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Asana March 2024 Update

Asana just kicked off March with a wave of exciting new features designed to boost your team’s productivity and streamline your workflow! Whether you’re keeping track of project IDs, monitoring workload with real-time data, or simply want to stay in the loop effortlessly, this Asana March 2024 update delivers a powerful toolkit for organizations of all sizes. Let’s dive into the highlights and see how Asana can help you and your team achieve more!

  • Mobile Session Timeout

Asana Mobile Application.

Good news Asana mobile users! You no longer have to worry about your session timing out unexpectedly with this Asana March 2024 update. In the past, you might have been logged out after a period of inactivity, which could be frustrating. But no, Asana has disabled mobile session timeouts by default. This means you can stay logged in and pick up right where you left off, making it easier to be productive on the go. Whether you’re checking tasks during a commute or making updates throughout the day, this update should streamline your workflow. So next time you open the Asana app, you can diver right into your projects without the hassle of logging again.

  • ID Custom Field

Asana just gave the project organization a helpful boost with their March 2024 update! You can now add a custom ID field to your projects. This lets you assign unique identifiers to your tasks, making them easier to track and reference.  Imagine adding an “ORDER#” field to your client projects or a “BUG#” field to your software development tasks. With ID custom fields, you can create a system that works for you and even includes a custom prefix to keep things organized. Plus, these IDs can be used to search and mention tasks within Asana, saving you time and frustration.

How to Add an ID Custom Field:

  1. Open project in Asana.
  2. Use the shortcut by clicking the + sign in the column header or by clicking the “Customize” menu in the top right corner, you’ll see the “Custom Fields” and click the “+Add field.”
  3. Select the ID field as field type.
  4. To categorize your IDs create a custom prefix.
  5. Once you are done adding a prefix, click the “Create field” button. Now you’ve got an ID custom field in your project. Also. Asana will automatically generate unique IDs for all existing and future tasks within that project.
  • “Actual time” in Workload

Asana has always offered a robust time tracking feature that helps you to estimate the time you’ll spend on tasks (estimated time) and then track the actual time you invest (actual time). Actual time can now be added as an effort field in Workload, allowing teams to compare actual time spent on tasks against estimated times, thus improving accuracy in project tracking and resource allocation.

  • AI Usage Limit

There’s good news for Asana users who rely on the powerful features of Asana Intelligence! Asana has increased the number of AI actions available on their paid plans. This means you can get more automatic help with tasks like suggesting custom fields, summarizing conversations, and even clearer emails.

Asana information about AI limits.
Image from Asana | Help Center

For advanced plan users, the monthly AI action limit has been bumped up to a generous 1,500 actions. This allows you to take advantage of Asana’s AI features more freely, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time. If ever you reach your limit, you won’t lose access to Asana, but Asana Intelligence’s features like smart suggestions and summaries will be paused until next month.

AI limits of Asana in different plans.

  • Smart Digest in Projects

Smart Digest is one of the super cool updates this March! With this feature, you can stay on top of your projects without wading through endless notifications. Smart Digests uses artificial intelligence to scan your project activity and generate quick, informative summaries.

The Smart Digest in Asana newly update feature.
Image from Asana | Help Center

Using Smart Digest is easy, just head over to the Overview tab of any project. In the right pane, you’ll see the section for Smart Digests. Click “Show me” and Asana will whip up a personalized digest highlighting important discussions, recent decisions, and completed tasks. You can even choose to have these summaries automatically emailed to you whenever there are significant project improvements, keeping you effortlessly in the loop.

  • Set start date and date custom fields

Asana just got even more flexible this month! Now you can trigger automated actions in your projects based on specific dates, this means you can set up rules to automatically assign someone a task when the start date arrives or send a notification when a custom date field hits the deadline. This is a great way to streamline your workflow and ensure nothing slips through the cracks!

  • Block new “shared with org” projects

Exciting news for Asana admins! In this Asana March 2024 update, you have more control over project visibility within your organization. You can now restrict the creation of project structure and information flow. This update empowers you to define how project sharing works within your team, promoting better organization and collaboration.

  • Bundles in Portfolios

Asana rolled out a fantastic update for managing large-scale projects and keeping your teams aligned. The “bundles in Portfolios” feature streamlines your workflow by allowing you to apply the same bundle of rules, custom fields, sections, and task templates to all projects within a portfolio at once. This eliminates the need to manually configure each project individually, saving you and your team tons of time and ensuring consistency across your entire portfolio. So, if you’re juggling multiple projects with similar structures, this update is a game changer!

  • Microsoft Intune Integration (iOS)

Available on the Asana Enterprise and Asana Enterprise + plan

For Asana users on iOS devices who rely on Microsoft Intune for company security, we have good news for all of you! In this Asana March 2024 update, the platform now integrates seamlessly with Intune. This means you can enjoy the full functionalities of Asana while keeping your company data safeguarded by Intune’s mobile application management (MAM) policies.

This integration is a win-win for both productivity and security. Intune can enforce things like PIN lock requirements and data encryption on your Asana app, giving your IT team peace of mind. You, on the other hand, can stay on top of your tasks and projects with the familiar Asana interface, all within the secure confines of your organization’s Intune policies.

  • Organization-wide share setting in Projects

Asana heard your call for better visibility across teams! This March, they’ve introduced a new “Shared with organization” setting for projects. This means you can now easily share projects with everyone in your company, fostering better collaboration and a clearer understanding of how different teams contribute to overall goals. No more hunting down information or wondering what other departments are working on – everything is in one centralized location accessible to everyone who needs it.

  • Asana + Google Sheets & Slides Smart chips

Asana just upped the collaboration game between your favorite work management tool and Google Workspace! This Asana March 2024 update brings super-handy Smart Chips to both Google Sheets and Slides. Now you can seamlessly reference tasks, projects, and even goals directly within your spreadsheets and presentations.

This means keeping everyone on the same page just got a whole lot easier. Imagine crafting a presentation in Slides and needing a reference for a key Asana task. Simply pop in the tasks link and viola! A neat little Smart Chip appears, displaying the task title, assignee, and due date – all without ever leaving Slides.

Connect Asana with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides:

  1. Head over to the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. Search “Asana” and click on the on-screen prompts to grant Asana access to your Google Workspace.
  3. Once installed, open any Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide.
  4. Look for the sidebar on the right side of your screen,
  5. In the sidebar, locate the Asana icon and click “Log in.”
  6. Grant permission to the Asana add-on to access your Asana account.
  • Sort and Filter connected Goals in Portfolio views

This update makes it easier than ever to focus on your team’s goals! You can now sort and filter portfolios by connected goals, giving you a clear view of how your projects are contributing to achieving your objectives. See all the connected goals in one place to specific tasks, or even create new goals directly from the portfolio list view. This update streamlines goal management and keeps your team laser-focused on what matters most.

  • Admin announcement for division

This update allows admins to publish announcements directly to divisions. This means you can share important updates, reminders, or even fun team news targeted exclusively to your team. Look out for the “Admin announcements for divisions” feature in the Admin Console.

  • “Sort by” in list view

The “Sort by” feature just got an exciting upgrade. You can now group your tasks by any custom field you’ve created, making it easier to organize your work. This means you can sort by priority, due date, project, or any other category that helps you stay focused and on top of your goals.


Asana brought a wave of improvements this month to help you manage your work better. They made it easier to track progress with actual time spent on tasks, collaborate with “share with the organization” setting for projects, and stay on top of goals with filtered goal sorting in portfolios. there are also bunch of other cool features, like adding custom IDs to tasks and using Smart Chips in Google Sheets for seamless integration.

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