360 SMS App – The SMS and Omni Channel Chat Solution for Your Business from Platinum Partner

Every enterprise needs a simple yet powerful communication tool to thrive. Any kind of business, big or small, may experience communication mishaps that may potentially impact their trade negatively. To prevent this, entrepreneurs and managers are now investing in an SMS app for business.

According to research conducted by Gartner, SMS messages are opened more frequently than emails are. Users open SMS messages at a whopping 98% of the time, while emails get a measly 20%. And data from Salesforce Mobility Behavior Report also shows that 9-% of consumers text at least once per day.

Indeed, SMS is an easy and quick way to communicate with others. And that’s why businesses today now utilize business texting to facilitate fast and responsive communication among team members and clients alike.

As such, there are several business SMS solutions in the market today. But what constitutes a great business texting app? And how should you choose the right one for your enterprise? We’ll answer all those questions in this article. Also, we’ll introduce you to Platinum Partner’s business SMS solution, the powerful yet streamlined 360 SMS App.

What are SMS and Omni Channel Chat Solutions?

An SMS app for business is simply a text messaging solution designed for enterprise use. It offers more functionality to help you communicate professionally with your colleagues and clients. Basic SMS features are included – you can create, edit, send, delete, and archive messages in such apps. Meanwhile, upgraded features for businesses may include the following:

  • Shared inboxes

  • Bulk message sending to teams or clients
  • Conversion of emails to text messages
  • Automation features like auto-replies and group notifications/reminders
    Huge address books with intensive organization features
  • Integration to business apps, CRMs, and work management platforms
  • Communication security features

Most SMS business apps are compatible both on the desktop website and the mobile app. They can seamlessly integrate, giving you a flexible communication option whatever device you’re on.

Meanwhile, the omnichannel chat is a messaging solution that allows a business to easily communicate with multiple people across multiple channels. With an Omni chat solution, you can seamlessly send messages and follow-ups to both colleagues and clients across different communication platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and similar channels. Omnichannel chat is commonly utilized in marketing, sales, and customer service processes.

Most business SMS apps today include omnichannel chat functionality. This allows the app user to seamlessly connect to another person or group that uses another communication platform.

Benefits of Using an SMS and Omni Channel Chat Solution

Businesses can reap lots of benefits from using an SMS app for business with omnichannel chat capabilities. Here are some of them:

1. Effectively Delivers Your Messages Across Colleagues and Clients

Almost everyone uses their mobile phones more than their laptops, desktops, and even tablet devices. Most of us check our mobile phones once an SMS notification rings. And a large number of mobile phone users typically open, read, or scan through each SMS message they receive. Hence, using a business messaging app ensures that your messages can get across your colleagues and customers effectively.

Your SMS app for business is an incredibly effective tool to send marketing, sales, and customer service messages to your prospects and customers. People can read your messages instantly and decide quickly if they’ll engage with your business or not. You can also seamlessly send follow-ups and start exchanges with old clients through SMS.

Now, your business SMS app is also a great tool for sending reminders and notifications to your team. SMS messaging allows you to reach your colleagues quickly and efficiently when used properly.

2. Creates an Expanded Customer Base
Omnichannel chat solutions in business texting apps also increase the range of potential customers that your business can reach out to. Not all customers may be using a messaging app/platform used by your company. Hence, using omnichannel chat solutions on business texting apps allow you to reach customers on different platforms, further expanding your prospects and actual customer base.

3. Improves Your Team’s Relationship
Business texting apps allow your employees to communicate with each other in a safe, professional, and efficient way. A messaging app allows your team to form bonds that will strengthen their relations and make them more productive.

Constant communication is increasingly important nowadays, what with the prevalence of work-from-home setups and remote teams. But even colleagues who stay together inside an office need a way to connect apart from their daily conversations, and a business SMS app is a perfect solution for that.

4. Allows app integration to keep your workflows streamlined
Most business messaging apps have built-in integration capabilities. This lets you connect the app to your workflow software or CRM program. Share files, track project progress, check on team performance and accomplish to-do lists all within the SMS app. You can also pull up or send important customer data to CRMs and marketing tools right from the business texting app itself. All these features help automate workflows and increase team productivity.

5. Safeguards your communication and data
Business texting apps impose stringent security measures to safeguard all your business data. Several business SMS apps use end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other privacy options to keep sensitive customer and company data safe from hackers and cybersecurity threats.

Essential Questions to Ask
When Buying an SMS Solution

Now that you understand how an SMS app for business can improve your business, it’s time to look at your numerous app options. Before purchasing an SMS solution, ask yourself these pertinent questions first:

  • Does the app have a clean, streamlined, and easy-to-use interface?

  • Does it have the necessary features compatible with your business needs?
  • Can you add multiple users or groups to the app? Are there different permission levels for multiple app users?
  • Can you use your existing shortcodes, VoIP, or landlines through the app?

  • Can the texting number be used to make and receive calls as well?
  • Are basic features available such as call forwarding, SMS templates, bulk SMS, and MMS?
  • Will the app sort and order all your inbound text messages after you’ve sent a bulk message to several people?
  • Does the app integrate with your team’s CRMs and work management tools?
  • Does the app support global coverage, especially for international clients, colleagues, and partners?
  • Is the app TCPA compliant (opt-in opt-out consent)?
  • Is it accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones?
  • Does the app employ adequate security features?
  • Is there adequate customer support from the app vendor after the purchase?

By answering these questions, you’ll come up with a vision of what an ideal SMS solution your business needs. You can then proceed to narrow down your app options until you find what’s most compatible with your enterprise.

Additional Considerations When Selecting an SMS Solution

Numerous things must be considered in selecting the right business texting app. So, here are other factors to consider in addition to the questions earlier enumerated:

  • Advanced features as needed by your business (Chatbots, AI, dashboards, triggered texting, etc.)

  • Reports and analytics
  • Multiple language support
  • App developer and vendor reputation
  • Pricing and plans, if any
  • Potential for scalability

Our Solution for SMS: 360 SMS App

Here at Platinum partner, we offer you an amazingly powerful yet easy-to-use SMS app for business: the 360 SMS App. This particular business texting app is developed by Salesforce, the leading business CRM provider.

360 SMS is a well-rounded business messaging app designed to simplify and streamline marketing, sales, and service processes. It’s Salesforce’s native text messaging solution trusted by several corporate clients and businesses worldwide.

360 SMS App Features

Here are the key features you’ll find in the 360 SMS app:

  • Conversational one-to-one texting utilizing threads on the Conversation View VF Page
  • Automated texting via triggers in the workflow, Process Builders, or Apex
  • Bulk SMS texting through Salesforce’s Views, Campaign, or Reports
  • Customizable and easy-to-use SMS templates
  • Hyperlink adding and Click-tracking
  • Email alerts on incoming SMS notifications
  • MMS support
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Call auto-forwarding
  • Triggered messages as automatic reminders or responses to certain events
  • Native Salesforce integration

Meanwhile, additional features that can further enrich your communication experience include the following:

  • Chatbots that support multiple, simultaneous, and two-way chat sessions
  • Bring Your Number – allows you to use existing shortcodes, VoIP numbers, landlines, and Ring Central
  • CTI – lets you use the same texting number to receive and make calls
  • AI-based recommendations
  • In-app surveys to enrich user productivity
  • Dashboards and analytics
  • Global coverage in over 190 countries, with multiple language support
  • Integrates to other business apps

Integrations and Compliance

360 SMS app supports omnichannel SMS routing to further widen your customer reach. As a Salesforce product, 360 SMS seamlessly integrates with the Sales, Service, & Community Cloud as well as Marketing Cloud/Marketo/Pardot. It can also connect to other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

360 SMS app is compliant with regulations such as TCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and Opt-In/Opt-Out.

Customer Support from Salesforce

360 SMS app support is available through Salesforce’s extensive online FAQs and help articles. The vendor also offers continued chat/email/phone support after purchasing the business texting app.

The Wrap-Up

Without a doubt, an SMS app for business is a wise investment to improve your business’ operations and communication. Omnichannel chat solutions integrated into the business texting app provide an excellent way to reach a wide range of people inside your company, as well as prospective and existing customers.

Platinum Partner is proud to offer the 360 SMS app, a powerful yet easy-to-use business messaging app from Salesforce. It natively connects to Salesforce’s CRM tools and other messaging platforms. It offers basic and advanced communication features that’ll automate, streamline, and speed up the connection between your team and your clients.