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ASANA: September Update


Asana released its new updates for the month of September. In these updates, new improvements have been added to provide a better experience for every user and to help their teams to keep moving forward. Will these new updates bring some big changes? Well, let’s dive into it.

Here are some of the updates that we think your teams will surely like:

Add App Option in My Task

Asana gives teams easy access to their favorite applications. They added this option to My Task and users can view it once they click the Customize button. With a single click, users can add their most-used app that will help them move faster or collaborate effectively with their team, depending on the apps they want Asana to integrate with. Many apps are available and free to use. If you click the + icon, it will automatically redirect users to those apps. Finding apps is easier because they are all organized by their functionality, such as apps for communication, file sharing, reporting, sales, and so on.

Metadata Fields in My Task

For users who are still not familiar with the metadata field, it contains information about the user’s respective task. According to Asana, metadata can be used to build effective workflows to track work in your projects, and it’s also possible to sort and filter tasks by metadata fields.

Asana included metadata fields in My Task that aim to provide users with more significant information about their respective tasks. By simply clicking the Customize button, you can access the 7 fields such as: Due Date, Created by, Created on, Last Modified on, Completed on, Projects, and Tags.

Newly added fields:

Created by: The name of the person who created the task.

Created on: The date the task was created.

Completed on: The date the task was completed. Users can only click this field’s option once they have completed their tasks.

Last Modified on: This is the date when an action like reassigning, updating a custom field, writing a comment, or updating the task’s description was last performed.

Two new Custom Field types in your Projects

Date: can be used to record dates after the task’s due date.

People: use to identify key stakeholders for certain tasks.

Access permission to read-only links

This new feature enables super admins to implement more data security.

Admin users who subscribe to Asana Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans will have access on this high-data security update.

Read-only link sharing permission options:

Public sharing allowed: Members can share read-only project view externally.

All organization members, including those organization guests, will be able to share read-only project views with this option.

Organization sharing only: Members can share read-only project views within their organization.

This option only gives access to those who are legit members of the organization who can share read-only project views.

Turn off read-only view sharing: No one can share read-only project views.

Read-only project views cannot be shared by anyone if you choose this option.

Form Setting Consolidation

To all Premium, Business, and Enterprise users, this is another great deal for all of you that makes it easier to navigate options for project form.

Users can access all of their project’s form settings in one spot, where they can also view, adjust, and set privacy controls in an easy way.

App intake in Workflow Builder

Asana makes it simple for every user to import data from external applications and use it to create new tasks in Asana while building workflows using the workflow builders.

As a result, the new option we mentioned earlier is valuable since users can connect with apps by utilizing the new Add App option in My Task.

Like from an email notification

Have you been enjoying the last month’s update to the mobile push notification for start and end times? Well, users will be enjoying this another notification update with a twist since every user of Asana can just like an Asana task, message, comment, or status update directly from an email notification to keep work moving forward in Asana without leaving your email inbox.

Users can just simply click the like button on their email notifications to easily inform their colleagues that they have received those new tasks, comments, or status updates and they are diving into them.

Custom Password Policy

Asana Enterprise users can use a customized password policy. Admins can have access to an additional option in order to set their organization’s requirements for how hard passwords have to be.

Admin password strength options:

Simple: Limited effectiveness against password attacks.

Strong: Stronger protection from password attacks

Custom: Choose the number of categories required for password complexity.

Lastly, Asana made some additional improvements to the Zapier connector for smoother integration and to automate your work incredibly for more than 5,000 applications.

Do you like the changes that have been made? Test it out, and keep your team as productive as ever with all the new features and streamlined functionality that Asana now offers.

Wait for more great updates!

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