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Improve Teamwork with Asana and Gmail Integration

Do you still lack familiarity with the integration between email and Asana? Or perhaps you are aware of the integration between these two great applications, but you are unaware of the ways in which it improves teamwork and saves you time. Our goal in penning this article is to ensure that all readers have an appreciation for the benefits that ASANA may provide to their teams as they tackle various tasks or projects.

What is Gmail?

Gmail, or Google Mail, is a free Web-based email service that enables us to send or receive email. It also lets us receive instant notifications and check our messages whenever we have a moment on the go.

What is ASANA and Gmail integration?

The project management tool ASANA is committed to providing its users with the best possible experience as one of the most cutting-edge and flexible work management platforms. They invested so much time and energy into making it capable of meeting the needs of any individual or group. This is why ASANA supports plug-ins for popular services such as Gmail to help us stay organized and up-to-date in our daily work. With ASANA and Gmail integration, you can now receive real-time notifications about your tasks in ASANA. You can also search your task, create, and complete it directly from your Gmail inbox.

Benefits of ASANA and Gmail integrations:

  • Track all your works.
  • You can move your work from Asana to your Gmail inbox.
  • It enables you to turn your email into task.
  • Collaborate with your team or organization.
  • You can complete your task without living your Gmail inbox.
  • You can received real-time notifications.

How does Asana and Gmail integration works?

Asana has its own inbox where you will view all the tasks that have been assigned to you as well as their content. If you can’t bear the thought of leaving your Gmail inbox, there are some simple ways to use it to keep working and being productive with Asana.

Here are the steps how to use Gmail Add-On:

  1. Log in to Gmail using your email domain that you use in your Asana app

Steps to use Gmail Add-On

2. Once you are logged in to your Gmail, you can now view all your emails in your inbox and any updates to your Asana.

Log in to your Gmail

3. Look at the right side bar of your Gmail inbox and you will see every add-on app there. You may view a greyed out Asana icon there and install it as Add-ons, however if there is none, if you want to add Asana manually, you can simply click the plus icon.

Look at the right side bar of your Gmail inbox

4. After you click the Add-ons icon, you will be redirected to the Google Workspace Marketplace. To easily find Asana, you can just search for it on the search bar.

Search for Asana in the Google Workspace Marketplace

5. Once you search for Asana on the search bar, it will appear on your screen and, after you click the app, it will lead you to another area where you can view all the app details together with the install button.

Install Asana for Gmail

6. Click the install button and it will automatically appear on the right side bar of your Gmail inbox.

The app will appear on the right sidebar of your Gmail inbox

7. Now, you can use the Asana for Gmail add-on to turn emails into tasks, assign responsibility, set due dates, and sync to projects.

Use Asana for Gmail add-on conveniently

For non-Admin users

You cannot use your add-ons to create tasks if you are not the administrator. You’ll be able to do so if the admin has granted you access, which isn’t a problem because you can also check all of your tasks that have been assigned to you as well as do things like click the like button on your tasks, post comments, and complete your tasks without leaving your Gmail inbox. Gmail will also give you daily updates on your project or tasks in order to make sure that you will not miss anything.

Here are things you can view and do as non-admin:

  1. View all the tasks that have been assigned to you. With this, you see who assigned you the task, the title of your tasks, and the date when they were created.

View all the tasks that have been assigned to you

2. View the full task details. Once you open one of your tasks, you can view all the details of your tasks, such as task title, your name as assignee, task due date, collaborator, and to what project your task belongs. You can simply click the “mark complete” button if you are already done with the task without opening Asana. If you click the reply button, you’ll be redirected to the Asana application and directly to your task.

View the full task details

The “like this task” button has been added so that users can indicate their agreement with the work’s description and deadline by clicking the button once it has been assigned to them.

3. Click the Asana icon on the right side of your inbox to view task details and post comments. You can communicate with your collaborators or task creators using the comment box. With this, you can ask questions, provide extra information, and offer suggestions that will ensure work efficiency. It also provides another button to mark the task as complete, and you can click the “open in Asana” button to open your task in your Asana app.

Click the Asana icon on the right side of your inbox to view task details and post comments


Using your Gmail inbox as your workspace is possible and reliable. If you are one of the Asana app users who cannot totally leave Gmail, this Asana and Gmail integration is your best option. With this, you can view all your task information, collaborate with your team, and most importantly, it enables you to complete your task without leaving your Gmail inbox.

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