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Make: August Update 2023

Hey Makers! is now filled with exciting changes for August, including new apps, modules, and features that will take your experience to new heights. As we explore the latest updates, you’ll find a range of possibilities to help you achieve more, simplify your tasks, and unlock innovative solutions.

 New Applications 

Anthropic Claude

Anthropic Claude’s capabilities encompass a broad spectrum, from seamlessly crafting diverse forms of content and offering insightful answers to inquiries to multilingual translation. Using extensive knowledge and natural language generation prowess, Claude operates by interpreting user prompts and questions, harnessing its access to real-world data through various APIs, and ensuring its capacity to deliver comprehensive and informative responses.

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

This application covers a spectrum of vital HR functions, from payroll and benefits management to talent nurturing and performance evaluations. At its core, Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM offers a centralized repository for employee data, granting HR professionals a panoramic view to oversee personnel information, streamline workflows, and make data-driven decisions. Empowering employees with self-service tools enhances engagement and productivity.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is expertly designed to empower businesses in efficiently overseeing critical functions such as finance, accounting, human resources, manufacturing, and supply chain management. This integrated solution offers a unified business operations perspective, promoting enhanced efficiency, reduced expenditures, and data-informed decision-making. Seamlessly automating core processes, such as invoicing and inventory management, optimizes workflows, while real-time insights enable swift issue identification and resolution.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales

Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales is a cloud-based CRM software tailored to empower sales teams in managing every facet of their sales journey. It is a centralized hub that offers a holistic customer data perspective, including contact details, historical sales interactions, and omnichannel engagements. Some of the standout features of this app encompass lead management, simplifying lead tracking, assignment, and progression through the sales pipeline. For opportunity management, it streamlines sales opportunities’ creation, tracking, and revenue forecasting. The visual representation of the sales pipeline helps teams easily monitor the flow of deals and spot potential bottlenecks.


SamCart is an e-commerce platform that offers a robust suite of tools designed to empower businesses in their online product sales endeavors. It allows companies with lucrative options like order bumps, one-click upsells, and flexible payment plans, paving the way for enhanced revenue streams. SamCart seamlessly accommodates subscription-based models, allowing businesses to offer recurring products and services effortlessly. Moreover, its built-in affiliate marketing system simplifies recruiting affiliates to amplify product promotion efforts.

The Next Leg (Midjourney)

The Next Leg is a dynamic community-built API that offers access to the Midjourney AI image generation platform, acting as a popular bridge for integrating Midjourney into diverse applications. This innovative platform unlocks a spectrum of functionalities, including the ability to effortlessly craft images from text prompts, upscale and diversify existing visuals, batch-generate images, and receive real-time notifications through webhooks when new images are created. With commands like “imagine,” users can conjure stunning visuals from simple prompts, making it a versatile tool suitable for novices and seasoned creators.

Webflow [v2]

Webflow, the ingenious visual website builder, redefines the art of web creation by eliminating the need for coding expertise. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface empowers users to effortlessly add, arrange, and customize elements while also enabling the design of captivating animations and interactions. Underneath the surface, Webflow performs a technological marvel, generating impeccable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, ensuring your website is responsive but also swift and secure. Beyond its coding prowess, Webflow equips you with an array of essential tools, from SEO optimization to a seamless content management system.

 New Modules 


  • New modules that let you work with Custom Records
  • Search records module has the option to filter by entity custom fields
  • Custom fields supported when creating/updating records


  • Subscribe a Person to the List
  • Cancel an Account

Pipedrive CRM [v2]

  • Search Deals
  • Search Organizations
  • Search Persons
  • Search Products

Webflow [v2]

  • Get a Page (returns metadata information for a single page)

Workday Financial Management

  • Make a SOAP API Call
  • Run a WQL Query
  • Get a RAAS
  • List Currencies


  • Create an Account
  • Update an Account

  • New Connection using API Key

clipart with wrenchEnhancements and Updates gear clipart


  • Descriptive tooltips for () functions

List of Devices

  • New Icon next to the connected system name shows you if it’s connected to an On-prem agent


  • Option to set the order of all routes belonging to a specific router
  • Chance to manage all the modules that follow a router with one click

Scenario Editor

  • Full app name displayed under modules


  • Streamlined support ticket process

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