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Make April Update 2024

Calling all Makers and automation enthusiasts! Buckle up, because Make’s April update is here, and it’s bursting with features to take your workflows to the next level. We’re talking about a packed of exciting new apps, modules, and improvements that’ll have you automating like a boss in no time.

New Application on Make

Azure OpenAI

Azure Open AI provides the brawn – the artificial intelligence that can analyze data, generate creative text formats, and answer your questions in an informative way. Make acts like glue, connecting Azure OpenAI to all sorts of online services you already use. So, you can set up workflows where Azure Open AI analyzes data from your spreadsheet on Google Drive, and then uses that info to automatically send creative marketing emails using email marketing platforms like Brevo.


BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that lets you create your dream store and manage it with ease.  Make is a clever automation tool that lets you link BigCommerce with thousands of other apps, like social media, email marketing, or accounting software. With these connections, you can set up automated workflows to save tons of time.


Crossbeam is a platform that helps businesses connect with their partners’ data systems. Systems. In case you and a business partner using different tools, Crossbeam bridges the gap, allowing information to flow freely between you. By working with Make, an automation service, Crossbeam can trigger actions when specific events occur in your partner’s system. This helps ensure everything runs smoothly between you and your partners.


Flodesk is an email marketing platform designed to be user-friendly. It boasts beautiful pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop builder making it easy to create stunning emails. But where it gets even better is with Make. This duo lets you connect Flodesk to other tools you use, like signup forms or payment processors. With this, it’s possible to automatically add new subscribers to your email list or send targeted campaigns based on purchase .

Google Search Console

Google Search Consoles is a free tool that helps you understand how your website performs in Google searches It lets you see things like keywords people are using to find your site, and how mobile-friendly your pages are. By itself, the Search Console is great for website analysis, but if you connect it with Make, you can set up automated tasks based on your Search Console data. For instance, you could automatically receive alerts for any mobile usability issues, keeping your website on top form.

TikTok Conversions

TikTok Conversions track actions users take after seeing your TikTok ads, like visiting your website or making a purchase. Connecting TikTok to Make, can unlock workflows like automatically adding website visitors to your email list or sending personalized messages to recent buyers. This streamlines your marketing efforts and helps you connect better with potential customers.

New Modules on Make


  • Get Query Results by Job ID
  • Write a Query module now outputs user-friendly mappable output


  • Get a Tag


  • Search Organizations


  • Search Rows

New Verified Apps on Make


Arbox is your superhero, streamlining your business with a central hub for everything from leads to client calls.


AssemblyAI uses artificial intelligence to understand speech, transcribing it accurately.


BoloForms lets you create awesome online forms.


Capri is like a super-powered assistant who can answer customer questions, schedule appointments, and even learn the ins and outs of your business.

Charlie Lounge

Charlie Lounge is a central hub where you can chat with clever AI assistants, buy and sell unique AI tools, and even unlock exclusive new networking opportunities.

Colete Online

Colete online can be your new best friend! This user-friendly platform lets you compare prices and book deliveries with top couriers like Fan Courier, Cargus, and DPD – all in one place.


Collector offers comprehensive solutions for customers and effectively bridges marketing and sales operations. Its capabilities include gathering reports from diverse marketing activities, managing leads through a robust CRM system, and more.

Content Snare

Content Snare is here that help you chase down client info or missing files from colleagues. It’s a platform designed to effortlessly collect information, documents, and files from anyone you collaborate with.


Enflow send detailed ad performance reports on autopilot, track KPIs, and request add account access.


FirstPromoter is a software tool that helps businesses, especially those selling subscriptions online (SaaS companies), run successful affiliate marketing programs.

Golemio API

The Golemio API is a powerful tool for anyone working with data in Prague, Czech Republic. It provides free access to a wide range of open data, including real-time public transportation information, parking availability, and historical data.


Legito is a software platform designed to streamline tasks, especially for business teams in procurement, legal, and finance departments. It offers a ‘no-code” approach to automation.


mail2many is software that acts like a fancy email organizer that lets you create and send targeted newsletters to specific teams or clients, all while integrating seamlessly with your existing programs like CRM or CMS.

Mistral AI (by Synergetic)

Mistral AI is an Artificial Intelligence tool designed to generate text.  It offers several large language models, some freely available for download. They can understand and respond to complex instructions.


Make can connect to various data resources and NASA resources. This allows people to streamline tasks in their work. For example, an astronomer could set up an automated workflow that retrieves the latest satellite imagery from NASA when it becomes available.


NoCodeTable is a user-friendly platform that lets you create and manage a database without needing to write any code. Think of it as a spreadsheet on steroids, designed for businesses to easily store, organize, and access large amounts of data.

Oanda Exchange Rates

Oanda Exchange Rates enable you to check the current exchange rate between any two countries or look up historical rates dating back to 1990.

PDF Maker – Automate Documents

PDF Maker is a handy tool that lets you create professional PDFs automatically, like invoices or contracts. Imagine filling out a template once with your business info, then having the program generate perfectly formatted PDFs whenever you need them, complete with client data you plug in.

Perplexity AI (by Synergetic)

Perplexity AI is a powerful research tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you find credible answers to your questions.


QuizCube is an AI-powered quiz generator that uses your existing documents, text, or website links to automatically create quizzes in minutes.


SpaceX innovations in reusable rockets and satellite technology are paving the way for a  future where space exploration plays a bigger role in many professions, from astronomy and engineering to environmental monitoring and global communication;

Stability AI (by Synergetic)

Stability is a company focused on developing open-source AI tools for creative fields. Professionals can use Stability AI’s tools in many ways, such as creating concept art for design projects, generating product mockups for marketing campaigns, or even composing unique soundtracks for videos.

Systeme IO is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to streamline your online business. This user-friendly platform is perfect for professionals because it allows you to create converting landing pages, manage customer relationships through targeted emails, and even design interactive courses to share your expertise.


Termene.Ro offers quick and easy access to financial, legal, and fiscal data on Romanian companies, all conveniently compiled from over 15 official resources and updated in real-time.

UK Postbox

UK Postbox is a virtual mailbox service that gives a real UK address to receive your mail and parcels. This is perfect for professionals who travel internationally or work remotely.


Zuora is an all-in-one toolkit for managing subscribers, from billing and payments to keeping track of revenue. You can use this software to automate tasks like recuring charges, create different pricing plans, and analyze customer data.

New Templates

Great news to all ActiveCampaign users. These templates enable businesses to automate the syncing of ActiveCampaign analytics to enhance marketing automation efforts:

Another batch of updates helps you enhance Facebook campaign insights:

Optimize Facebook Lead and improve the efficiency of assigning Facebook Leads to sales reps based on location or randomly, enhancing response times and personalization:

Google Analytics and the following templates focus on facilitating seamless data integration:

Use this Instagram template and leverage Instagram insights:

Automate TikTok reporting and effortlessly integrate TikTok advertising data into regular reporting workflows:

Last but not definitely not least you can now streamline led distribution from Typeform:

  • Sync Typeform leads to Google Sheets for randomized location-based sales rep assignment
  • Sync Typeform leads to Salesforce for randomized location-based sales rep assignment

Improvements and Updates

AI Apps

Filtering users by their Role

  • Filter users at both their organization and team levels by their role

Meta Apps


Now, you can specify a custom domain when creating a connection.


This article was written in collaboration with Make, a leading provider workflow automation solutions.

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