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Asana: May Update 2023


Are you ready for this month’s Asana updates? Asana never stops improving their platform to give the best solution for improving your team’s collaboration and let you streamline work processes. Asana’s few improvements empower you to tailor your workspace, enhance visibility, and boost productivity. Let’s dive into Asana’s May 2023 update details and discover how these exciting updates can supercharge your project management experience.

Duplicate dashboard for universal reporting

The latest Asana update adds a convenient feature for universal reporting: the ability to duplicate a dashboard within the “Reporting” page. This will assist you in simplifying the setup process and improving standardization between projects. You may now duplicate an existing dashboard with a few clicks, allowing you to construct similar reporting structures.

Here’s how you duplicate or share your dashboard:

Duplicated Dashboard in Asana

  1. Go to Reporting tab.
  2. Choose the specific dashboard you want to duplicate or share and hover your mouse to the right side of the dashboard to view the start icon and three-dot options.
  3. Click the Duplicate option to duplicate the dashboard or the Share option to share it with your teams or a specific person.

New Text formatting for comments

For your team to have clarity about the complex tasks you are all working on, Asana continues to enhance its simple yet helpful features, such as this text formatting in the task comment section, that help improve the readability and visual appeal of the text. With this, everyone can experience more accessible communication and clearly understand task details, comments, and notes. This is helpful when the task creator describes complex tasks, outlines instructions, or updates project progress.

The available text formatting options are the following:

Text formatting in Asana

Asana also added a “<>” code option that enables you to write text codes in the comments, which is beneficial for the IT teams who want to write codes in the comment section to give a solid guide on the task assignee.

Updates on the critical path on Timeline (Business & Enterprise Tier)

In case you are unfamiliar with this Asana feature, Critical path is a concept in project management that refers to the sequence of tasks that must be completed on time for the entire project to be completed within a defined timeline. It helps you to identify the tasks that have the most significant impact on project duration and determines the project’s overall schedule. What’s on this feature? Now, the critical path task limit has been increased to 2000.

Multi-filter for calendar view

Last month Asana added Multi-filter and Multi-sort in project views. This month, Asana applies a Multi-filtering option to your calendar view, allowing you to apply up to 5 filters to your calendar to see tasks that matter most to you quickly. Filters include Assignee, Completion status, Due date, Created on, Last modified on, Completed on, Created by, and Custom fields.

Calendar Multi-filter in Asana

Export audit logs to CSV

With this month’s update, super admins in Enterprise Tier can access the export of audit log events to CSV using the Security tab of the Admin Console.

Admin console new export option in Asana

Actual time in advanced search

Now, you can use the advanced search to look for the actual time. How? In advanced search, search for actual time and specify the search criteria in HH:MM format with options like equal to, less than, greater than, between, etc.

Improve Time tracking feature in Asana

Developer app-sharing settings

Developers have control over the dissemination of their applications and can limit access to specific workplaces.

Developer Console in Asana

Print to PDF from status updates

Do you want your project, portfolio, and goal status update printed to PDF to keep it as a record? No worries, print to PDF from project, portfolio, and goal status updates is available on this new update.

Delete or Print Project Update

To print and delete status updates, follow these steps:

  1. View your status update.
  2. Click the three-dot option beside the link icon.
  3. There, you can choose whether you want to Print Status update or Delete Status update.

People and date fields for reporting

With the new features, you can now take your reporting to the next level: group and filter by people and date custom fields. With these two custom fields, you can instantly acquire insights into individual contribution and team dynamics, visualize progress over time, and quickly identify trends.

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