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Asana: November Update


What’s new on Asana this November?

In order to keep teams moving forward without causing obstacles that can limit productivity, Asana focuses on offering more details to the projects, improving collaborations and team outputs, and providing smoother integrations for specific applications that can secure your organization’s data.

Here are the new updates of Asana:

Goals in universal reporting

With the current update of Asana, released in November, users may create charts in reporting to track the development of company-wide goals.

Enhanced goals in project overview

An improved project overview makes it simpler to find specific information about project goals. Consequently, you’ll have a simpler time monitoring the development of a single goal.

New integrations in rules

With the November release, Asana now allows you to create new rules and includes newer integrations with Gmail, PagerDuty, and Twilio.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration with Nightfall

Nightfall + Asana makes it simple to search through your Asana projects, tasks, and attachments for confidential information and then securely label it.

After downloading and setting up the Nightfall app, your most private information will be safe.

Asana for Workplace integration

Changing solutions to complete a task more quickly interest you? With the latest upgrade in the month of November, it is now possible to directly transform conversations in the Workplace into tasks in Asana.

Duplicate forms and questions

With the new update, you may easily and quickly duplicate forms within a project, as well as questions inside the same form.

New custom fields in portfolios

Additional fields can be added to your portfolio’s list view. The “Duration” function will determine the total time spent on each project by comparing the respective start and end dates. When you select “Time remaining,” a running total of the remaining time for all of your portfolio projects will be generated.

Increased custom field options limit

Lastly, Asana also allows for more possibilities in custom drop-down fields. The maximum number of fields has been increased to 500.

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