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Make May Update 2024

Hey, Makers! Make’s May 2024 update brings fresh features to streamline your workflows. Dive into new apps like YouTube and to extend your automation capabilities and explore innovative Verified Apps like Campaign Cleaner for email marketing finesse. Whether you’re a seasoned Make pro or just getting started, there are enhancements and updates galore to make your automation smoother and more powerful than ever. Let’s get building!

New Applications on Make


YouTube, a popular video-sharing platform, can now integrate with Make to create automated tasks that save you time and effort. Here’s the scenario: Imagine you run a social media channel for your bakery. You can set up a workflow where whenever you upload a new baking video to YouTube, Make automatically creates a social media post on your platform (like Facebook or Twitter) announcing the new video with a link and a short description. By automatically sharing your new video on social media, you can increase their reach and engagement without any additional effort., an AI and data platform by IBM, can be integrated with Make, a workflow automation tool, to connect them and create powerful automated scenarios. For instance, you run an e-commerce store on Shopify and use to analyze customer sentiments from product views. With Make as the bridge, you can automate a workflow that triggers an email with a discount offer to customers who leave negative reviews. provides AI power, while Make automates the process, and together they improve customer experiences, optimize marketing efforts, and save you time and resources.

New Modules on Make


  • Add Files to a Vector Storage: Adds files to a specified vector store or, if not specified, creates a new vector store based on the configuration.


  • Data Structure in Parse XML module is optional

New Verified Applications

Campaign Cleaner

Campaign Cleaner is a tool that helps you remove unwanted data from your email marketing platforms. Connecting with Make lets you set up an automated workflow that cleans your email lists in your marketing platform using Campaign Cleaner. This way, you can maintain clean and up-to-date email lists for better deliverability and campaign performance.


Canvasflare is a service that enables seamless rendering of HTML and CSS with just a single API call, removing the complexity of managing browser clusters and handling edge cases. When integrated with Make, it streamlines the automation of web content generation, allowing users to efficiently create, render, and manage their web assets without diving into intricate code or server setups.

Chat Breezes

Ever wished you could manage all your social media messages in one place? Chat Breezes is an all-in-one platform that lets you chat with customers across different channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and WhatsApp. It even connects with automation tools like Make so you can set up automatic replies, send notifications, and streamline your workflow.


Genderize is a handy tool that predicts genders based on names. If you’re working with a list of names in Google Sheets, you can connect it to Make to automatically guess the genders.

Integrity Next

Integrity Next is all about building trust in your workflow on Make. With this app, you can define rules to check data quality, validate steps, and even get notified if something unexpected happens.


LeadTable is a tool that helps you organize and manage your data, like customer information or project details. You can add a new lead to LeadTable and Make can automatically send a welcome email or create a task in another app.

LionWheel Delivery

LionWheel Delivery is a service that simplifies managing your deliveries, from planning efficient routes to keeping customers informed. Together with Make, you can automate tasks. This lets’s Make react to events in LionWheel, like a new order, and trigger actions in other apps you use like sending a notification to customers. is a tool that helps you check if email addresses are real. This can be useful for preventing bounces and keeping your email lists clean.


Worried about copyright infringement for images on your website? PicDefense scans your site, identifies potentially copyrighted images, and helps you avoid legal trouble.  Simply connect PicDefense to your account and let it keep your website safe.


Struggling to manage your equipment or assets? Remberg XRM is a cloud-based software that simplifies maintenance and repairs for all your “Xs,” like machinery, vehicles, or buildings, with features to boost efficiency and uptime.

Sage 50 Accounts by Hypertext

Sage 50 Accounts is a popular accounting software, and Hypertext offers an API that allows you to connect Sage 50 Accounts to Make. This connection lets you automate workflows and integrate data between Sage 50 Accounts and other applications.

Scarf Club

Struggling to manage your growing online course or membership? Scarf Club is your all-in-one platform, offering a smooth user experience for both you and your customers, with easy course delivery, community-building tools, and built-in sales features.  This makes it simple to scale your info product without the usual growing pains.


Tired of printing, signing, and scanning contracts? Sign lets you easily sign documents online, streamlining the agreement process for your organization. allows you to run SMS marketing campaigns.  With Make, you can automate your workflows by connecting to other apps you use in your business.

Need to send SMS notifications or alerts? lets you easily send bulk SMS messages directly from your workflows.  This means you can keep your customers and team informed right when they need it.

T2M URL Shortener

T2M URL Shortener allows you to shorten long links, track clicks, and even create custom-branded URLs.  This makes it easy to share links on social media and see how well your campaigns are performing.


Tired of juggling spreadsheets and struggling to keep track of your finances? Tidely is a user-friendly app that automatically syncs your bank accounts, giving you a real-time overview of your cash flow and making financial planning a breeze.


Unifire is an AI-powered content creation tool that helps you repurpose your existing content into various formats, saving you time and effort. With real-time notifications from Make, you can stay on top of the latest content generated by Unifire’s AI writer, ensuring your content marketing stays fresh and engaging.


Vapi is a powerful platform that lets you build, test, and deploy voice assistants in minutes, saving you loads of development time. If you’re looking to automate your calls or integrate voice functionalities into your workflows, Vapi is a great option to explore on Make!


Voiso is a cloud-based contact center solution that uses artificial intelligence to streamline your operations. With features like automated workflows and reliable calling, Voiso can help you improve your contact center’s efficiency and effectiveness. is a service that lets you automate your Twitter account using Make. In other words, can help you set up automatic tasks for your Twitter account.


Struggling to code your dream website? Ycode offers a user-friendly solution! With its drag-and-drop interface and built-in features, you can create custom websites without writing any code.


Struggling to collect glowing video reviews from happy customers?  YourCharlie simplifies the process by letting you request and gather video testimonials that build trust and convince potential buyers to choose you.


Zigflow is a business management tool that helps you centralize all your customer interactions, so you can keep them happy and coming back for more.

New Templates on Make

Streamline your brand building with AI-powered Brand Strategy templates. These templates guide you through crafting a clear and cohesive vision, mission, and plan for your brand.

Google Analytics also offers pre-built templates that streamline website traffic data management. These templates automate the process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting your website’s visitor data. Analyze traffic sources with Google Analytics reports.

Boost your lead management efficiency with our Facebook Lead templates. These templates simplify the process of capturing and nurturing leads generated on Facebook

Enhancements and Updates on Make:

Data Stores

Data store searches now include the total number of bundles and the position of each bundle within the results. This information appears directly in the module’s output. Additionally, a new input called “Mappable Limit” lets you specify a limit for the number of mapped results.

Parallel webhook queue processing

Items in the queue will now be processed simultaneously (unless sequential mode is enabled). This mimics how they were handled previously upon arrival.


You can specify the API version you want to use when creating a connection, ensuring compatibility with your integration needs.

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