemented by an individual who understands coding. But that doesn’t mean it will not benefit you if you don’t know how to code.

Bottom Line

Healthcare, business processes, and transportation require automation. Integration of Integromat with Asana is the perfect way to do that. Not only can it simplify business processes but also can reduce errors. With this, you will get more time to work on your next big thing. As you save time, you and your team can work on the next big thing for the organization.

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