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Make: June Update 2023

Hey Makers! We’ve got some exciting news for you! The June update of has just hit the digital stage, and it’s packing a punch with a whole bunch of fantastic applications and modules. Get ready to unleash your creativity and watch the magic happen!

 New Applications 


Eventzilla is an online event registration and ticketing platform that helps organizers streamline their event management process. Eventzilla can connect with different apps when integrated with Make, allowing organizers to automate tasks and create seamless workflows. This integration enables you to effortlessly sync attendee data, send automated email notifications, and even update CRM systems, enhancing efficiency and improving the overall event experience.


eWay-CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software that centralizes contact and project management for businesses. When integrated with Make, eWay-CRM gains the power to connect with other applications, enabling seamless data, synchronization, and automation of various tasks.


Flowlu is a versatile business management software that combines project management, CRM, invoicing, and collaboration tools into a single platform. Integrating with Make can empower you to automate tasks such as creating projects, updating customer information, generating invoices, triggering notifications, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall business operations.


Gong is a powerful Revenue Intelligence Platform that helps businesses capture and analyze sales calls and meetings to drive revenue growth. With Make, you can automate actions such as updating CRM records, sending follow-up emails, and triggering notifications based on specific call or meeting events, enhancing sales efficiency and enabling data-driven decision-making.


Instamojo is a popular payment gateway platform that enables businesses to accept online payments seamlessly. Integrating this app to Make allows you to automate processes like sending payment notifications, updating customer data, triggering actions based on payment events, streamlining payment-related workflows, enhancing efficiency, and simplifying payment management for businesses.


LiveAgent is a powerful help desk and customer support software that centralizes communication channels, ticket management, and knowledge base solutions. When integrated with Make, you can streamline support processes, automate ticket creation, sync customer information, and trigger actions based on specific events, ultimately improving response times, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


ResponseSuite is a survey and quiz platform that enables businesses to collect valuable customer data and insights. Integrating this app to will allow you to connect it to different applications, and you can automate follow-up processes, personalize customer experiences, and integrate survey data with other tools, ultimately enhancing lead generation, customer segmentation, and overall marketing effectiveness.


SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform designed to streamline sales processes and improve team productivity. Integrating with Make allows you to automate lead generation, streamline data updates, trigger personalized outreach, and track sales activities seamlessly, resulting in increased efficiency, improved communication, and enhanced sales performance.


Shipcloud is a shipping and logistics platform that simplifies the shipping process for businesses. Connecting this to Make will enable you to automate label creation, tracking updates, shipping notifications, and order fulfillment, resulting in time savings, improved efficiency, and a smoother shipping experience for businesses and customers.


SimpleTexting is an SMS marketing platform that helps businesses engage with their customers through text messaging. Integrating this application with Make enables you to automate SMS notifications, send personalized messages based on specific events or triggers, and integrate SMS marketing seamlessly into their overall marketing strategy, resulting in improved customer communication and engagement.


SlickText is an SMS marketing platform enabling businesses to connect and engage with customers through text messages. Integrating SlickText with Make allows you to automate SMS campaigns, trigger messages based on specific events, sync customer data, and enhance their overall marketing efforts, resulting in improved customer engagement, increased conversions, and efficient marketing operations.


Yodiz is a comprehensive project management tool to streamline team collaboration and enhance productivity. Integrating this tool with Make allows you to automate project creation, task assignments, notifications, and data updates, providing a centralized platform for managing projects and ensuring efficient workflows across different tools and platforms.


Make has been hard at work expanding their already impressive collection of modules, and now they’ve added some fan-favorite applications to the mix! Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, a productivity enthusiast, or a social media maven, they’ve got you covered. Imagine seamlessly integrating your Adobe Commerce store with other platforms, automating your time tracking with Clockify, and engaging with your audience effortlessly using Constant Contact [v2]. But wait, there’s more! With Make, you can now connect with your community on Discourse, manage your files on Egnyte, supercharge your Facebook Pages [v6] experience, and even automate follow-ups with Follow Up Boss. That’s just the beginning! They’ve also included modules for Google Calendar, HacknPlan, HubStaff, Klaviyo, Mautic, Microsoft Power Automate, MOCO, OneDrive, Patreon, Pipedrive-CRM, SFTP, Spotify, Twitch, and Twitter [v5, v6]. With these additions, Make has become an even more powerful tool to streamline your workflows and conquer your goals.

Are you ready to explore the full scoop on these exciting updates? Don’t miss out! Head over to Releases on Make: June 2023 and embark on an exhilarating journey into the future of automation.

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