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Can Asana Integrate with Outlook [Step by Step Guide]

Anyone who works online knows the importance of a simplified work process. With Asana, you can manage your projects and stay organized. Asana is an internet tool that helps teams and individuals organize their work, track their progress, and improve collaboration. With Asana, you have easy access to all your tasks, schedules, documents, and other project resources in one spot.

And if you integrate Asana with Outlook, you can easily track both your work and emails in one location. But the question is “Can Asana integrate with Outlook? Yes! Asana Outlook integration will allow you to turn your emails into actionable tasks without having to switch between platforms.

By reading this article to the end, you will understand how to integrate Asana with Outlook, including the setup process.

Introducing Asana?

Asana is a program that enables teams and individuals to change the several confused spreadsheets, sticky notes, and emails on their desktops with a lot more, all-encompassing one-stop solution containing everything you require. You can also use Asana to monitor ongoing projects, broad objectives, and the progress of your project. Potential hazards and obstacles may be identified early on using this project planning approach, and an ideal workflow can also be put in place.

Asana provides a variety of services that allows you to manage your work easily. Below is a list of them:

  • Unique Views: When it has to do with seeing all your tasks in one place and sorting them based on the needs of the business, Asana stands out as one of the greatest platforms. It differs from its rivals with its “Unique View” feature, which offers customers a prioritizing list with a notification button.
  • Secure Storage: The Asana tool boosts the greatest security standards because it recognizes that projects and communications are private and confidential. It can also be smoothly integrated and used in conjunction with a variety of applications and services provided by third parties.
  • Adaptable dashboards: Asana provides completely adaptable dashboards that display each participant’s status and track the advancement of every task independently. In addition, leads, applications, and customer queries may all be monitored using the dashboard. The user-friendly interface of its dashboard makes Asana and Outlook integration easy and fast.

Adaptable dashboards

  • Real-Time Communications: Users may submit questions or concerns about certain tasks or projects directly in Asana, which promotes real-time communication and prompt problem-solving among team members. Additionally, it offers tools such as “Team Pages” that facilitate team communication.

Continuous Integrations:  Work management is made even simpler by Asana’s connectors with several well-known programs like Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, etc.

  • Project Mapping:  You can use Asana to organize your tasks using visual themes so that you can see how they change over time.

Introducing Outlook

To properly understand how can Asana integrates with Outlook, you need to have a good knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, (Microsoft’s email service), which lets users exchange emails from their workspace. To use Microsoft Outlook to its full extent, you must either purchase it outright or pay a monthly fee. You can use it to manage group calendars, emails, and tasks independently, as an online mail customer, or in combination with Microsoft Exchange Server.

The following are some of Microsoft Outlook’s key features:

  • Email Scheduler: The user can schedule emails to be sent in advance, thanks to its outstanding “Email Scheduler” feature. An email can be scheduled for delivery, and Microsoft Outlook will make sure it arrives in the recipient’s inbox according to the settings.
  • Customize Mailbox Rules: You can establish mailbox rules in Outlook to automatically classify every email. You may also select where you want to send your email. Additionally, you can set up a rule to automatically designate emails from any sender or use a particular subject line or forward them to a different team member.
  • Calendar Sharing: Calendar sharing allows you to invite your coworkers to view your calendar. This helps you save a ton of time when booking meetings. If you want to organize a meeting with your team members, you may do it by looking at their different calendars rather than exchanging emails back-and-forth about members’ availability.

Can Asana integrate with Outlook – The Setup Guide

The Issue with Navigating Between Applications

To set up Asana for Outlook, follow the four steps:

  • Step #1:To get started, log in to your Microsoft Outlook account. Go to the setup menu to start the Asana Outlook integration process with your Outlook account.
  • Step #2:Thereafter, click on the “Store” button to download and install the Asana Outlook add-in. Next, go to “Search,” and then click “Add.”
  • Step #3:Go to the search field and type in Asana, and then click “Continue” to complete the Add-in installation process.
  • Step #4:After installing the Add-in (Asana Outlook add-in), you need to activate it. Open the Outlook panel and click “File” (at the top left bar). Then go to “Manage Add-ins,” you will see it at the bottom left side menu of your screen. Asana will appear amongst your list of Add-ins. After that, click the “On/Off” button to activate the Add-in. Next, click “OK” to save your work.
  • Step#5:Now, go to the upper-left corner of your Outlook screen and click “Link Account” to connect your Asana Outlook accounts. Enter your Asana sign-in credentials and hit the Sign In” button. Now, permit Outlook to access your Asana account by clicking the “Allow” button. And then click “Done” to complete the Asana Outlook linking process.
  • Step #6:Finally, you can start exploring Asana in Outlook from the Asana tab. While there, you can add projects and different tasks from Asana to Outlook. And if you open Asana inside Outlook, you can also view and manage all your Asana projects and tasks inside Outlook. To view all your projects, simply select “Projects,” and if you want to work on your project, all you need to do is click on “Open,” and you are good to go.

Once you finish setting up your Asana Outlook dashboard, you select a task from the database to work on. After selecting a task, you can add it to Outlook by clicking the “Create Outlook Task” button. After adding it, click “Save” to complete the process.

The Issue with Navigating Between Applications

Outlook inboxes are frequently used as the main hub for communication. They receive emails from coworkers there as well as ones from applications there. They can get alerts for tasks, reminders for events, the most recent commentary analysis from their social network remarks, and more. Users may stay current on vital work and stay on what they’re supposed to do directly from Outlook. However, they typically need to open the PM app and switch to it when they receive new tasks.

A user might receive an Asana email alert, for instance. It might be a significant undertaking that they have already finished. The user must launch the PM application to mark it as finished and notify others of its completion. Unfortunately, additional emails arrive that also need to be read before the user can access the program. As a result, email sometimes gets lost because it is buried deep within the email list. As you wait for tasks to be accomplished, coworkers who need to begin their work are also waiting. This is a waste of time. However, the most recent Outlook integration fixes this troublesome situation.

How to Create Trackable Tasks from Emails?

Now you can directly create jobs in Asana from Outlook once action items come in via email by utilizing the Asana Integration with Outlook if you understand how can Asana integrate with Outlook. The new jobs or tasks can then be given to you or a team member, given a due date, and added to a project to connect it to other similar tasks.

To do this, follow the below listed steps:

  • Step 1: Click on “Asana”, you can find it at the email’s top
  • Step 2: Later, click “Create Task” to continue
  • Step 3: Complete all the necessary fields related to the task, including name of assignees, task due date, project description, etc.
  • Step 4: Then click “Create Task” once you have completed all the necessary fields

Adding Emails to Ongoing Tasks

Adding Emails to Ongoing Tasks

It’s doubtful that all email chain carrying information your team needs to complete their tasks is copied on. Without these facts and context, they cannot do their duties effectively. Whether it’s a proposal or an email coming from an organization or a candidate providing contact information, or a team inside your business requesting design resources, you want your whole team to have the correct information to carry out their duties. By utilizing Asana Outlook Integration, teams may add their email as a note to a current Asana task right from Microsoft Outlook rather than switching between applications to start copying and pasting this information.

To do this, follow the directions below:

  • Step 1: Click the “Asana” button found at the email’s top.
  • Step 2: Next, click “Open Asana Add-In for Outlook”.
  • Step 3: Find any task you feel comfortable adding to your email and click on “Add Email” and you are done.


The simplest method for teams to organize and manage their work is Asana. And from the above tips, you now understand how can Asana integrate with Outlook. You can convert emails into actionable to-dos and useful context with Asana for Outlook without switching programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Asana be linked to Outlook?

Yes! Asana link to Outlook is fast and easy. Asana Outlook integration is one of the most common practices in the industry. It allows you to act on the emails you receive. You can also turn emails into manageable tasks and track the progress of your projects. Moreover, you can retain the context of an email associated with the task and add it to a current task as a remark. You can also comment on tasks to provide your colleagues with the required details to complete their tasks.

Does Asana integrate with Microsoft?

Asana integrates well with every Microsoft tool. Asana is used by quick-moving teams to plan and oversee their Microsoft Office work.

Does Asana integrate with email?

This question is just like asking, can Asana integrate with outlook? Yes, Asana does indeed integrate well with email. One of the purposes of the Asana Outlook integration is the conversion of emails into tasks. Asana may be used to organize and prioritize work while keeping your email inbox open for interaction. With email integration, this is quick and simple. Even the Android Gmail client supports Asana for Gmail connection.

What are the features of Asana for Outlook integration?

The features of Asana Outlook integration include:

  • Convert emails into tasks
  • Include emails in an existing task
  • Review and comment on tasks in Outlook

Can Asana automate emails?

Asana email integration is the most conventional way of converting emails into tasks. You might automatically forward emails you receive frequently if you want to set tasks in Asana for them. To route emails to Asana automatically: Set up a forwarding email address and add a forwarder to your workspace or organization in Asana.

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