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Formstack Summer 23 Release

Hey there, fellow productivity enthusiast! Can you feel the summer vibes? It’s the perfect time to revamp your workflows and kick busywork to the curb. Luckily, Formstack got something fresh and exciting for you! Introducing Formstack’s latest low-code/no-code workflow automation tool, designed to make your life easier. Whether you’re drowning in manual paper processes or itching to fully automate your partially digitized workflows, Formstack got your back!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Summer ’23 Release and witness firsthand how the platform boosts workplace productivity.


In-Session Signing

Tired of drowning in a sea of emails and confusing form completion? Say goodbye to the hassle with our game-changing solution: In-Session Signing. Whether you’re dealing with customers, clients, patients, or students, this cutting-edge feature will revolutionize how you collect and generate signed documents. No more tab-switching or endless waits for emails. In-Session Signing lets you complete forms and sign documents seamlessly in one place, making your workday more efficient and productive. Don’t let paperwork slow you down; simplify, streamline, and conquer with this time-saving innovation.


Submission Search Improvements

Brace yourselves for the ultimate submission management upgrade! Tired of drowning in a sea of form data? Worry no more, Formstack meticulously listened to your feedback and unleashed an array of game-changing improvements to their Forms submission search experience. Now, you can effortlessly sort and filter your submissions at lightning speed, with rock-solid stability to boot.



Formstack took a giant leap towards improving accessibility in Forms for Salesforce. Introducing Auto-Suggest, the game-changing feature designed to empower users of all abilities. Say goodbye to relying solely on a mouse! With Auto-Suggest, Lookup Fields become a breeze to navigate for screen readers and other accessibility devices. But wait, there’s more! You can now prefill your Lookup Field and handpick the field value you want to display.

Salesforce API Upgrade

Formstack cranked up the power of Forms for Salesforce to a whole new level. With its latest upgrade to Salesforce API v57, they unlock compatibility with Education Cloud, Netzero Cloud, and Nonprofit Cloud. That’s right, you can now supercharge your form-building abilities by leveraging more relationships and tapping into a wider range of Salesforce objects, all within the Salesforce ecosystem.

If you’re eager to dive into all the exciting details of our latest updates check out the Formstack Summer 23 release notes. Let’s make this summer the season of unstoppable efficiency!

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