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Asana2Go + Asana: Share your Asana works seamlessly

Are you an Asana user looking to get more out of your tasks and projects? Do you need to share your Asana content with others who aren’t using Asana? Look no further than Asana2Go, an incredible extension that allows customizing and exporting your Asana data. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using Asana2Go and how it can transform the way you work with your Asana projects.

What is Asana2Go?

Asana2Go allows you to effortlessly export your Asana data in various formats, such as copying and pasting elsewhere, printing or converting to PDF, exporting as CSV or JSON, or viewing it in alternative layouts to the standard Asana view. Whether you need to share information with colleagues who don’t use Asana or want to present your data in a more customized format, Asana2Go has got you covered.

The beauty of Asana2Go lies in its simplicity and ease of use. Installing the extension is a breeze, taking only seconds. Once you set it up, you’ll notice a small icon quickly becoming your gateway to a new way of interacting with your Asana content.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Asana2Go with Asana:

  1. At the top right corner of your browser, click the “Waffle” icon.
  2. Go to Chrome Webstore.
  3. Search “Asana2Go” on the search bar.
  4. Press the “add to chrome” button.

You might be wondering about security and data integrity. Rest assured, Asana2Go doesn’t require extra login or authentication and works seamlessly with free and premium Asana plans. Your data remains untouched throughout the process, providing a risk-free experience.

Simple steps for copying your Asana content with Asana2Go:

Using Asana2Go is as intuitive as it gets. Once the extension is installed, select the content you want to output from your Asana project. With a few clicks, you can open the extension, choose your desired format, and generate a beautifully customized output. The resulting content retains the structure you’re familiar with from Asana, with due dates and task statuses colored to highlight urgency.

  1. Choose a specific project and select the tasks you want to copy. You can select a task by clicking one, then press and hold the Ctrl key while selecting the other tasks.
  2. After selecting all the tasks, click the small puzzle piece or the extension icon at the upper right corner of your browser beside your avatar profile.
  3. Clicking the extension icon will show you a drop-down revealing all your installed extensions. Click the Asana2Go.
  4. A pop-up window will appear; you can choose a format to display your results. Here I use Cards – Including Subtask.

Card - Including Subtask Option

5. The second option will enable you to choose an output: View and Copy to clipboard, View, and Print (or save as PDF) via print dialog or Save File. I choose View + Print/PDF option.

View + Print option

6. After clicking View + Print/PDF, it will open another tab on your browser, and from there, you can view all the content ready to be printed and share it instantly with your teams who are not using Asana.

New Tab to view contents

Why use Asana2Go?

Taking Customization to the Next Level

While Asana2Go shines with its out-of-the-box features, its true potential lies in its ability to unleash your creativity through custom output creation; if you ever need a specific report or layout that the standard formats can’t provide, Asana2Go can step up as your personal report writer for Asana.

Creating custom output requires more effort, but the results are well worth it. Asana2Go leverages the Handlebars template language, HTML, and Markdown, offering you a rich set of tools to design the output you envision precisely. Access to Asana API data enables you to craft detailed reports tailored to your unique requirements.

Flexible Reporting with My Tasks and Advanced Search Results

Asana2Go isn’t limited to exporting content from projects alone. You can also make selections in My Tasks or Advanced Search Results, combining flexible searching with flexible reporting. This powerful combination lets you dive deep into your Asana data and generate insightful reports for personal use or team collaboration.

Tailor-Made CSV Output

Exporting your tasks in CSV format becomes a breeze with Asana2Go. You can quickly select the tasks you need, choose the basic CSV format, and copy the results to your clipboard. The CSV output integrates seamlessly with spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, making data analysis and manipulation a breeze.

Furthermore, you aren’t constrained by the standard formats provided. Asana2Go encourages you to duplicate and edit existing formats or create entirely new ones from scratch, personalized to meet your needs.


Asana2Go is a game-changer for Asana users seeking more flexibility, creativity, and control over their task management. Whether you need a quick way to export content or desire a customized report tailored to your preferences, Asana2Go delivers quickly and efficiently.

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