Okta is the leader in identity management solution.

Provision, de-provision licenses for employees in one click, 2FA, SAML integration. With Okta you integrate your cloud ecosystem in one place.

Okta Single Sign-On Solution Overview

Platinum Partner teamed up with business authentication leader Okta to give you a cost-effective solution for your single sign-on needs. Here is an overview of Okta, Platinum Partner’s recommended tool for single sign-on.

Okta is a leading cloud-based single sign-on tool that enables companies to simplify their user authentication procedures, all while ensuring that security is never compromised. It offers a full-features federation agency and a policy granting flexible access to users and organizations. Okta runs on popular platforms and can be accessed through its web portal and mobile applications.

Okta Single Sign-On Solution Overview


Okta Single Sign-On solution provides the following main features for a seamless login and security experience:

Always On

Okta’s Always-On feature provides a full-featured federation engine with a flexible access policy. It also provides a reliable integration across your mobile and web platforms, providing a single portal to access all of them after entering your credentials only once. SSO for desktop and mobile apps are included, as well as on-prem and cloud apps.

The flexible access policy can be used to create conditional policies for protected resources. It can also be applied to different actions within any of your platforms, depending on your needs. Enforce more security by creating conditions on groups, apps, IP range, and clients.

Adaptive Authentication

Okta lets you set authentication procedures that adapt to your business needs. For instance, Okta Verify OTP lets you utilize two-factor authentication to add stronger security for sensitive business apps and platforms. Passwordless authentication and contextual access management are other features you may use under adaptive authentication.

Real-Time Security Reporting

Okta lets you see real-time reports regarding your entire system’s security by opening the Event Viewer and Reports dashboard. The logs also include geolocation tracking and pre-built application access reports. SIEM integrations let you access and export CSV reports from a full-system log through Okta API.

Secure Directory

This feature lets you store credentials from your entire organization in a secured directory. It also has options for setting individual and group password policies.

Integrations to AD/LDAP

SSO integration and management can be done through Okta’s integrations to AD/LDAP. Delegated authentications, enforcement of AD password policies, password push for Okta-mastered passwords, and password management through Universal Directory are all included in these integration features.

Fully-Customizable User Experience

With Okta’s customizable features, you can create login pages, company portals, and embedded web portals to suit your branding in a few clicks. You can also leverage APIs to completely customize your user interfaces through dynamic app links per user.

Apart from these, other pertinent Okta features include:

  • Okta ThreatInsight

  • Basic and third-party multi-factor authentication (MFA)

  • RADIUS authentication

  • PIV card authentication

  • IdP discovery

  • Okta sign-in widget

  •  Creation of custom org URLs
  • Location, device, and network contextual access management
  • Local language support
  • More than 6,500 pre-built integrations with no vendor lock-ins

Plans and Pricing

Currently, Okta offers its single sign-on solution in two plans. SSO plan provides most features except for contextual access management for $2 per user per month. Meanwhile, the Adaptive SSO plan includes contextual access management features and costs $5 per user per month.

Other solutions that may be added to enhance Okta’s basic single sign-on tools can be purchased at additional prices. For instance, here are some relevant tools with their corresponding prices per user per month:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – starts at $3

  • Universal Directory – $2

  • API Access Management – $2
  • Access Gateway – $3
  • Advanced Server Access – $15 per server per month
  • Lifecycle Management – starts at $4
  • Advanced Mastering (as add-on to Lifecycle Management) – $2

Okta SSO offers a 30-day free trial. You’ll receive an email from Okta’s team a few days before your free trial expires to get your feedback and process your purchase should you continue with the purchase. Meanwhile, eligible nonprofits can get 25 free licenses for all of Okta’s product offerings, as well as 50% off their public training courses.

Customer Support

Okta offers four customer support tiers that are purchased separately from the main SSO plans and add-ons. It has quote-based pricing, so contact them for details.

  • Basic – 12 hours/5 days a week support from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 9 pm ET. Phone and email support requests are attended to within 24 hours.

  • Premier – 24/7, year-round support, one-hour request response time, and 20% discount for instructor-led training classes
  • Premier Access – Premier support features plus Customer Success Manager, virtual kickoffs, semi-annual business review meetings, and quarterly success reviews

  • Premier Plus – All the benefits of previous tiers plus onsite meetings, VIP support hotline, and Oktane Customer Conference tickets for two

Meanwhile, Okta provides online help resources in two locations – a Help Center and an Online Content Library. Gain access to a wealth of resources such as documentation, product guides, knowledge bases, online training, webinars, datasheets, white papers, and infographics.


Okta is ranked the highest against its main rivals MS Azure, OneLogin, LastPass.

Okta Azure Onelogin Last Pass
Meets Requirements 9.3 9.0 9.0 9.2
Ease of Use 9.2 8.1 9.0 8.5
Ease of Setup 8.7 7.8 8.4 8.3
Ease of Admin 9.1 8.2 8.6 8.1
Quality of Support 8.6 8.6 8.5 8.2
Ease of Doing Business With 8.8 8.7 8.8 8.6
Product Direction(% positive) 9.2 8.6 8.1 8.2

Source extracted on 27/07/2020 over 321 reviews.

The Bottomline

A powerful yet easy-to-use single sign-on solution like Okta is key to unifying and simplifying user access to business sites and apps. It has rich integrations to thousands of apps, flexible access policies, and plenty of security features to keep your business running smoothly without the need to remember your credentials all the time.