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Create Forms in Asana to Enhance Workflow

Do you need more specific instructions for a given project? Or, perhaps you have a more nuanced reason for your data collection needs. Find out how Asana Form can assist […]

Little Asana Features You Will Love

Little Asana Features You Will Love

Are you too busy doing your tasks to explore all of Asana’s possible benefits? I suggest you read this article. This could be the motivation you need to test out […]

ASANA: October Update

   So, what’s new with Asana this October? Attention all Asana customers! Asana’s updated features are out and can be accessed from any device or computer. To help businesses […]

Is Asana HIPAA Compliant? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Is Asana HIPAA Compliant? According to Asana’s latest product roadmap release, the enterprise plan now supports the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Asana may now be set up […]

How to Sync Asana with Google Calendar?

Asana has a built-in calendar that makes sure you never miss a meeting or deadline for an important task. It’s a helpful tool for keeping track of your most pressing […]

ASANA: September Update

 ASANA UPDATE OVERVIEW: Asana released its new updates for the month of September. In these updates, new improvements have been added to provide a better experience for every user […]

ASANA: August Update

 ASANA UPDATE OVERVIEW: Asana, as a robust and flexible work management platform with a wide variety of great features, continues to forge a high level of options and enhance […]

Asana Portfolio Vs Team- What Are the Differences?

Do you need clarification about which Asana features to use to manage your projects and tasks? Or which feature will secure your project information? Do you need any help with […]

How to Track Time in Asana?

Have you ever wondered how to track time in Asana or integrate with time tracking applications and what apps are more reliable to integrate with? Do you need to know […]

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