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Editor: Asana’s New Access Levels in Projects!

Howdy, Asana users! If you’re anything like us, you know that collaboration is the heartbeat of successful projects. Get ready for some exciting news as Asana has just introduced a new feature – access levels in projects!

Meet the Trio: Admins, Editors, and Commenters

With the introduction of Editor Access, Asana projects now come with three fantastic access levels. Let’s meet the stars of the show:

Admins: The Architects of Projects

Admins are the visionaries, the masterminds behind the project’s foundation. They lay the groundwork, set the project’s direction, and ensure everything is in place for success. As an Admin, you can create and configure projects, control access, and oversee the big picture. Think of yourself as the project’s chief architect!

[NEW] Editors: Unleash Your Creative Potential

Here comes the exciting new addition – Editors! Picture them as creative geniuses who breathe life into projects. As an Editor, you can add content to projects, such as creating tasks, sending messages, and nurturing the project’s growth. You’re the storyteller, filling the project canvas with brilliant ideas and action plans. However, Editors can’t make structural changes, ensuring the project’s foundation stays intact under the watchful eye of Admins.

Commenters: The Voice of Insight

Commenters play a unique role in the collaboration symphony. They’re wise observers, offering valuable feedback and insights to enhance the project’s outcome. If you’re a Commenter, you can add your thoughts and suggestions on specific tasks, keeping the communication flow alive. You’re like the project’s own oracle, guiding it toward greatness!

Individual Project permission

Access Levels for All Plans

We’ve got fantastic news for all Asana users – the Admin and Editor access levels are available for all plans! So, whether on the Free, Premium, or Business tier, you can make the most of these robust access levels and tailor your project’s collaboration like a pro.

Unlock Premium Tier Perks

If you’re on the Premium tier or higher, you get an extra treat – access to the Commenter level! This means you can involve more team members in the conversation, encouraging a culture of open communication and brainstorming. Premium tier users, rejoice!

Special Treat for Enterprise Customers

Attention, Enterprise customers – Asana’s got something special for you! With additional project admin permissions, you can have even more control over your projects. You can restrict Editors from modifying a project’s workflow and appearance, maintaining stability and consistency that’s perfect for large-scale projects.

There you have it – Asana’s latest update brings more control, flexibility, and creativity to your project collaboration journey. With Admins, Editors, and Commenters working harmoniously, you’ll unlock your team’s true potential and drive projects to extraordinary heights.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of granular permissions and elevate your collaboration game with Asana’s Editor Access!

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