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Make: September Update 2023

Exciting News on Make! Last month, Make had another innovative update, and they are thrilled to unveil the latest and greatest on Make, your go-to platform for all things creative! Get ready to experience a seamless blend of innovation and simplicity as it rolls out a brand-new application. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, our user-friendly features promise to spark your imagination!

 New Applications 

29 Next

Unlock the complete potential of your e-commerce venture by effortlessly integrating 29 Next with This dynamic integration not only improves operational efficiency by automating tasks such as order processing and inventory management but also enhances customer service by accelerating order status updates and handling inquiries.

AddMe Reviews

Improve efficiency and elevate customer interaction by effortlessly integrating AddMe Reviews into Through the automated collection of reviews and the centralization of review management, this integration simplifies the entire process, resulting in time and resource savings. Experience heightened customer satisfaction and a boost in sales as positive reviews highlight your business’s reliability, ultimately swaying potential customers to opt for your products or services.


By integrating AdRoll with Make, you can automate workflows, making marketing campaigns more efficient and reducing the need for manual tasks. Boost your lead generation by seamlessly syncing AdRoll with various tools, enabling personalized retargeting based on user interactions. With Make’s broad range of integrations, you can achieve greater flexibility, improved analytics, and a cohesive multi-channel marketing strategy.


Bitskout and Make join forces as a dynamic duo, seamlessly automating intricate tasks. Make kickstarts a Bitskout AI model, deftly extracting data from a freshly uploaded document to Google Drive and dispatching timely notifications based on predictive insights. It revolutionizes the way you handle tasks, optimize processes, and enhance overall efficiency in your business operations.


Boost your productivity by seamlessly integrating Custify and Make, automating tasks across a multitude of apps. Leverage Make’s no-code automation to design personalized workflows triggered by events in Custify. This guarantees streamlined processes, such as automatically adding new customers to your CRM or alerting your sales team upon the completion of specific tasks. This integration not only improves efficiency but also provides valuable insights by linking Custify to data analytics tools, offering a deeper understanding of your customers and business.


When you bring Fortnox and Make together, it’s like unlocking a secret door to a world of streamlined efficiency for your business. Tasks like invoicing, sending reminders, and updating customer records become a breeze—no more drowning in paperwork or worrying about errors slipping through the cracks. Fortnox integrates effortlessly with other tools, from CRM systems to project management platforms.


Make and GanttPRO integration facilitates enhanced collaboration and visibility, contributing to the development of a more adaptable and scalable workflow. For instance, you can experience benefits such as the automation of lead tracking from CRM to GanttPRO, the sending of task reminders, the initiation of projects from e-commerce orders, the generation of project status reports in Google Sheets, and the seamless creation of Gantt charts from various other project management tools.

JW Player

This integration allows you to connect JW Player with a range of popular apps, paving the way for automated processes such as video uploads, email notifications upon video publication, and the creation of social media posts. The result is heightened engagement, enhanced customer experiences, and more streamlined workflows. Practical examples include the automatic uploading of videos directly from Google Drive, sending personalized emails to viewers, and effortlessly sharing videos on social media platforms to broaden your reach and stimulate audience interaction.


The integration of LearnWorlds and Make offers advantages to those creating online courses. It simplifies tasks such as managing email lists and handling invoices by automating them. This not only boosts productivity but also allows creators to dedicate more time to developing content and executing marketing strategies. Moreover, the integration enhances the accuracy of data, elevates the customer experience through automated communications, and helps cut costs by eliminating the necessity for manual intervention or extra services.

Selly Erp

Optimize your work process by seamlessly integrating Sellsy ERP with Make. Connect your Sellsy ERP account to a variety of apps, automating tasks to save you time. Imagine effortlessly generating leads in your CRM, setting up tasks in your project management tool, sending customer emails for new invoices, updating e-commerce inventory with placed orders, and synchronizing customer data between Sellsy ERP and your marketing automation platform. Enhance your efficiency and concentrate on what truly counts.

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