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How to Make Meetings Actionable with Asana and Zoom?

Have you had a meeting with Asana and Zoom? Asana’s Zoom is the most secure and dependable video conferencing and webinar tool. It helps teams and individuals hold meetings on the internet to make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom. Specifically, corporate teams use the Zoom app to connect and do discussions. The Zoom app functions flawlessly and can help people exchange valuable data. Sadly, it does not preserve notes and action items after a meeting ends. As a result, video discussions can amount to nothing, leading to time wastage and poor outcomes.

Thanks to the developer of the Asana app and Google Zoom, groups can hold productive talks. And we are not talking about the Asana Mobile App that replicates everything on Asana’s website. The one we are about to disclose in this article is how to make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom to help corporate groups hold more purposeful discussions. Before revealing details of this application, we will briefly describe the Asana software.

What is Asana?

Asana work management tool is the go-to solution for streamlining workflows, managing tasks, and achieving goals effortlessly. More suitable for groups of workers, Asana simplifies every stage of a project. Additionally, it enables people to come up with customized workflows and check work status on the cloud. As one of the top project planning software tools, Asana has an intuitive user interface with many functions.

It has a global reach, seeing that more than seventy-five thousand companies depend on it. Moreover, countless individuals worldwide use it. The software has paid packages and a free plan. A brainchild of Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, Asana has been around since the year 2008. Lastly, it has a mobile app for those who use an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Meeting with Asana and Zoom – The Asana App

Meeting with Asana and Zoom

Asana and Zoom decided to partner and develop an app. This app is so crucial that it is helping users have more focused Asana and Zoom meetings. Meeting with Asana and Zoom can let your team hold debates and keep minutes of its gatherings for future retrieves. Groups meet first in Asana where they share the agendas of their Zoom discussions. At the same time, members create activities in zoom as their talks continue. Once the meeting ends, Zoom plus Asana integration app gathers transcriptions and recordings into Asana. Members and top management can then review each record to know what came out of a Zoom conference.

How do you prepare for a meeting with Asana and Zoom app?

To make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom, first, you need to prepare for the meeting. You may be here wondering how to shift from Asana to Zoom. As hinted earlier, everything starts in Asana. So, you should create a Zoom meeting from a task in your Asana software. At the same time, you can add more text to help others understand the agenda of the live talks. This text can be vital files, slide decks, reports, stories, or any item that members should review before the forum starts.

What happens during Asana-Zoom meetings?

When a meeting begins, all the tasks associated with it will show in the Asana app inside your Zoom. Therefore members will have something to review to understand the subjects of the discussion. As the talks continue, members can create and delegate Asana activities and sub-activities within Zoom. Thus, the application makes it possible to capture action materials without shifting between the two apps.

What happens after ending a live video meeting?

Soon after ending a conference, your team can peruse Zoom notes and records. They will come attached to the relevant Asana task. But, you can also search for these transcripts in the software. All group members and those who did not attend the conference can have reference materials. This can allow the task that was under discussion to continue until the end.

A summary of benefits to expect to make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom:

What happens after ending a live video conference

  • During meetings, you can take notes, assign tasks and subtasks, and catch action items without leaving Zoom. It is because you can access Asana from Zoom.
  • You can set up a Zoom meeting in Asana. When it starts, all members can stay focused and know that matters arising from their agendas will be available after the talks.
  • Meetings with Asana and Zoom app have improved a lot because people can see value in the time spent on conferences. Once a video call is over, they can access precious data that arose from their talks. This can help them finish the tasks under discussion and make better decisions.
  • Group members can share the list of items in Asana that they would later discuss when they meet in Zoom. Hence, each member can prepare adequately for the dialogue even before they join it.
  • You can integrate Asana and Zoom for any of your projects. Click on Customize in the right-hand corner of your project window. Then, add the Zoom app to your project. After that, activate the Meeting with Asana and Zoom app.

Asana Zoom Integration

You should enable integration in each tool. Hence, sign up for a Zoom account and an Asana account if you have not done so. As a fresh registrant, you can now link Zoom from Asana. So, open your Asana account and choose the task or project you wish to discuss in Zoom. Click on Customize and scroll down to the Apps area. Choose Add app. Then, choose Zoom and continue following the instructions that would appear on your screen requiring you to log into Zoom. Once inside your Zoom, link current Zoom meetings to Asana tasks. Alternatively, create a new Zoom meeting in Asana.

To enable integration in Zoom, open your Zoom app for desktop use and click on the Apps. Search for the Asana App and Zoom. Wait until you have a scheduled meeting to access and open the Asana App from your Zoom desktop app. An alternative way to integrate the two is shown next.

Asana Integrations with Appy Pie Connect

Asana Integrations with Appy Pie Connect

If you use Asana software, you can make it more helpful and reliable by connecting it with other powerful apps. The integration process is easy as you do not have to code. Instead, you can use Appy Pie Connect to join Asana with Zoom, Chatbot, Google Sheets, Xero, Shopify, WordPress, Trello, stocks trading, and other applications. Once you use Appy Pie to connect your software with other apps, you can expect many benefits. For instance, via Pie Connect, you can create Asana tasks for customer queries in your integrated CRM apps. By doing so; you can help your customer support team respond to customer issues at a faster rate.

Also, you can improve your Facebook lead generation efforts by integrating Asana with the Facebook Lead Ads via Appy. Besides, you can use Appy Pie to create Asana tasks directly from Gmail, yahoo, or any other email service, and also to gather different triggers. With these, you can finish an action in one app when a trigger happens in another app. You can use triggers to automate repetitive chores and avoid wasting a lot of time doing them manually.

These can be new additions like a story, a task in a project, a subtask, a tag to a task, a user, or a team. Again, you can help your team connect with Microsoft directly and correspond, collaborate, and coordinate things more effectively. Above all, you can connect your Asana with Zoom to aug your team’s discussions and output. There is also integration software to integrate Asana with other apps. Here are easy steps for Asana Integrations with Zoom and other applications via Pie Connect:

  • If you have a registered Asana account, this is good as all you have to do is to link it with Zoom or another essential app at Appy Pie. So, search for App from the apps directory and choose the trigger event.
  • The Pie will then ask you to Grant Permission to use your Asana Connect to access your Asana account. If you click Allow, the app will tell you that it wants to access your name, email address, tasks, projects, and workspaces. It will also create and edit comments, projects, and tasks.
  • Choose the workspace and task/project you want to integrate first. Enter the project ID and move to the next step. There is a possibility that you might miss any new project you want to integrate into the drop-down list. Simply refresh the list. If it is not in the only 25 projects that Appy Pie Connect shows, search for it.
  • Repeat the procedure until you are done with all the integrations you need.


Meeting with Asana and Zoom is possible, thanks to the Asana app. It is a valuable tool to make meetings actionable with Asana and Zoom for corporate groups that need live conferences and seminars. More specifically, users of Asana can extend their functions and power by integrating with Zoom and other apps via Appy Pie. After integration, members of a group will not have to leave Zoom to find an item in Asana in a meeting.

Moreover, everyone will have access to any record and transcription saved during the talks. They can then use these updates when making decisions and completing relevant tasks. And to begin a meeting, you only need to link it to an Asana task and share it to ask people to meet. Then, load the Asana app in your Zoom and have every Asana task you linked at your fingertips. After that, update items often without leaving your Zoom app.

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