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How to Sync Asana with Google Calendar?

Asana has a built-in calendar that makes sure you never miss a meeting or deadline for an important task. It’s a helpful tool for keeping track of your most pressing to-dos and upcoming commitments. But do you like to sync your tasks or projects to your Google Calendar to have one calendar application that has every schedule you need to prioritize? Or perhaps you like to have a good overview of your entire schedule, from meetings to tasks and other appointments? No need to worry. You can relax knowing that Asana will help you stay on track with your projects and tasks by syncing them with your Google Calendar. Also, you can make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom. Below we will show you how to sync Asana with Google calendar.

Asana’s “My Tasks” and “Projects” now allow you to sync with your calendar, so you can view all your upcoming commitments in one place and make sure nothing important has been overlooked. More importantly, with this, you can track your and your team’s productivity.

9 Steps on How to Sync Asana with Google Calendar

Syncing Asana with Google calendar is not a very difficult task. Here we will help you learn how to sync asana with google calendar step by step without using any third-party tools.

How to sync Asana tasks with Google calendar?

First, we are going to show how you can sync Asana tasks with your Google calendar. Follow the steps below to get notifications of your Asana task on Google calendar.

 Step-1. First, click “My Tasks” located in the menu on the right side of your screen.

Step – 2. Then, click the down arrow beside the My Task header.

Step-3. Next, click the “Sync to Calendar” option.

Step-4. Once you click the Sync to Calendar option, a pop-up window will appear on your screen with a URL.

Step-5. Copy the URL by clicking the chain icon beside it, and open your Google calendar.

Step-6. Once you click on your Google Calendar, you can now view all your schedules on the screen. Scroll down and go to “Other calendar” and click the + icon to add other calendars.

Step – 7. After that, an additional option will appear. Click the “From URL” option.

Step-8. Paste your My Task URL into the bar and click the “Add Calendar” button.

Step-9. Finally, go back to your home calendar, and all your tasks with deadlines will appear on your calendar.

How to sync Asana Projects with Google calendar?

Similarly, you can sync your Asana projects with your Google Calendar by repeating the previous steps discussed above. Just start with “Project” instead of “my tasks”. And other steps remain same.

Asana Project

If you want to remove your task schedules on your Google calendar, you can just uncheck your task list under the “Other calendars” option.


Now, try to sync yours too!

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