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Asana’s Product Roadmap

Asana’s Product Roadmap

Where will your Asana app be at this time next month or next year? Maybe you’re wondering what Asana plans to do to meet the demands of its customers in the long run. To learn more about the Asana Product Roadmap and how it will be implemented this month, please read the following post.

Here are the things that have been discussed in the Asana Product Roadmap:

Enterprise Tier

HIPAA Support [Enterprise Add-On]

Asana can now be set to comply with HIPAA, ensuring that healthcare and healthcare-related enterprises satisfy compliance criteria. Read our ASANA HIPAA Compliance Guide for more information and instructions on how to enable it in your Admin Console.

Why upgrade to Enterprise Tier?

If your company needs everything monitored, controlled, and supported from one place, then this is for you. Get Asana’s robust and user-friendly platform for organizing work, complete with extensive capabilities for administrators and scalable security.

Premium Tier

Asana aims to give their clients the best experience while checking their work in real-time with these new features.

App Intake with Workflow Builder

Users will be able to consolidate requests and data from their existing tech stacks or current ways of working into Asana as their source of real time truth.

Form Suggestion as a Trigger Type

This enhancement facilitates the application of automations and rules to form submissions, hence increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of form-based workflows and allowing for more rapid triage.

Why avail Premium Tier?

Teams may now confidently construct project plans thanks to this!

Price: US$10.99 Per user, per month billed annually US$ 13.49 billed monthly

Here are the things you can do in Asana Business Tier:

  • Unlimited essentials
  • Four project views
  • Automated workflows
  • Reporting
  • Scaled security
  • Community support

Business Tier

In this tier, Asana aims to incorporate workflow analytics that aid in locating bottlenecks and providing transparency into the length of time it takes for your work to evolve.

Workflow Metrics

The amount of time that a task spends in a certain custom field, stage, or component of a project can be tracked in Asana. With the aid of this new metric, organizations can identify the bottlenecks in their processes and take corrective action to resume forward progress.

Why avail Business Tier?

Teams and businesses in need of project-wide management will find this useful.

Price: US$24.99 Per user, per month billed annually US$ 30.49 billed monthly

Here are the things you can do in Asana Business Tier:

  • Unlimited essentials
  • Project and portfolio views
  • Advanced workflows
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Scaled security
  • Community and personalized support

Basic Tier

In Basic tier, Asana aims to enable users to put more information or details for every task to accomplished it with ease.

Content Editor for task Description (Web + Mobile)

Help your team out by writing in more context and making the objectives easier to read.

The new task description field is a “Rich-Text Editor,” which means users can include nearly any type of data, such as: Mind maps, Flowcharts, Processes, and Visual maps.

Why try Basic Tier?

In this tier, individuals or teams are just beginning their project management careers.

Price: US$0

Here are the things you can do in Asana Basic Tier:

  • Unlimited essentials
  • Three project views
  • Basic workflows
  • Basic reporting
  • Security essentials
  • Community support

ASANA’s Partnerships and Integrations

Asana is working on its integrations and plans to integrate the app with different apps or software that will help users move faster and be more productive.

Asana For Workplace Integration

Reducing the time wasted on unnecessary activities is possible using Workplace’s conversation-to-task, project-management, and coordination features.

Custom Rules and Integrations with Gmail, PagerDuty, and Twilio

By automating tasks across tools with user-defined rules, you may assist your clients improve focus and flow, which in turn will make their teams more connected and productive. You can eventually integrate your Asana with Gmail to boost your team’s productivity.

To view and read the October Asana update article, click this link:

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