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Asana June 2024 Update


Hey Asana enthusiasts! Welcome to Asana’s newest update for this month to discover what’s new in Asana. As one of the leading project management platforms, Asana is dedicated to constantly improving its features to enhance your workflow. With this highly anticipated update, you can expect even more innovative tools and functionalities to boost productivity and streamline collaboration. Stay tuned for the latest developments and discover how these enhancements can help you achieve your goals more effectively.

  • Weighted Goals

Available on Asana Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers.

Tired of your goals feeling like a flat to-do list, where completing one task feels the same as any other? Asana’s innovative Weighted Goals change the game. It lets you assign a custom importance level to each subgoal or project contributing to your main objective. Just like stacking weights on a barbell, you can prioritize the tasks that have the biggest impact on achieving your goal.

Say your marketing team’s goal is to increase brand awareness by 20% Traditionally, you might list tasks like social media campaigns, website revamping, and influencers outreach as equal contributors. But with Weighted Goals, you can recognize that the website revamp, requiring design and development resources, carries a higher than a social media post. This fine-tuning ensures your team focuses on the tasks that truly move the needle towards success.

  • Capacity Planning group by project

The capacity planning feature is available on Asana Enterprise, Enterprise+ tiers, and Legacy Enterprise.

Ever felt like your team is drowning in tasks, with deadlines looming and burnout a constant threat? Well, worry no more with the use of the Capacity Planning feature. This feature helps you visualize your team’s workload over extended periods, ensuring everyone’s swimming smoothly, and not sinking under pressure. By understanding your team’s capacity (their available time and energy), you can strategically assign projects, preventing overload and ensuring projects are delivered on time.

For instance, let’s say your marketing team is juggling a website relaunch, a social media campaign, an email marketing campaign, and an email marketing push. Capacity Planning lets you see if everyone’s drowning in deadlines or if there’s room for additional tasks. You might discover Sarah, the social media whiz, has extra bandwidth, so you can delegate some website content creation to her, lightening the load for the design team.

  • Pause a member’s license

Asana understands that your team’s needs can fluctuate. The “Pause a member’s license” function is your handy solution for situations where you have a team member who won’t be actively using Asana for a while. Pausing their license keeps your project organization streamlined and ensures you’re optimizing your subscription costs.  It’s like putting their Asana membership on hold, allowing you to reactivate seamlessly when they return.

Here’s the best part: pausing a license doesn’t delete their data or projects! Their information remains securely stored within your workspace, ready to pick up right where they left off. This provides peace of mind for both admins and team members, ensuring a smooth transition back into the Asana workflow.

  • Member Invite Control

With this new feature, you can now control who gets invited to specific teams within your organization. Member invite control means you have extra control over who has access to your projects, giving you peace of mind and keeping your confidential data safe.

  • API guest restrictions

Asana admin interface to API restrictions.
Asana | Asana Help Center

Asana gives you even more control over your organization’s data with guest API restrictions! Now, admins and super admins in Enterprise+ organizations can choose to prevent guests from using Asana’s API with apps and personal access tokens. This is a powerful tool for ensuring the security and confidentiality of your projects. By limiting API access to authorized users, you can minimize the risk of unauthorized modifications or data exposure. This extra layer of control empowers you to collaborate seamlessly with guests while maintaining the integrity of your Asana environment.

  • Updated Account Email Policy

Asana cares about keeping your information safe! Ro boost security and privacy for everyone, Asana recently updated their email policy for accounts. Here’s the lowdown: from now on, any email addresses you add to your Asana account will need to match the official email domains your organization has verified. This ensures only authorized email addresses can access your organization’s work in Asana.

  • Chrome extension + Asana update

Tired of toggling between tabs to capture tasks you find while browsing? Look no further than the Asana Chrome extension, your one-click ticket to productivity paradise. This nifty tool lets you turn any webpage or even text snippet into an Asana task in seconds, complete with due dates and assignees. No more scrambling to remember what you needed to do – just hit the Asana icon, fill in the details, and get back to conquering your web. Trust me it’s a game-changer for streamlining your workflow and keeping those to-do lists under control.

  • Gmail “Sent Email” rules

Asana just released a game-changer for busy teams! No more scrambling to find email addresses or craft messages for specific tasks. Now, you can build “Send Email” rules directly into your Asana projects. These rules use task details, like assignee emails or custom field values, to automatically populate recipient lists, subject lines, and even body content in your Gmail messages. This cuts down on repetitive emailing tasks and ensures everyone receives the right information at the right time.

  • Inbox notification for Smart Summaries

Asana just upped your team’s communications for Smart Summaries! No more hunting for updates – now you’ll get a concise, AI breakdown of a project or portfolio delivered to your inbox. Sharing key takeaways and action items with colleagues becomes a breeze, keeping everyone on the same page and moving forward.

  • Convert tasks to approvals

Convert tasks to approvals on the fly! No more switching gears or creating separate tasks. This handy feature empowers everyone, from free plan users to enterprise teams, to seamlessly request approvals directly within any task. Say goodbye to context switching and hello to smoother workflows – a win for both efficiency and clarity!

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