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Asana Onboarding Process & Plan For New Employees or Team




With several integration tools available in the market today, how do you know which one delivers on their promises and works efficiently for your business? Here are some questions that will serve as guideposts in searching and purchasing the right integration software:


For all customers subscribing to a 1-year subscription before the end of their trial period:

  • Free Dedicated Success Manager for 4 weeks
  • Free Onboarding and change management support for 4 weeks
  • 50% Discount on any additional professional services for 6 months
  • Free Premium Support for 12 months (Includes phone, email and a dedicated support manager)

*Can’t decide within 30 days, let us know before, and we will help you out.

**Minimum 5 users on business plan for a 1 year

Why do people fail with their ASANA implementation during the onboarding process?

  1. The goals and outcomes are not well-defined.
  2. Loss of priority and lack of time.
  3. Difficulty in keeping your team engaged.
  4. Lack of understanding of system capabilities.
  5. Technical constraints roadblocking the project.

Onboarding Plan and Process For ASANA

4 weeks to make your ASANA onboarding process successful with the guidance of an expert.

How We Will Help


1 Discover

Our initial engagement is a simple kick off session which aims at ensuring that we are using the right foundation during your project and that we hit the target.


2 Plan and execute

From our initial meeting, we will propose a high level plan for our roll out and kick off.


3 Execute and monitor

Our regular catch ups will ensure we stay on top of our roll out plan, detect and correct any issue.


Closure and expand

At the end of your project we will organise a recap of lesson learned and future ideas of improvements.


Week 1

  • Envision Success
  • Identify Painpoints
  • Write your “Why ASANA” Statement
  • Assemble your adoption Alliance

Week 2

  • Discover your now
  • Design your first workflow
  • Enable your teams
  • Identify potential integrations
  • Reporting: High-Level Overview

Week 3

Execute and Monitor
  • Workshop sessions with the Team
  • Ongoing Dedicated Support
  • Monthly catch up
  • Report on Engagement

Week 4

Closure and Expand
  • Ongoing Dedicated Support
  • Benchmarking
  • Future Improvements/New Feature

Why do people fail with their ASANA implementation during the onboarding process?

Inclusion of the onboarding process up to 3h per week:

    • Workflow design and setup workflows and automation
    • Discuss integration and research potential solutions
    • Discuss and design your main reporting
    • Initiation of your staff to ASANA
    • Dedicated Ongoing Support
    • End of month call to review achievements/suggest improvements