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VoIP cloud solution: transmit voice & data over the internet

How Can VoIP Cloud Solutions Make a Difference in Your Business?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has become a rising technology in the field of telecommunications. It allows the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions through Internet Protocols like the internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Today, VoIP tools are highly valuable to businesses across different industries. Integrating VoIP cloud solutions to your existing work management software or CRM is a great way to simplify business processes that need phone communication between you and your clients.

Now, Platinum Partner offers a solution for your business’ VoIP needs – Aircall. Find out more about this software in this post. While we’re at it, we’ll also tackle how VoIPs make a difference in your business and how to select the best tool that fits your business requirements.

What Are Cloud VoIP Solutions?

Cloud VoIP solutions are software tools that allow transmission of voice and data over the Internet. These tools facilitate more than just Internet phone calls and basic telephony features; they also feature different functions such as:


  • Instant messaging


  • Group conferencing


  • Summarizing call data and letting you review these data in reports


  • Integration to platforms such as Salesforce and other CRMs or work management software


Many VoIP solutions are now running in the cloud, and all you need to make a call is a strong internet connection, your VoIP software or app, and your laptop, mobile device, or a VoIP phone.

How Does a VoIP Call Work?

In a VoIP call, analog voice calls are converted into digital voice communication. Your voice will be converted into digital data packets that are then sent over to your intended call recipient through the Internet. Voice vibrations are compressed and turned into digital signals, traveling through the Internet as packets of data.

The data is converted back into analog signals if your intended receiver takes your call on a regular phone. If he takes your call via a VoIP phone, data packets are received as is.

Today, VoIP tools are highly valuable to businesses across different industries. Integrating VoIP cloud solutions to your existing work management software or CRM is a great way to simplify business processes that need phone communication between you and your clients.

Now, Platinum Partner offers a solution for your business’ VoIP needs – Aircall. Find out more about this software in this post. While we’re at it, we’ll also tackle how VoIPs make a difference in your business and how to select the best tool that fits your business requirements.

Our VoIP Solutions To Communicate In Different Ways

There are 5 primary ways in which you can communicate with others via VoIP:


How Do VoIP Phones Connect to a Digital IP Network?

VoIP phones can connect to a provider in three ways:

  • First, you can directly connect the VoIP phone to the IP network by plugging it onto either your Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. Many VoIP users prefer this option as they can directly use their existing Internet connection to make Internet calls.


  • Second, you may use an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). The adapter is plugged into a modular jack. Once plugged in and connected to the VoIP phone, your ATA will start connecting your phone calls to your digital network provider.


  • Third and last, you can utilize a softphone. This is a phone application installed on your computer. A phone interface is seen on your monitor. You can type the numbers or click them to operate and make your call. Make sure your computer has a headset, microphone, and speakers for softphones to work accordingly.


You can select any of these three methods to adapt to your business. As mentioned earlier, direct ethernet or Wi-Fi connections are the most commonly used by many businesses. But it’s up to you to decide which method is most compatible with your business and industry nature.

Benefits of Using a VoIP Cloud Solution

Many people say that once you’ve discovered VoIP, you won’t likely return to analog phone services. That’s because a VoIP cloud solution offers many benefits such as the following:

1. Keeps operational costs low

VoIP service providers charge lower operating costs than typical phone companies. Hence, you’ll save more on operational costs especially if you frequently need to make overseas calls to your clients. Also, having only one network provider for both data and calls slashes your bills all the

  • Lesser human errors from manually creating documents
  • Lets anyone in your company generate documents seamlessly, even those with non-technical backgrounds
  • Makes document storage more efficient through the cloud
  • Improves work collaboration and speeds up tasks
  • Saves money and resources used for document-making and processing
  • SLets you expand your global clientele and reach more.

2. Portable and can be used virtually anywhere

Cloud VoIP solutions are portable and can be used in any locality with a stable internet connection. You can conveniently use your VoIP phone to log into your VoIP systems through email, so making calls wherever you are is possible. Virtual phone numbers can also be assigned to you and your team, making VoIP calls even more convenient and portable.

3. Provides important data about all your calls

VoIP software can generate useful information about your calls. Data such as time and date of calls, length of the conversation, and the caller and recipient are logged automatically in many VoIP tools. You can review these data, add comments as needed, and integrate them into other tools such as a CRM. By doing so, you can get valuable insights about the calls and your business operations.

4. Has multiple functions that cannot be seen on regular analog systems

VoIP systems have multiple functions aside from making and receiving calls. You can start a video conference, insert comments or notes on the call logs, share data, attach files, and gain access to the Internet or other related business tools while the call is ongoing. Since lots of business operations may require you or your agents to multitask, using a VoIP system is far better than utilizing analog telephones with limited functionality.

5. Gives more room for easy business scalability

Thinking of scaling up your business? Using a VoIP tool can help you seamlessly transition up to a higher business level! With a VoIP cloud solution, you need not worry about setting up a huge telephone infrastructure to go with your business. You simply add, remove, or transfer VoIP lines as your business scales up.

6. Allows you to set call notifications

Businesses that aren’t operating 24/7 can benefit from a VoIP system. A VoIP tool can be configured to receive calls and messages only during your designated working hours. That means you won’t be bugged by someone asking for information on your products at odd hours. You can set your VoIP system to direct outside-working-hours calls and messages to your inbox, so you can conveniently review and attend to them on the next working day.

7. Integrates with several applications

Cloud VoIP solutions seamlessly integrate with other business applications such as CRMs, work management software, and productivity tools. VoIP tools also work best with customer service agents using dashboards to obtain client and product information during calls.

8. Easy to setup and install

You won’t need several hardware pieces to build a reliable VoIP system, regardless of whether you want to use a hard phone or a softphone system. Prepare a stable internet connection, VoIP phones, or your existing telephones, Analog Telephone Adapters (for existing analog phones only), and a cloud VoIP solution. You don’t need additional copper wirings to build your VoIP business phone system.

Once you finish setting up, using your VoIP cloud phone system is also easy. Simply pick up your handset or dial the recipient’s number from your softphone, then make your call. It’s practically the same as your typical analog phone system save that it runs from a digital network instead.

Essential Questions to Ask When Buying a VoIP Solution

Here are some vital questions you should ask yourself when preparing to buy a VoIP cloud solution. Answering them will guide you towards the right VoIP toll that’s compatible with your business needs:


  • Does the VoIP tool have all the features necessary for your voice-reliant business processes to run smoothly?


  • Is the VoIP software offering collaboration tools?


  • Can the VoIP solution easily integrate into CRMs and help desks that your business is using now? Does it have unified communication capabilities?


  • Does the software run in the cloud? Can it integrate into cloud-based applications outside of its pre-built integrations?


  • Does the VoIP system support mobile integrations? Does it have a mobile app?


  • Can the VoIP system provide adequate call management? For instance, does it implement automatic call queuing when receiving a large number of calls?


  • Does the VoIP system offer adequate security for your customer and business data? For instance, does it implement end-to-end encryption, biometrics, or multi-factor authentication?


  • Does the VoIP provider offer long-term support based on the plan you’ll purchase?

If your prospective cloud VoIP solution positively answers most or all of these questions, then that’s the right tool to invest in.

Additional Considerations when Selecting a VoIP Service

Apart from the questions in the previous section, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind when choosing your VoIP solution:

  • Ease of use
  • Customizability
  • Potential for future scalability
  • Plans, pricing, and savings concerning the switch from analog to VoIP systems


Note that you shouldn’t anchor your VoIP choice mainly to the pricing. Not all VoIP solutions are cheap, so you should look into the features they offer and decide if it’s worth it for your business. Most VoIP providers also offer flexible pricing plans depending on the features you need.

Our VoIP Solutions: Aircall

Platinum Partner offers a premium tool for your cloud VoIP needs. In this section, we’ll introduce you to Aircall, touted as the easiest and most modern VoIP tool on the market.

What is Aircall?

Aircall is a modern cloud-based VoIP phone system. It offers all the basic functionalities of VoIP systems with the addition of a seamless connection to your other business tools. Aircall basically makes communication easier between you, your team members, and your customers.


Features and Functions of Aircall

Notable phone-related features of Aircall include the following:

  • International numbers and toll-free numbers
  • Call conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Personalized three-digit extensions for easy internal communication
  • Customized Business Hours schedules
  • Basic Call Routing, Time-Based Routing, and Skill-Based Routing
  • Blacklist Numbers
  • Parallel Calls
  • Call Recording with options to pause and resume recording to protect client confidentiality
  • Ring Groups
  • Real-Time System Modifications
  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Aircall also offers native integration to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. That way, you can seamlessly pull or add information from these platforms as you make your calls. Moreover, the tool allows integrations using flexible APIs, webhooks, and one-click Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Aircall can integrate with 60+ business tools and apps, including these prominent apps apart from Salesforce:

Using Aircall as your cloud-based VoIP tool also gives you access to diverse collaboration, analytics, and productivity features. With Aircall, you get:

  • Real-time team productivity and call center analytics
  • Desktop notifications about incoming calls and messages
  • Ample time for after-call work to prepare for the next conversation
  • Easy access to VoIP calls through the Aircall Mobile App
  • Live feeds, live call monitoring, and call whispering to provide support to teammates during a live call

Pricing and Plans of Aircall VoIP Solution

All these powerful features are available for your team and business at different pricing plans. Aircall’s Basic Plan is great for small businesses with a few team members and call load. Meanwhile, the Professional Plan is recommended for larger organizations and comes with advanced sales and support features. Professional Plan also assigns a dedicated account manager for your business.

Finally, Aircall also offers a Customized Package for businesses with unique needs. This plan comes with all the Basic and Professional features, with the addition of the following:


  • Unlimited team numbers


  • Customized number of users


  • Custom analytics


  • Access to API developer support


  • Special customer support apart from
    the typical email, phone, and Help Center access

Support and Assistance From VoIP Solution Provider

You will get amazing support from Aircall if you choose them to be your VoIP cloud solutions provider. The lowest pricing plan (Basic) offers access to their Help Center, as well as email and phone support. You can also get live group onboarding sessions.

Moving up the ladder of pricing plans takes the available support up a notch. Professional Plan subscribers gain access to added support such as a dedicated account manager and one-to-one onboarding sessions.

Meanwhile, availing a Customized Package provides you a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and VIP support hotline available during holidays and weekends, on top of all other support and assistance options.

VoIP Cloud Solution: A Powerful Alternatives To The Traditional Communication Systems

Cloud VoIP solutions are amazingly simple yet powerful alternatives to the traditional analog telephone communication systems used in businesses. The choice of VoIP tools depends on several factors such as the available features, ease of system installation and use, integration to business tools, support and assistance, and reasonable pricing. Aircall takes the cake for all this by providing businesses with a robust yet impressively simple way to communicate through the Internet.

Grow your business today and upgrade your client and team communication by purchasing Aircall from Platinum Partner! It’ll surely make a huge difference in the way you connect to customers and your team.


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