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Formstack Spring ’24 Update

Hello, Formstack users! Welcome to a detailed exploration of the Formstack Spring ’24 Update. This update has brought many new features, enhancements, and improvements, all designed to revolutionize your workflow management. Let’s dive into the exciting new features Formstack has to offer!

 Formstack Admin Panel

  • A User-Friendly Approach 

Formstack’s revamped Admin Panel is at the heart of this update. With a design focused on user intuition, the new panel offers a customizable dashboard, spotlighting key account usage data and expansion opportunities. User can now navigate through Formstack with ease, make swift modifications to their accounts, and use widgets to boost account management.

  • Enhanced Accessibility

The new Admin Panel is not just about aesthetics; it’s a tool that empowers users. Offering easy access to resources and frequently used features, the panel is designed to simplify your journey through Formstack.


  • Transforming Copilot into Workflows

The update has rebranded Copilot as “Workflows.” This name change is more cosmetics; it echoes the feature’s enhanced capacity to automate intricate, multi-step processes involving multiple contributors.

  • The Power of Workflow Logic

Formstack has bid goodbye to linear limitations with the introduction of Workflow Step Logic. This feature allows for the creation of dynamic paths based on specific criteria, enabling workflows to loop back, skip steps, or halt entirely. It offers unmatched flexibility for diverse use cases.

  • Approvals and Group Approvals

The introduction of a new approvals feature, including group approvals, is another significant enhancement.  It allows workflows to proceed with a single approval or require unanimous consent, refining the decision-making process and ensuring accountability.

  • Workflow Embedding

To increase user interaction and engagement, the update allows you to embed the initial form of your workflow directly on your website.

Formstack Forms

  • Workflow Meets Forms

Formstack Forms can now be expanded with integrated workflows. Users can set up prefill options and assign tasks to streamline processes like PTO requests, medical referrals, and more. This ensures efficient and accurate data handling.

  • Workflows PRO Add-On

The Formstack Spring ’24 update also introduces Workflows PRO. This add-on provides access to a dedicated Workspace, Step Logic, and approvals for an enhanced operational overview and task management.

  • File Upload Enhancements

Users can now upload multiple documents per field, with a generous 2GB per submission limit. This feature simplifies document management and enhances user experience.

Formstack Documents

  • Drag-and-Drop Documents Builder

The update takes the Document Builder out of beta, offering a streamlined design and enhanced functionality for creating custom document templates.

Formstack for Salesforce

  • Documents for Salesforce API Upgrade

The API for Documents for Salesforce has been upgraded from version 46 to version 60. This substantial upgrade increases compatibility with new Salesforce industry clouds, broadening the potential applications and efficiency of Documents for Salesforce.

  • Forms for Salesforce API Upgrade

In line with the ongoing improvements, the API for Formstack for Salesforce has also been upgraded to version 60. This upgrade expands access to new fields in Health Cloud, enhancing the functionality and integration depth of Forms for Salesforce.

Noteworthy Changes

  • New Integrations

Thanks to the Formstack Partner Program, new integrations have been introduced to enhance efficiency and collaboration across various platforms. These include 24Files, Opal, LawVu, and WeInfuse.

  • Formstack Go Sunset

Formstack Go will be phased out by February 28, 2025. This change will impact a small number of users, as the focus shifts to more advanced solutions.

  • End of Sale for Forms Workflows

With the introduction of the advanced Workflows solution, the sale of Forms Workflows has been discontinued. This change paves the way for more dynamic and collaborative workflow capabilities.

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