Formstack document generation

What is document generation?

Formstack Document (Previously Webmerge) is a document generation solution that allows businesses to generate powerful documents in an automated fashion based on the information available in their various different IT systems. FormStack Document supports a large choice of format such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Adobe Acrobat and PDF but also HTML emails.
Using automated document generation ensures that the documents created are respecting the desired format, inputting the information directly from your information system to a document and therefore removing any risk of miss handling, human error or typos.
With the assistance of Formstack Documents, you’ll soon be able to produce sophisticated documents and presentations in just a fraction of the time it took before.

Features and benefits

As one of the most popular document generation applications available, Formstack Document comes with a slew of benefits to help your business.

Formstack document generation

Smart document automation tools


Customizable Templates

Feed information into your existing documents, or get started by customizing a pre-built template

Auto-Generated Forms

Auto-Generated Forms

Use your document templates to automatically generate custom online forms based on your merge fields.


Electronic Signatures

Send contracts, proposals, and other documents to apps like Adobe Sign for easy eSignature capture.

Data Routing

Advanced Data Routing

Pass information to multiple documents at once and use logic to control where and when docs are sent.

Mobile Forms

Dynamic Document Content

Use conditional sections to show or hide content in your documents depending on the data you collect.


Easy Document Storage

Easily send files to your storage app of choice or save them in Stash, our native document storage solution.

Formstack Documents Integrations

Formstack Documents works with third-party integrations to make document creation easy. Connect your online forms, automatically send info to the file sharing apps, and more. Our strength is in our flexibility.