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Asana: January Update

What’s New in Asana this month of January?

Asana is geared toward providing its users with the tools they need to improve data security on mobile devices, add estimated hours as an effort field in Workload to simplify resource planning across teams and projects, centralize your most major projects, track their status in real-time, gain insight whenever needed, and keep their teams informed of improvements.

To catch you up on Asana’s new update, here they are:

Admin Console mobile data controls

Do you want to make your Asana app more secure on mobile? Fantastic news for Asana’s Enterprise Tier subscribers! With the “Mobile Apps” section added to the Security tab of the Admin Console, enterprise-tier administrators can now make the Asana mobile app more secure.

Estimated hours in Workload

If you keep track of how much time you spend on each activity, you can use that information to estimate your capacity rather than relying on the number of tasks at hand. The workload’s expected hours field is a great way to unify resource planning across teams and projects.

To add task effort:

  1. In the workload toolbar, choose Add effort. Workload Effort can be any numeric custom field in your library or a new field.
  2. Now, if it isn’t already, update every project in the portfolio to include your new “effort” field.
  3. Your workload graph now displays effort rather than task count.

People and date custom fields in Portfolios

Do you want to add more information to your Portfolio? Now, you can use People and Date Custom Fields when keeping track of your portfolio.

Comment-only projects in Portfolios

Comment-only projects can now be added to Portfolios.

Attachment upload date on hover

Identify the most current attachment when multiple appears to be working on the same assignment. When you hover over an attachment, a little pop-up will show up with the time and date it was uploaded.

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