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How to Increase Productivity with Asana?

Efficiency and productivity are two main factors that can grow a business or a company. Any business can increase productivity with Asana by managing its tasks efficiently. There is always a special place for multitaskers in a company. Quiz any multitasker about how they would manage the productivity of the work; the answer would be straightforward. Being compassionate about the work and having a good focus on what you are working on can make a huge difference. Doing this not only benefits a particular individual but the company.

Productivity of work is a significant factor to make a company shine and stand out from its competitors. Here is where Asana comes into the picture. With Asana, teamwork has a more significant benefit of achieving goals, hitting targets, completing work before deadlines, and most importantly, syncing with the entire team. Excellent and efficient teamwork is always appreciated and complemented. Here are a few advantages and benefits that Asana offers to increase the productivity and efficiency of work.

Why choose ASANA for increasing productivity?

Asana’s data work graph model is easy-to-use, efficient, and credible in terms of working together as a team. Asana allows users to map out each detail of work and makes work more accessible and simplified. Asana provides an excellent opportunity for a company to organize work based on checklists to understand the pending or unfinished works that have to be taken care of. For example, if a company is working on a specific campaign, Asana provides a work graph model that allows users to segregate work like planning, to-do, milestones, etc. And later, workers can add their progress next to work, such as waiting for approval, working, or completed. By doing this, the entire workplace can know and narrow down the progress of a job and focus on completing it. That process might increase the productivity of the entire team with Asana. If you are running a real estate business, how to use Asana for real estate business to grow faster.

Action items to increase productivity with asana

There are different segments and steps to follow to create a good dashboard for the workers in Asana.

Creating a dashboard on a specific project:

Boards provide an excellent visual overview of the project that workers need to work on and enable a company to organize work via simple tools such as sticky notes. The board interface is an easy-to-use and straightforward drag and drop feature that allows all the company users to access it through different project stages.

  • Before creating the board, Asana offers users to customize the board to be a default and layouts.
  • The follow-up process is to add different sections to the board, such as “in-progress”, “due”, “completed”, “waiting for approval”, and so on.
  • Users can add or assign specific tasks to workers that can help in organizing work more effectively.
  • Asana also enables users to add a specific cover photo to make the project presentable for the workers visually.
  • Once the board is created, users can perform bulk actions such as editing a project or a section, copying task links, deleting task links and viewing more options regarding the particular task.
  • Users can drag and drop tasks that allow for an effective reorganizing and rescheduling of the work. If a task is dragged and dropped on a different set of sections, all the workers who are accessing the board are notified, thus enabling them to stay on the same page.
  • Asana also provides a chance to users to rename or delete a task if needed.
  • Workers can collaborate and work more efficiently by filtering tasks by clicking on the filter icon available on the board. The different filter options provided are “just by tasks”, “due this week”, “due next week”, or by enabling the users to create their own specific custom filter.
  • To visually simplify the board, Asana enables users to sort tasks based on personal preferences and create custom fields to add more specifications for a particular job.
  • The interface also provides an advanced search option for workers to access specifications or subtasks in a section.
  • There are no restrictions on adding more subtasks to a particular field.

Team meeting

With all the options and the benefits mentioned above, many budding and already established companies increase productivity with asana in their workplace.

App integrations in Asana

Asana provides a common ground for users to bring in all their applications and access them with other workers to improve the team’s focus and completely different milestones. Asana provides a common ground for more than 200+ apps to integrate with, making it one of its kind. These apps include Microsoft teams, Adobe creative cloud, Slack, Tableau, Flock, Harvest, Project buddy, etc. Accessing these apps, companies can increase productivity with asana

Earning credibility and reputation amongst various users and enterprises

Asana is one of the most credible and reputed platforms that is trusted by over a million small companies to more giant enterprises. Over a million teams around 190 countries worldwide are accessing and providing positive feedback about the platform. Some of the significant benefits offered by Asana are: –

#1 Security-by-design approach

Asana provides highly accessible, scalable, and trusted cloud operations for its users. Asana is also a highly secured platform that offers security features like routine security assessments, password hashing, security-focused developments and public bug bounty protocols. The security team in Asana provides various innovations and implements different security protocols to keep all of the users work and access confidential. Asana also provides the security admins of a team with features like two-factor authentications, SAML 2.0 and SSO.

#2 Reliable platform

Asana offers full transparency into the system status and performances. Asana offers 100% 24/7 priority support to the customers and users. Another factor to add to the reliability is that Asana provides daily backups, and regional and custom backups. Also, you can backup Asana data using third-party tools like

#3 Privacy at its best

Asana supports comprehensive privacy compliance programs that provide different practices such as general data protection regulation concerning the California consumer privacy act. The privacy controls in Asana offers a wide range of support, from in-product admin controls to user and object-level permissions. With the API installed in the Asana platform, customers and users can export and delete data at an organizational level. To ensure that the customers have complete control over where the data is stored, Asana offers global data residency options. These options can be accessed on the main page and provide a user-friendly experience.

Setting up goals to increase productivity with asana

Setting up goals

Asana aims to achieve the best user-friendly, innovative, and credible platform for its users worldwide. Asana allows companies and teams to set strategic goals and promises to support them all in one place. Asana allows teams to view their history and progress, enabling them to understand and work on specifics. Asana aims to make teams clear regarding their goals to avoid unwanted conflicts and confusion within the company or team. Asana also seeks to boost the morale and efficiency of a group by making them prioritize projects to achieve their success. The platform provides an engaging and fun individual experience by displaying the contribution of each member toward the success of their projects. By doing so, an individual can also identify their strengths and areas they have to improve on. With proving to be a trend-setter in the field of teamwork, more people increase productivity with asana.

Monthly and Annual plans are offered to increase productivity with asana

As of now, Asana offers four different plans according to the team and the value of work. The plans provided by Asana are:

#1 Basic plan: Basic plans are for small groups that have simple projects and team management.

#2 Premium plan: Premium plan for slightly bigger groups for effective planning and managing more projects.

#3 Business: This plan is best suited for cross-team collaborations and teams working with more significant initiatives.

#4 Enterprise: This plans main goal is to add additional security, control and support over multiple projects.

Timeline features in Asana

For those who are still unaware, the Asana work management tool now enables users and customers to look at all tasks/dependencies laid out over a timeline view, which is both greater purposeful and versatile than a well-known calendar view. Tasks may be dragged and dropped (or added directly) everywhere on a massive board, and dependencies may be genuinely illustrated, and bulk moved to manipulate tasks and timelines holistically. This new view is incredible for planning complicated tasks with masses of moving parts and the need for advanced strategy. The critical gain here is how timeline forces challenge managers to assume via every component of a plan earlier and permits flexibility when re-arranging due dates and allocating valuable resources. Also, you can sync Asana with Google calendar which will help you get notified about deadlines.

Timeline features in Asana

Supported platforms to use Asana

Asana is primarily supported on Windows 10 OS of 64-bit and 32-bit. Downloading the application provides additional features for the user. Asana is also available for IOS and Android, thus making it more easily accessible from anywhere around the globe. As it is supported on most the devices, you can check and assign tasks from anywhere if you are out of the office. This on-the-go feature might help to increase productivity with asana. The best part is that Asana is free to download. Some of the features available in mobile devices are

  • Accessing ‘My tasks’
  • Checking inboxes for messages
  • Updates regarding a specific project
  • Wide searches
  • Secured conversations
  • Upgradable portfolios
  • Quick addition of tasks
  • Setting up strategic goals for the team.

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