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360 SMS marketing software and app for businesses

360 SMS Marketing App for Business Text Forwarding & Receiving Service

Effective communication with your customers, prospects, and colleagues is a huge key to business growth. It boosts sales, drives up engagement, and creates opportunities for personalized customer experiences. It also improves work efficiency and promotes a culture of openness and accountability between colleagues in a company.

Using reliable business SMS marketing software is a great way to practice effective communication both within your company and especially with your customers and prospects. And with that, Platinum Partner proudly presents to you its solution for business messaging – the 360 SMS App. This is a feature-rich application that can take your sales, marketing, customer service, and internal communications to the next level.

Learn about business text messaging apps, how to scout for one, and everything you should know about the 360 SMS app here.

360 SMS Software TO Communicate Effectively

Texting works. With 98% Read Rate and
90 seconds Response Time!

With 360 SMS, you can increase your customer engagement
And boost your numbers and productivity.

Compare Our 360 SMS Marketing Software With Other Apps

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Ease of UseEasy,
Any user can use it
User heavily dependent on Support
Ease of SetupStarts within 10 minutes of installation,
No assistance required
Starts in 2-12 hours of installation,
Assistance Required
Trial AvailableYesYes
100% Native to SalesforceYesNo
Data stored natively on Salesforce & NOT on external ServersYesNo
Multi channel
1 number for multiple channelsYesYes
WhatsApp – Single, Bulk and Automated MessagesYesYes
WhatsApp Live Web ChatYesYes
Ringless VoicemailsYesNo
CTI and IVRYesNo
Verify the PhoneYesNo
Facebook MessengerYesYes
1-on-1 MessagingYesYes
Bulk Messaging from List Views and Campaigns ObjectYesYes
Bulk SMS from Salesforce ReportsYesNo
Hyperlink trackingYesYes
Email to SMSYesYes
Template FoldersYesNo
Incoming Alerts BarYesYes
SMS AnalyticsYesYes
Unified Conversation ViewYesYes
Multi- LingualYesYes
True ‘Zero-code’ ConfigurabilityYesNo
360 Conversation ManagerYesNo
Sticky SenderYesNo
Batch Texting with Co-PilotYesNo
Automate messages through Process Builders, Workflows, Flows, APEX class or APIsYesYes
Out-of-the-Box Modules:
(No Salesforce Customizations required)
Drip CampaignsYesNo
Keyword-based Data UpdationYesNo
Automate SF actions on Incoming KeywordsYesNo
Auto add/remove users based on replies to Drip Campaigns and Salesforce CampaignsYesNo
Blacklist Number & Spam HandlerYesNo
Auto-create leads and casesYesNo
Dark HoursYesNo
Relate incoming with last outgoingYesYes
Custom Opt-In/ Opt-Out KeywordsYesYes
Omni-Channel ConfigurationYesNo
Pricing (in USD)
User License Cost$15$19
Non-Profit DiscountYesYes
SMS Outgoing Cost *$15 for 1,000 messages$12 for 1,000 messages
Roll over Message CreditsYesYes

* Pricing may differ for each country. This is for USA

What Is a Business Text Messaging Software?

A business text messaging software is simply an SMS app particularly developed for business use. It has all the regular features of an SMS software/app like sending and receiving text messages and calls. However, it’s also equipped with specialized functions useful to most businesses.

With a business text messaging software, you can:

  • Send bulk SMS/text messages automatically


  • Initiate replies and true two-way conversations through SMS


  • Manage your SMS marketing and sales campaigns


  • Integrate with CRMs to analyze customer behaviors and preferences


  • Seamlessly communicate with the company through texts and calls


  • Make texts and calls on-the-go


  • Create event reminders and scheduled SMS sending


As you can see, SMS marketing software has lots of powerful features to help businesses reach out to customers through SMS. It’s worth investing in such kinds of apps whether you’re a budding startup looking for growth or a huge company looking for more effective communication channels.

Effective SMS Forwarding Service To Reach Your Customer

Nowadays, businesses have plenty of ways to reach out to their prospects and clients. Social media, advertisements for print, television, and radio, and email marketing are among the most popular forms

of communicating with customers. But did you know that text messaging/SMS forwarding service is another excellent way to communicate and engage with your customers?

Perhaps you’ve initiated some email marketing campaigns for your company before. But how sure are you that people actually open and read those emails? Well, the average open rate for emails hovers from 15-33% only. Also, several marketing emails get stuck in the spam folders, no matter how many times customers are reminded to add your email address to their trusted lists or address books.

The majority of people across the world own an android mobile phone today – and spend lots of time on it. The chances of opening a text message right away are very big as well. Text messaging has an impressive 98% open rate – which means people likely open text messages than any other messaging platform. Also, most text messages are read within 15 minutes of receiving them.

Furthermore, most people respond to text messages within 90 seconds after reading the message, compared to an appalling 90 minutes response rate for emails. All these facts make text messaging an incredibly effective way to communicate with customers.

Why Invest in a Business SMS Marketing Software & App?

Business SMS solution software & app can greatly help to simplify text messaging for businesses. It can also automate tasks and improve team productivity. Let’s look in detail at three main benefits of investing in a business text messaging app:

Text message campaigns simplified

Creating promotional text message campaigns is easier with business SMS software. You can create campaigns through your CRM connected to the SMS app. In a few clicks, it’s possible to launch an automated SMS campaign right away! It will also let you respond to customers individually and initiate two-way personalized conversations with them.

Easy storage of contacts

Business SMS software provides a text marketing platform for organized and seamless contact storage. Integrating it with your organization’s CRM eliminates the hassle of manually entering contacts and avoids losing your important client records. Quick access is also possible through business software.

Makes team work more efficient

Robust SMS softwares have task automation features that ease your team’s work burden. For instance, the app can automatically send pre-made responses to common queries sent by customers. Your app can also send SMS reminders automatically to customers and even to your team members.

Team-focused features such as shared inboxes and internal company messaging make your employees more productive and efficient at work as well. Collaboration features in business SMS apps allow better communication among team members, thereby increasing their productivity and boosting their morale in the long run.

Considerations in Finding the Right Business Messaging App

Finding the most efficient business SMS app is a bit daunting, considering the plethora of options available on the market today. Each app claims to be efficient and cost-effective, but how do you assess each app to make sure of these things? Here are some considerations to keep in mind while scouting around for the right business SMS app:

Check your business needs and make sure it’s compatible with your prospective SMS software

First of all, get your business needs in order. That’s because not all apps are equally created – some are better for small businesses, while others will work best for larger organizations.

Define your business needs clearly and look for an app with features that can cater to all of them. By doing so, you can determine if an app is a good fit for your operational needs.

Ease of use is always a priority characteristic when looking for the right business text messaging app. Make sure that the software is user-friendly, especially for your team members that aren’t too keen on technicalities. Setup should also be easy, too – aim to get a texting software that you can set up and use in 15 minutes or even less.

Check the software’s accessibility on different devices.

Consider getting a business SMS tool that works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones alike. It’s easier to manage campaigns, customers, and their data when your SMS app is accessible from different devices.

Determine if the software is scalable.

Can you add new users to your business SMS app? Does the software has room for a growing list of contacts and clients? Always consider if your prospective texting software can scale up with you as your business grows. Look for a balanced level of software scalability so as not to overwhelm your organization with unnecessary features.

Find out the SMS app’s integrations.

Your SMS app should mainly integrate with your chosen CRM. For instance, the 360 SMS app is natively integrated into Salesforce and its different cloud-based platforms. Integrations to other work productivity apps and messaging apps are also a major plus.

Select an app that manages opt-in and opt-out consent.

TCPA compliance (opt-in and opt-out consent) is crucial yet often overlooked in several promotional campaigns. You have to get a certain level of consent from your customers before sending them text messages and SMS marketing campaigns.

Find a business SMS app that lets you handle TCPA compliance well. Choose apps that allow you to manage opt-out with automated do-not-contact lists. This is a feature that keeps a list of your customers who opted in or out of your campaigns. It’ll save you from the unfortunate event of texting people who already expressly declined to your marketing campaigns.

360 SMS App – An Overview

Platinum Partner proudly presents its premium business messaging tool – the 360 SMS app. It’s a powerful SMS marketing software developed by 360 Degree Cloud. This app natively integrates with Salesforce and is also touted as one of the best-architected solutions working in the Salesforce ecosystem. It’s completely 100% Salesforce native, which means all your data are securely stored within your own Salesforce org and never on outside servers.

360 SMS app lets you implement inbound and outbound text messaging features for customers and internal organization teams. It offers a plethora of features that let you start and maintain customer conversations, manage text message campaigns, and analyze customer data through Salesforce connections.


Features of Our 360 Business SMS Software & App

360 SMS app has several features that make it a cut above all the rest. Here’s a list of this text messaging solution’s powerful features:

  • Conversational 1-on-1 texting through a single-view accessn
  • Bulk messaging from any channel
  • Scheduled SMS and event reminders
  • Hyperlink click tracking for monitoring the effectiveness of your text campaigns
  • iText – an intelligent zero-code chatbot with responses based on keywords the customer inputs
  • Bring Your Number – using your company’s existing landline, Ring Central number, or any VoIP hosted number
  • ncoming dashboards
  • Email to SMS
  • SMS templates
  • Managing SMS
  • Managing whatsapp
  • Managing FB messangers
  • Automated SMS, MMS, voicemails, and WhatsApp, done through Salesforce Process Builders, Workflows, APEX, and API integrations
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messaging
  • Automated bulk “ringless” voicemails
  • CTI access to make, receive and manage calls directly from Salesforce
  • Drip campaigns and multi-channel follow-ups customized depending on your communication strategies
  • SMS Conversation Manager
  • SMS Analytics
  • Omni-channel configuration
  • Report generation through the SMS History linked to your Standard/Custom objects in Salesforce
  • Compliance with TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA
  • Integration to Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and Marketo


Meanwhile, additional features that can further enrich your communication experience include the following:

  • Call auto-forwarding
  • AI-based recommendations
  • In-app surveys to enrich user productivity
  • Chatbots that support multiple, simultaneous, and two-way chat sessions
  • Bring Your Number – allows you to use existing shortcodes, VoIP numbers, landlines, and Ring Central

The 360 SMS app is compatible with Salesforce1 Mobile, Classic, Lightning, and Salesforce Shield. It seamlessly runs on multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Pricing of 360 SMS App For Salesforce

360 SMS app’s user license cost is $15. Meanwhile, the price for outgoing SMS is also $15 for 1,000 messages. The business SMS app is considered as affordable and cost-effective, taking into account all the robust features and native Salesforce integrations it offers. Non-profit organizations may use the 360 SMS app at a discount.

Take advantage of the app’s free trial and get all the paid plan features and 100 free messages for the first 7 days.

360 SMS App & Software To Send Your Business’ Marketing Messages

Business text messaging apps give you a simple yet powerful way to communicate with your customers, prospects, and company colleagues. It makes reaching out to customers more effective than using social media or traditional marketing emails.

The 360 SMS app is one robust solution that’s perfect for all types of businesses. It has plenty of basic and advanced features that help create, deploy, and monitor text marketing campaigns. It’s truly a worthy business investment given its impressive feature set, native Salesforce integration, and affordable price tag.

Step up your communications with the 360 SMS app and get ready to experience a world of difference in business text messaging.

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