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25 Best Asana Integrations and Apps to Boost Your Teams Productivity

Asana integrations can help boost productivity and streamline workflows. Asana is the most flexible workflow management software. You can use it for free to manage a small team of fifteen people. Additionally, you can use the paid version for big teams. Asana is easy to apply in every industry. In this blog, we will share 25 of the best Asana integrations and apps to boost productivity inside your organization.

Once the learning curve is over, Asana is the simplest to use. Businesses with Asana also need to use many other technology tools and apps. Instead of opening each app separately, it is better to integrate them with Asana. Next are 25 Asana integrations you can get for your business.

25 Best Asana Integrations and Apps

Asana’s level of compatibility with other business software tools is high. Did you know that Asana can function with more than 200 apps? However, we believe your first twenty-five Asana Integrations should be the following:

1.  Slack


Slack allows teams to communicate, collaborate, and manage projects. Asana Slack integrationcould help your team link Asana workflows to discussions in Slack. Instead of everyone logging into Asana, they will view and manage project status in Slack. Asana has an inbuilt messaging app.

However, Slack is a more globally accepted workforce communication tool. Besides, Slack is available as an app for iOS, Android, and desktop and as a browser-based tool. Today, most small and large companies use Slack for instant communication and project management.

You can make Asana more efficient by adding Slack at no additional cost.

After integrating the two, your team can create, assign, and completely different tasks in Slack. This integration can enhance file sharing, navigation, and proper document tracking and management.

2.  Google Drive

Google Drive

Who doesn’t use Google Drive these days? As the most popular cloud-based file storage application, Google Drive is an essential tool for many. It enables us to store files of different sizes and formats for free. Also, you can access your Google Drive files from any place using any device.

Additionally, Google Drive allows file editing and sharing while on the move. Uploading files is a quick drag-and-drop process. Google Drive can integrate with Asana and many other business tools. Thus, one of the top Asana integrations you can do is this one. Asana and Google Drive integration can enable team members to be more productive.

They can attach Google Sheets or Google Docs directly on Asana tasks in a split second. The procedure will produce a URL link to help users open attachments on Google Drive. As you know, Google Drive will only start charging $20 annually if you need up to 100GB of storage space. The more storage space you require, the more money you will spend.

3.  Zapier


Zapier can let you transfer data between Asana and other apps. Hence, adding Zapier to Asana is vital because it will also work with your other apps. A simple action of downloading and installing Zapier allows you to do more than four thousand Asana integrations. Zapier connects you to two tools at a time.

For instance, you can choose Google Sheets and Asana. When someone creates a new task in Asana, you can have Zapier make a row in Google Sheets. Open the Zapier dashboard and choose trigger and action. You will automate actions by combining two unique apps and sharing information. This action will allow the two apps to work together.

Zapier allows task automation and streamlined workflows between apps. Like Asana, Zapier fits businesses of all sizes in any industry. Hence, the Asana-Zapier integration will support all your workplace apps. Zapier has a free plan and paid versions starting at $29.99 monthly.


One of the best Asana reporting integration you can do entails With Asana integration, you can report bugs without leaving your website. is a tool for reporting visual issues that arise from bug infestation. It sends bug reports with every technical detail your developers require fixing the situation.

When creating the integration, you will also receive a helpful Chrome extension. lets you convert Asana into a bug-tracking and reporting tool. The process of integrating these tools is easy. Locate a bug and click on Report feedback. After editing and highlighting the feedback, ensure you click on Create Issue.

This will allow the feedback to turn into a new task in Asana. Since you will place a widget on your website, you can report bugs without leaving. uses customizable forms to report bugs and technical issues. Hence, you can present an issue more professionally by giving it a title and a description.

You also get an option to customize the forms and show only the fields you want. You can attach supporting documents. Hence plus Asana is one of the most vital Asana Integrations for any company.

5.  Zoom


You do not have to skip Zoom meetings when logged in to Asana. You can combine Zoom and Asana to know when to attend meetings. Also, Asana-Zoom integration can help you receive updates from fellow team members. You can set up Zoom calls in Asana and indicate the agendas of upcoming meetings.

Team members can issue their feedback and hold discussions later. Additionally, integrating Asana and Zoom will let you send your Meeting recordings and transcripts directly to Asana. This can help boost team collaboration and productivity. This is among Asana integrations that will enhance communication among team members at no extra cost.

6.  Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Even though many companies now use Google Sheets, some also use Microsoft Excel sheets. If you combine Asana with Excel, you will boost your workflow management work. This integration will help you create and update Excel data and Asana tasks.

Although this has a monthly cost of $19.99, you can track any project aspect in Excel via Zapier. Once you choose trigger and action on Zapier’s dashboard, you can add rows to an Excel table or update a project in Asana. Hence, this is one of the Asana integrations you should try.

7.  Trello


Trello is a workflow management and collaboration application. Usually, Trello is compatible with iOS and Android apps and browsers. It works best for small teams. It allows them to organize and monitor their projects. Teams can highlight newly assigned tasks and ensure efficient communication. Trello boards with sticky notes make it super easy to use.

Also, Trello arranges data using labels, comments, and tags. It also provides deadline notifications and keyboard shortcuts. As Trello has as many users as Asana, you can combine the two tools to increase teamwork. The integration will help users sync Trello boards and cards to their Asana tasks. If you are already using Trello, this integration will be cost-free. Small teams like online freelance teams should make this one of the crucialAsana Integrations.

8.  Gitlab


Do you run cross-functional software development teams? If yes, you require Unito, a third-party integration tool, to connect Gitlab with Asana. Gitlab Asana integration can help you create workflows across teams and development tools. Most uniquely, Gitlab will let you sync tasks, projects, reports, custom fields, etc.

The Asana-Gitlab unio will simplify all your web and software development projects by letting you create visual connections. For instance, you can represent your projects by adding blocks of work. Then, draw flows between them to channel data to the right place. You will enjoy using its grid-based interface and advanced settings, such as field mapping.

This integration will help you shape your workflows according to your business needs. You can also gather team activity’s actionable insights using Gitlab’s cross-tool data. To track and enhance how your software development teams work together, Gitlab-Asana will be among the best Asana integrations to do now. For about $10 a month, you can set up this fantastic Asana integration.

9.  WhatsApp


Most businesses and individuals are on WhatsApp. This Application has allowed people to call each other even if they are in different countries. WhatsApp is the best Chat and helpdesk messaging app. You can do the Asana-WhatsApp integration for at least $16 a month. If your website provides a live instant messaging tool, sometimes the interactions are too many.

What if you connect your instant messaging with project management in Asana? Onlizer, a third-party app connector, can assist you integrate your WhatsApp with Asana. Then, your Asana team can handle all communication in WhatsApp. It is much easier because they can all access WhatsApp on their phones. Hence, they can get all project updates on WhatsApp and take the best actions.

10.  Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq

Do you want to see organized discussions in Asana? If yes, all you need is to combine Asana and Zoho Cliq. First, Zoho Cliq is a tool for simplifying communication within a team. It organizes your conversations by attaching them to your favorite tools. One of the top Asana integrations you can do involves Zoho Cliq.

With your Zoho Cliq-Asana app, you can receive instant notifications to help you set deadlines and targets for every Asana task. This integration can save a lot of time and improve productivity. You can add a message to a task with the Add task message action. Doing this could quicken communication between teams. Lastly, you can link and configure any project.

11.  Hubstaff


It is possible to manage projects in Asana while tracking time. What you need is to integrate Asana with Hubstaff. This will prevent you from switching between the two applications. An Asana Hubstaff integration can assist you gather comprehensive time-tracking reports. At the same time, you can analyze time-related data, send invoices to clients, automate payments for teams, and so on.

Imagine doing all these activities on one dashboard. Like other useful Asana integrations, you might require a third party to connect the apps. But, after setting the integration, you can link users and tasks from Asana using your Hubstaff account. Another benefit is that you can set a time limit on Asana tasks to prevent your budget from increasing.

If you set a limit for a team member, they will stop tracking time once they reach it. And as they get close to the limit, you will receive a notification. You can also track your time from the Asana UI if you wish. If you want to set a budgetary limit, the Asana-Hubstaff integration simplifies it.

12.  Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Combining Microsoft Outlook and Asana creates a more robust communication and task management tool. With it, you can create, delegate, and finish Asana tasks without leaving Microsoft Outlook. When necessary, you can attach Outlook messages to your Asana tasks. Most large-scale companies still use Microsoft Outlook as their default emailing tool.

In these organizations, many workers provide input on various projects frequently. If your large-scale organization uses Asana for workflow management, merge Asana and Outlook. The integration will help workers share content between platforms much faster. Like most Asana integrations, this one will be so beneficial.

13.  Clockwise


Clockwise is a task-scheduling tool. It works with Google Calendar to help you manage tasks according to all your preferences. The smart calendar assistant will let you attend all your meetings to avoid conflicts between you and other team members. Clockwise can be more efficient working with Google Calendar and Asana.

With the Asana-Clockwise integration, you can schedule Asana Tasks as your Google Calendar events (time blocks). You can then tell Clockwise how to treat your preferences for every event. On Asana’s dashboard, you can specify how long your event should last. You can make some events more private or more public.

14.  Gmail


Even when maintaining conversations on Slack, most businesses and individuals still use their Gmail accounts. Besides, Gmail is in the G-Suite that most companies already have. If your company uses both then you can simplify usage by integrating Asana and Gmail.

The Asana-Gmail app will let you create Asana tasks on your Gmail. Also, you have a clear path to your first email for easier retrieval. You can reference Asana tasks when writing emails on your Gmail. Lastly, you can add a comment on an Asana task or finish it while on Gmail.

15.  Toggl


Asana is a fantastic workflow management software tool. However, some users complain about it not having a time tracker. If you need Asana time tracking integration, you can use Toggl. It is a functional time-tracking app that merges easily with Asana. This is one of the best Asana integrations for those looking for a reliable way to track time. You can also consider TimeCamp time tracking as a valuable option for bridging time and tasks to enhance efficiency in your Asana workflow.

Integration like this will shift Asana tasks and users to Toggl to ensure you do not update your Toggl manually. You can track time in Asana by pressing a Toggle Button, a Chrome extension. This integration gives you handy features, including Pomodoro time tracking.

16.  Friday


Another tool for scheduling your day is called Friday. You can organize your daily activities and reach your team on Friday. If you add it to Asana, the app will work even better. You can add the Friday Focus Time features and combine Friday with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

To avoid scheduling regular Zoom meetings over trivial things, invite your team to do check-ins on Friday. Lastly, you can send appreciation to workers or co-workers via the Power-ups feature. Friday works seamlessly with your other Asana integrations.

17.  Google Calendar

Google calendar

Syncing Asana tasks and calling them events on Google Calendar is easy. You can also attach any other crucial information to Google Calendar. However, you must merge Google Calendar with Asana. If you use Google Suite, consider it one of the top Asana integrations.

This action will simplify your work because you can access Google products from Asana. If not using G-Suite, ensure you add the Google Calendar to Asana. It will help you create a to-do list daily and relate well with your team.

18.  Canva


Do you wonder how people create beautiful flyers, quotations, invoices, and related documents? These days you can do it without any specific skills in Canva. It is a fantastic design tool that could help you create advertising materials for your social media pages. With Canva on Asana, you can design infographics, presentations, and other files. After that, place all your files in a central place for all team members to view.

19.  Salesforce


Salesforce works for those on iOS and Android apps and computers. It is a cloud-based service application for managing customer relationships. With Salesforce, businesses can efficiently handle marketing, IT teams, sales teams, and similar activities. Salesforce comes complete with actionable data dashboards, and it promotes teamwork. If you want salespeople to view your Asana tasks, Salesforce is your answer.

Asana integrations involving Salesforce enable companies to run campaigns and achieve collaboration among cross-functional teams. The lowest-priced Sales Essentials Edition costs only twenty-five dollars a month. You can choose the Asana Salesforce integration for your team for three hundred dollars a month.

20.  Jotform


Jotform is a tool for making online forms and blank PDF forms. It is so reliable that you can use it to make all kinds of online forms. As well, Jotform can gather data about anything, including products, services, surveys, etc. You can use it to customize your online forms according to your business needs.

Moreover, the Jortform is vital when altering validation messages. If you are doing Asana integrations now, do not skip this one. Asana-Jotform integration will help transform Jortforms into Asana tasks.

21.  Notion


Do you plan to make your team more productive? If so, you can merge Notion with your Asana software. These two tools will make your team more efficient. Notion is popular productivity software. It gives the user much productivity features, including databases, calendars, and notes.

If you want to integrate it with Asana, you will need a tool known as After finishing the Asana Notion integration, you can add Notion productivity elements without leaving Asana. If logged in to Notion, you can directly view and manage your Asana tasks.

22.  Everhour


Everhour is a super dependable time management tool. Asana does not have a time-tracking tool. So, adding Everhour to Asana is a good idea. We also mentioned other time trackers that you can add to Asana. You should evaluate them all before deciding to add Everhour as your best option.

It enables automatic synchronization by updating all your Asana activities and projects. Everhour prevents workers from switching between Asana and a third-party time-tracking app. Hence, it is among Asana integrations that boost productivity.

23.  Jira


At no additional cost, you can do Jira and Asana integrations to ensure your software development projects run smoothly. Also, merging the two cloud-based tools can help teams in different departments discuss the product development lifecycle. You can create Jira issues in your Asana account. Jira and Asana app integration can prevent issues from escalating to severe levels.

24.  Loom


One way to liven up your Asana projects and tasks is to insert Loom into them. Loom videos can make your Asana tasks and documents simpler to understand. Users can send their messages and explain each project with a video via Loom. Also, Loom allows you to record your whole face, sound, and screen to avoid adding a lot of text. Then, your team at Asana can view each Loom video without moving an inch.

 25.  Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe creative cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud allows designers and other business teams to achieve a lot. If you add it to Asana, your team can get all the data it requires to begin a project. Also, members can provide comments and feedback from the Adobe Creative Cloud. One of these Asana integrations can ensure your team views the tasks assigned to them and make subtasks without leaving Asana.


What is Asana Integrations?

Asana Integrations are just add-on apps. Instead of using two windows, you can integrate Asana with another app and access both from one window.

Can Asana Integrate with CRM?

Asana integrates with more than 200 applications. Some of these are customer relationship management software tools like Zoho CRM.

What Apps are Linked to Asana?

Several apps can link to Asana, including Microsoft Outlook, Zenefits, Mailchimp, Lightkey, and others. Visit the Asanas app page to learn more Asana integrations.

What CRM Works with Asana?

Asana works with Zoho CRM and Salesforce CRM.

Does Asana Integrate with SAP?

Companies with SAP ERP can integrate it with Asana. This is among the easiest Asana integrations to create with a given connector.

Final Thoughts

The Asana integrations and apps presented here demonstrate the platform’s adaptability in enhancing teamwork and productivity. Whether it’s through streamlined communication with tools like Slack, efficient time tracking via Hubstaff, or seamless file management using Google Drive, Asana’s integrations empower teams to work smarter. By harnessing these integrations, teams can forge a path to a more connected, efficient, and ultimately successful collaborative environment.


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