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Make March Update 2024

Hey Makers! Buckle up because the Make March update is here to improve your workflows. This month’s release brings a treasure trove of new apps, modules, and templates, along with exciting improvements and bug fixes. Whether you’re automation savvy or just starting your automation journey, there’s something for everyone in this update. Let’s dive in and explore the tools that will help you connect your favorite apps, streamline repetitive tasks, and unlock a whole new level of efficiency.

New Application on Make


Cohere, a new AI app on Make, allows you to build automation workflows with natural language instructions. This application simplifies automation by eliminating coding needs, offers AI functionalities like text analysis and translation within workflows, and boosts efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and extracting data for further actions.


Break down information silos and unleash a wave of productivity with the arrival of Confluence on Make. This powerful duo lets you automate workflows between your central knowledge base and all your favorite apps. With this, you can automatically update project details, send team alerts, or generate meeting agendas in Confluence – all triggered by actions in other tools. Get ready to save time, improve collaboration, and gain valuable insights from your data, all thanks to the magic of automation.

Salesforce Pardot

Marketing just got a whole lot more powerful with Salesforce Pardot and Make integration. This dynamic duo allows you to automate workflows between your lead nurturing powerhouse and the king of automation. With this, leads flow seamlessly from website forms into Pardot, triggering targeted email campaigns and sales notifications based on their behavior. Make can even connect Pardot with other apps you use, creating a marketing symphony that saves you time, personalizes campaigns, and boosts your ROI. Start building your marketing dream team!

TikTok Lead Forms

Are you a social media marketer? Because we have a good news for you in this update. Make just added TikTok Lead Forms, a game-changer integration that allows you to capture hot leads directly within TikTok ads. Viewers can express interest with a tap, eliminating the friction of leaving the app. Make then seamlessly integrate this data with your existing marketing tools, saving you time and effort. The result? A streamlined lead generation machine that fuels your marketing efforts and helps you target the right audience with the right message at the right time.


Struggling to find qualified leads and manage your sales pipeline? Look no further than the dynamic duo of ZoomInfo and Make. ZoomInfo equips you with a massive database of contacts, comprehensive company insights, and advanced search functions to target the perfect customers.  With Make, you can integrate ZoomInfo into your favorite applications seamlessly. With this, you can automatically enrich leads with ZoomInfo data in your CRM, triggering personalized outreach based on updates, or crafting custom workflows to streamline your sales and marketing. This powerful combo translates to increased sales efficiency, improved marketing ROI, and a well-oiled team working from the same data source. It’s time to stop chasing leads and start closing deals!

New Modules on Make

Anthropic Claude

  • Create a Message – Create a message based on a structured list of input messages.

HighLevel LeadConnector

  • Watch Event – Triggers when entities are created or updated.

Open AI

  • Edit an Image – Edit or extend an image.

New Templates on Make

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)


Enhancements and Updates on Make

We’re excited to announce an update to Make that will help you build automation (scenarios) even quicker! Here’s the what’s new:

  • Make app search is now faster and more reliable, so you can find the tools you need in a flash.
  • The apps you’ve used recently will now appear at the top of the search results saving you time when building a new scenario.
  • A new right-hand bar gives you quick access to commonly used tools and functions, so you can focus on building your automation without getting lost in menus.


Make now seamlessly integrates with the newest Deel API version. Important: If you are using the “Make an API Call” module with Deel, be sure to update the URL to reflect the new API. Additionally, the “Create a Record” module now allows you to create Global Payroll Contract for Contractors records within Deel directly through Make.

X (formerly Twitter)

The app formerly known as Twitter has been updated to reflect the platform’s recent rebranding.


We hope this update empowers you to be even more productive with Make! Did you miss the latest on Make? Dive into our resources and discover what you’ve been missing!

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