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Asana: July Update 2023


Get ready to boost productivity with Asana’s July Update! Packed with new features and enhancements, this update streamlines workflow enhances collaboration, and helps you achieve goals faster. From task management to integrations, Asana’s update is your secret weapon.

Workflow bundles

Are you an Enterprise user of Asana? If yes, you can access its game-changer feature, allowing you to standardize processes at scale, saving time, and maintaining consistency. Workflow bundles let you edit or update workflows across multiple projects at once. It combines rules, fields, sections, and task template features that can be applied across multiple projects.

Bundles Feature

To create a Bundle:

  1. Go to your project and click the Customize button in the upper right corner.
  2. Scroll down and click the Bundles menu.
  3. Click + Add bundle to create your bundle or click Generate bundle from the project to create a bundle using the project’s existing workflow.

Variables in rules

Add comment variables

With this July Asana Update, it’s now possible for you to add variables on Action: Add a comment for more clarity and flexibility. When creating a rule, you can easily add Task assignee, Task creator, Due date, and Custom field variables.

Goals planning template

This incredible tool is your team’s guiding light, providing a pre-made roadmap to draft, approve, and finalize your goals. With this template, you can standardize your goal-setting process, ensuring everyone follows a consistent approach during each planning cycle. It’s not just about structure; this template promotes collaboration like never before. You’ll have a bird’s-eye view of the goal-setting process, effortlessly track progress, assign clear responsibilities, and seamlessly incorporate stakeholder feedback. The benefits don’t end there! Automations streamline your work, approval tasks become a breeze with a single click, and centralized feedback keeps communication in one convenient place. Plus, you can visualize your process in various ways, including a list, Kanban board, calendar, or timeline. The best part? You can easily share this template with stakeholders, granting them real-time visibility into your goal-setting journey.

Goals Duplications

To simplify your life, Asana lets you quickly duplicate a goal by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the goal’s name and selecting “Duplicate.” It’s that easy! No need to waste time recreating the same goal repeatedly.

Salesforce for Asana Goals integration

Connect your Salesforce to Asana Goals! This powerful integration connects your goals with mission-critical Salesforce tools, allowing you to track progress and make informed business decisions effortlessly. With this integration, you can bid farewell to the tedious manual work and say hello to automatic updates. Also, linking Asana Goals with Salesforce reports gives you a clear and accurate picture of your progress without lifting a finger. Whether monitoring revenue targets or organizational and team goals, this integration has covered you.

Goals Integration

Formula custom fields on Mobile

The Formula custom fields can now be viewed on Android and iOS devices.

Custom fields on mobile app

Perform calculations directly in Asana with the Formula custom field, enhancing productivity and data management.

To Add Formula Custom Field:

Admin controls for artificial intelligence features

Empower your organization with the incredible Admin Controls for Asana’s artificial intelligence (AI) features. These AI-powered capabilities utilize machine learning to analyze and optimize your data, helping users streamline their work like never before. With Admin Controls, you can enable or disable Asana Intelligence features for your organization, granting you complete control over access and data processing.

AI admin control

Hubspot integration in rules

Automating your workflow has always been challenging! With Hubspot integration in rules, you can now effortlessly set up rules for deal updates that automatically create and update Asana tasks.


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