Work Management with ASANA

A work management system is a solution that helps you organise and streamline work in your organisation. To some extent, you can compare a work management system to a project management system with the difference that the project starts and ends. A work management system helps you organize tasks, people, time, and together in one place.
Work management system also goes a step further in terms of automating tasks. Implemented properly a work management system will automate a lot of your business everyday tasks and will structure your teamwork, increasing efficiencies in your organisation.
Finally, a work management system is also a place for your employees and your customer to exchange information, collaborate, answer questions, and gather information. As you have guessed such a system works very well with other solutions such as online forms, online payments, online sign-off and other integrations which will make your everyday work easier and amplify the capacity of your company to deliver an integrated work system to your employees, customers, and partners.

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Document Generation with WebMerge (by Formstack Documents)

Formstack Document (Previously Webmerge) is a document generation solution that allows businesses to generate powerful documents in an automated fashion based on the information available in their various different IT systems. FormStack Document supports a large choice of format such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Adobe Acrobat and PDF but also HTML emails. Using automated document generation ensures that the documents created are respecting the desired format, inputting the information directly from your information system to a document and therefore removing any risk of miss handling , human error or typos. With the assistance of Formstack Documents, you’ll soon be able to produce sophisticated documents and presentations in just a fraction of the time it took before.

Online Sign-off

Online sign-off refers to the act of using an electronic signature against a contract or record. This e-Signature is generally composed of a visual symbol replacing your manual signature but is also attached to your location, email address and computer details which makes it more secure than the old signature way. All electronic signatures are considered legally binding and can be used on agreements and transactions such as contracts, offers of sale, lease agreements, purchases and indemnity waivers. Electronic sign-off is favoured over traditional paper-based signatures by many companies around the world as it helps to save money and time, as well as reducing red tape.

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Online Forms

In the past, filling in a form meant collecting a paper document, completing it and sending it off. Today, lots of forms are available online as convenient alternatives to paper forms. Online forms are becoming very common. There are now lots of things you can apply for online. Job applications, car tax and pension benefits are just a few examples.

Single Sign On with Okta

As the name suggests, single sign on (SSO) is a ‘one-stop’ session and user authentication service. Instead of needing to remember numerous passwords for use across multiple applications, SSO means that login can instead be done with just a few simple clicks. Using SSO, users can now log in with one single username and password that will provide them with access to all applications within that session. For managers and business owners, identity management  also provides additional security and control functions with the ability to activate or deactivate a user in several systems at the same time, force a level of security in the password, implement two factor authentication or simply provision licenses automatically when adding or removing employees to your business.

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