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Make: May Update 2023

Hey there, Makers! Make May update 2023 brought a wave of innovation by creating and updating many modules for their existing applications.  With these new and improved modules, you can now supercharge your workflows and automate tasks like never before.


Connecting BigQuery to Make unlocks the power of BigQuery’s unparalleled data processing capabilities, enabling Make to handle massive datasets and perform lightning-fast queries. Once you connect your BigQuery account to, there are several actions you can use, such as Create Dataset, Update Dataset, Delete Dataset, Watch Table, Create Table, Update Table, and many more. With, you can also integrate BigQuery from any application you want.

Updated module:

Watch Rows – Triggers when a new row is inserted in a table.


CallTrackingMetrics and Make enable seamless integration between your call-tracking system and many other applications, enhancing productivity and streamlined workflows. With CallTrackingMetrics modules in Make, you can watch call events, calls ended, delayed, started, and sessions associated with the activity records.

Updated modules:

Watch Call/Activity Started – Triggers when an inbound phone call/activity starts.

Watch Call Ended – Triggers when the call ends.

Watch Call Ended (Delayed) – Triggers 1 hour after the call data is captured.

Watch Session Associated to the Activity Record – Triggers when a data session is associated with the activity record.


Integrating Factorial with Make allows you to automate and streamline various HR processes. will act as a bridge between different applications you want to use, allowing your data and tasks to flow seamlessly between them.  With this integration, you can automate employee onboarding, offboarding, time-off request, and other HR workflows.

Updated Modules:

Watch Attendance Clock In – Triggers when the user clocks in and starts the timer.

Watch Attendance Clock Out – Triggers when the user clocks out and stops the timer.

Watch Employee Created – Triggers when an employee has been created.

Watch Employee Terminated – Triggers when terminating the employee after submitting the form.

Watch Employee Unterminated – Triggers when an employee gets re-activated.


Connecting HubSpot to Make will enable you to sync data between HubSpot and other applications eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring that your customer’s information, contacts, leads, and other important data remain consistent and up to date across multiple systems.

Updated Modules:

Create a Contact – Creates a contact with the given properties and returns a copy of the object, including the ID. (Action)

Create a Company – Create a company with the given properties and returns a copy of the object, including the ID. (Action)

Create a Deal – Create a deal with the given properties and returns a copy of the object, including the ID. (Action)

Update a Contact – Update contact’s properties by their ID. Returns updated properties in the response.

Update a Company – Update company’s properties by its ID. Returns updated properties in the response.

Update a Deal – Update a specific deal by its ID. Returns updated properties in the response.


Instead of manually transferring data between different systems, Make can automatically trigger actions in Knack based on events in other connected applications. Connecting Knack with various tools like email marketing tools, CRM systems, project management platforms, and more with the help of Make will facilitate the seamless transfer of data and ensure that information stays up to date.

Updated Module:

New event – Triggers when a new record is created, updated, or deleted or when the form is submitted.


By connecting NetSuite to Make, you can instantly automate your task. With Make, you can connect NetSuite to different applications, enabling seamless data synchronization and triggering actions based on specific conditions. Your team can easily access the latest information without requiring manual data entry or complicated export and import processes.

Updated Module:

Make a REST API Call – Performs an arbitrary authorized REST API call.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo is a robust email marketing and automation platform, and by connecting with Make, you can leverage customer data from various sources and trigger personalized email campaigns. Sendinblue offers multiple channels for reaching customers, such as email, SMS, and chat. And with Make, you can integrate these channels with other applications and create multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Updated Modules:

List Email Campaigns (module updated) – List all email campaigns

Get an Email Campaign (module updated) – Return details about the email campaign

Watch Email Campaigns (module updated) – Triggers when a new email campaign is created


Connecting SMSAPI to Make can greatly benefit businesses and individuals by streamlining communication and automating tasks. Make serves as the transmission system, linking SMSAPI to various applications and providing limitless automation opportunities. For instance, you can establish a trigger to monitor a new callback report when a new callback is received.

Updated Module:

  • Watch New Callback Report – Triggers whenever a new callback is received.


Instead of manually exporting data and switching between different applications, the powerful integration feature of Make allows you to automate your tasks. By staying connected through, you can easily adjust your survey process to include new tools and applications whenever necessary.

Updated Module:

  • Create a Collector – Create a new collector (Action)

Time Doctor

Connecting Time Doctor to Make unleashes the potential for superior efficiency. With the integration, you can effortlessly synchronize Time Doctor with various tools such as project management systems, communication platforms, and CRMs. This seamless integration across platforms allows for real-time data sharing, ensuring that important information is always accessible.

Updated Modules:

  • Create a Time Entry – Creates a new time entry. (Action)
  • Delete a Time Entry – Delete an existing time entry. (Action)
  • List Time Entries – Retrieves all existing time entries. (Search)

Trello [v4]

If you want to level up your typical work environment, connect your Trello to Make. With Make, you can effortlessly connect multiple applications and tools and automate repetitive tasks by creating a scenario – a bridge between Trello and countless other apps.

Updated Module:

  • Create Export for Organizations (module updated) – Creates a CSV export for a workspace and returns a ZIP file in the response. It is not available on the free plan.

Twitter [v6]

Connecting your Twitter account to Make allows you to synchronize and manage your Twitter activities with numerous other apps and services. With Make, you can schedule your tweets and post automatically or set up triggers to share new blog posts or updates across various platforms.

Updated Modules:

  • Add a Member to a List – Adds a member to a list. Note that lists cannot have more than 5,000 members. (Action)
  • Watch Direct Messages – Triggers when a new direct message is received.
  • Delete a Tweet – Delete a Tweet. (Action)
  • Search Users – Provide a simple, relevant base-search interface to public user accounts on Twitter.
  • List Direct Messages – Retrieves a list of messages within the last 30 days. (Search)
  • List Retweeters – Retrieves a list of users who have retweeted a specified tweet. (Search)
  • List Likes – Retrieves a list of the owned lists by you or the specified user. (Search)
  • List Mentions – Retrieves a list of tweets that mentioned you or the specified user. (Search)
  • Update Profile Image – Update our profile images.
  • List Lists – Retrieves a list of the owned lists by you or the specified user. (Search)

Zoom [v2]

As the hybrid work model gains prominence, effective management of your online collaborators is crucial. Integrating Zoom with Make allows you to easily access everything from scheduling meetings and sending automated reminders to smoothly handling attendees’ information. The process is seamless and hassle-free.

Updated Module:

  • Watch User Activities – Triggers when a user activity event (User’s presence status updated) triggers.

Are you eager to test out the latest updated modules? Don’t hesitate any longer! Give them a try now! If you’re unfamiliar with Make and require assistance, we’re here to assist you. At Platinum Partner, we are honored to be Make’s reliable ally. We are excited to offer our expertise in crafting intricate, custom workflows that can work wonders for your business. Whether you’re a fledgling startup or an established enterprise, our experienced professionals can effortlessly help you achieve peak efficiency. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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