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Asana Forms: How to Automate Task Creation in Asana

Most of us have gained familiarity with Asana Forms due to our dependence on the Asana project management tool. This PM tool works seamlessly with Asana forms to help teams […]

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How to Make Meetings Actionable with Asana and Zoom?

Have you had a meeting with Asana and Zoom? Asana’s Zoom is the most secure and dependable video conferencing and webinar tool. It helps teams and individuals hold meetings on […]

How to prepare for Salesforce data recovery service from end to end?

The end has arrived for Salesforce Data recovery and looking to the future is important for all Salesforce administrators. With Salesforce end of life arriving on July 31st, 2020, the […]

How to start reselling software

International software and SAAS companies have built very large sales and marketing teams to commercialise their software. Fueled with millions of dollars, those teams are very effective at their work […]

What Are Cross Filters in Salesforce Reporting?

Cross Filters in Salesforce ensure the process of identifying and retrieving specific data is a smooth and easy proposition. Essentially, it is a way to retrieve specific records that may […]

Salesforce Earnings & Learnings

Two very big news Two very important things happened this week for the stock. On Monday the Dow Jones ( one of the 3 most important indexes of the […]