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Make February Update 2024

Hey Makers! Get ready to rev up your automation game! Make February 2024 update brought some exciting new features to the table. They’ve added integrations with hot apps like Deel for streamlining payroll, Google Vortex AI for powerful machine learning, and for next-level document processing and more. Plus, there are new modules to expand your automation possibilities and fresh templates to help you get started quickly. Whether you’re a seasoned Automator or just dipping your toes in, this update has something to make your workflow even smoother.

New Application on Make


Exciting news for Makers! Deel, a popular app for managing freelancers and contractors, has just joined the platform. This means you can now automate all sorts of tasks related to your freelance workforce. Imagine automatically creating project tasks in Asana whenever you sign a new Deel contract or getting notified in Slack about upcoming PTO requests – all without lifting a finger. Deel on Make helps streamline your workflow and keep everything organized, so you can focus on what you do best: getting things done!

Google Vortex AI

Unleash the power of AI on your Make creations! Introducing Google Vortex AI, a brand-new app that lets you tap into Google’s cutting-edge machine learning. Whether you want to automatically classify images in your photo uploads, analyze sentiment in incoming emails, or even generate creative text formats, Vortex AI can become your secret weapon. Just choose the AI function you need, connect it to your existing workflows, and watch Make automate tasks in ways you never thought possible!

Ignite your inner artist with, a new app that lets you create stunning visuals using the power of AI. Imagine turning your wildest design idea into reality with just a few words – that’s the magic of Simply describe your vision through text prompts, and the app will generate unique, high-quality images that perfectly match your needs. And the best part? You can fine-tune these images even further using Leonardo’s built-in editing tools, making it a breeze to polish your creations until they shine.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Central has landed on and this is a game-changer for anyone juggling business tasks. Business Central is essentially a digital all-in-one for small and mid-sized businesses, handling finances sales, inventory, and even customer service. Now, with Make in the mix, you can automate workflows between Business Central and all your favorite apps. With this, you can automatically send invoices to customers after creating them in Business Central or streamline order fulfillment by connecting your inventory data.

On-prem agent

This new app on Make is like a secure bridge between your internal apps and Make’s automation capabilities. The on-prem agent lets you connect your on-premises databases and applications directly to Make instead of wrestling with firewalls and complicated setups. This means you can finally find that hidden spreadsheets or legacy system in your workflows, giving you even more control and flexibility to automate your tasks.


Are you the type of person who loves staying organized? TickTick, a popular task management app has been added as a newly added app on Make this month. Now you can connect your TickTick account and automate your to-dos. With TickTick on Make, you can automatically create a TickTick task whenever you receive a new email or add tasks to a specific list when a form is submitted on your website. Also, it enables you to streamline your workflow and keep your priorities on track.



  • Create Subscription for Items
  • Update Subscription Items


  • Watch Records

Open AI

  • Create a Translation
  • Create a Transcription
  • Make an API Call

Workday Financial Management

  • Get a RaaS Report

Workday Human Capital Management

  • Get a RaaS Report

New Templates

Eden AI


SWOT Analysis


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