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Celebrate every team’s victory with Asana’s Magical Celebration Creatures!

Hey, Asana users! Have you already used the newly modified celebration creatures? If not, you need to see them and try sending them to your teammates to boost everyone’s morale.

Why has Asana invested in these Celebration Creatures?

Asana knows that work isn’t just about getting things done; it’s about finding joy in the journey and celebrating every success, no matter how big or small! That’s why they introduced their adorable and magical Celebration Creatures to add a touch of magic to your workday.

According to Nick Levesque, Asana’s Creative Director, it all started over a decade ago when one of their brilliant engineers playfully brought in a unicorn as an April Fool joke. Little did they know that this whimsical creature would steal their users’ hearts. Since then, Asana has been on a mission to sprinkle surprise and delight into every task and milestone. They even introduced new teammates like the yeti, narwhal, phoenix, and otter, each bringing their unique flair to the celebration.

Meet Asana’s Magical Creatures

 The Unicorn: The leader and dreamer, serious about celebration and always ready for an adventure.

 The Otter: Highly competitive with a high EQ and IQ and loves to see workflow smoothly.

The Narwhal: Always keeps it real and makes a splash by delivering results.

The Yeti: Initially cold but sweet, enjoys the outdoors and finds comfort in completing tasks.

 The Phoenix: Fearless in facing challenges, the ultimate planner, and action-oriented.

To use Asana’s Magical Creatures:

  1. Click a task.
  2. Go to the comment section and click the star icon.
  3. Choose the magical creature you want to send to your team to show your appreciation.

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