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Asana Work Innovation Summit 2024 Convenes Leading Australian Organizations to Reimagine Work in Sydney.

Sydney, Australia – March 20, 2024 – Asana, a work management platform leader, hosted the Asana Work Innovation Summit 2024 in Sydney, Australia this past Tuesday, March 19th.  The summit brought together leading Australian organizations and industry experts to explore the future of work and how businesses can leverage innovation to improve collaboration, streamline processes, and achieve success.

The event focused on a critical finding from Asana’s recent State of Work Innovation: Australia 2024 Report, which revealed that 95% of Australian workers believe organizations need to innovate how teams collaborate and communicate. Their research suggests that Australian workers struggle with overloaded tasks, unclear roles, and digital exhaustion. The report also highlights a leadership gap in addressing these issues, while pointing to optimism about the potential of generative AI for positive change.

Asana's General Manager Asia Pacific as event speaker.
Jo Gaines, General Manager Asia Pacific as opening keynote speaker.

The summit addressed these concerns by providing attendees with actionable insights and strategies:

Harness the Power of AI: Attendees learned how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to automate tasks, improve decision-making, and empower teams to focus on higher-value work.

Drive Collaboration and Communication: Experts shared best practices for fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication within the organization.

Unlock Efficiency and Productivity: Discussions explored innovative approaches to streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and boost overall team productivity.

A discussion with Telstra Broadcast Services and Xero with Louise Peacock, Senior Product Marketing Operations Manager and Anoop Arakala, Delivery Program Manager


Mr. Martin Schwall, Platinum Partner Director, was present at the summit, underscoring Asana’s commitment to supporting Australian businesses in their digital transformation journey.

“At the Asana Work Innovation Summit, there was a lot of buzz around generative AI and its potential to empower teams. The reports on its positive impact on work were truly inspiring. I believe AI could be a game-changer for collaboration challenges at Asana,” said Mr. Schwall.

“Personally, I’m most enthusiastic about how generative AI can streamline workflows and free up our time for more strategic thinking. Asana with its focus on work management, is perfectly positioned to leverage this technology to empower teams to achieve even greater things,” he added.

The Asana WIS 2024 offered attendees a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders, network with peers, and discover new ways to transform the way they work.


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