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Asana January 2024 Update: A New Year, A New Set of Features!

Asana, the popular work management platform, has kicked off the new year with a bang by introducing a range of exciting updates in its January 2024 release. These updates enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and provide users with even more control over their projects. Let’s dive into the details and explore what the Asana January update 2024 update has in store for us.

  • Comment-Only Gantt View

One of the standout features of Asana’s January 2024 update is the addition of a comment-only in Gantt view. This feature allows project members to view and comment on the Gantt chart, making no direct changes. With the comment-only in Gantt view, collaboration becomes a breeze, as stakeholders can easily share their thoughts and ideas visually and intuitively.

Access level update in Asana Gantt.

To access the comment-only view. Navigate to the project you want to view, click on the Gantt chart tab, and select the comment-only option. From there, you can explore the project timeline, leave comments, and engage in discussion with your team members.

  • Set or Clear “Date” Custom Field

Automation plays a crucial role in streamlining workflows and reducing manual effort. With the Asana January 2024 update, you can set or clear a date custom field using the rule builder. This feature enables you to automate updating date-related information in your projects.

Let’s say you have a custom field that tracks the due dates of tasks. With the new rule builder functionality, you can create a rule that automatically sets the date custom field to a specific value when certain conditions are met. For example, you can set a rule to update the date custom field to the current date when a task is marked as complete.

If you want to clear the date custom field when a task is moved to a different section or assigned to a specific team member, you can create a rule for that as well. This flexibility allows you to customize your workflows and ensure that your projects always have accurate and up-to-date information.

  • “Group By” in Project and My Task

Asana’s project and task management capabilities are further enhanced in this update by introducing the “Group By” feature. This feature allows you to group tasks differently across list and board views in projects and My Tasks.

By leveraging the “Group By” functionality, you can organize your tasks based on various criteria such as due date, assignee, priority, or custom fields. This level of customization provides you with a more tailored and intuitive task management experience.

For example, let’s say you’re managing a project with multiple team members and want to group tasks by the assignee to visualize each person’s workload easily. With the Group By feature, you can quickly toggle between different grouping options and gain a better understanding of task distribution and resource allocation.

  • End User Application Insights in Admin Console

Data-driven decision-making is at the core of successful project management. Asana recognizes this and has introduced a new feature in the January 2024 update that allows admins to export end-user application insights from the admin console. With this feature, admins can now export a CSB file containing an app’s activity data and gain valuable insights into user behavior and engagement. This data can help identify trends, track user adoption, and make informed decisions to optimize workflows and improve productivity.

Image Source: Asana | Help Center

Admins can view an aggregated number of app users per app in the last 90 days on the connected apps tab. This feature provides a high-level overview of app usage and follows administrators to assess the effectiveness of different integrations within their organization.

  • Increase the Goals Connected Item Limits

Goal setting is a fundamental aspect of project management, and Asana has made it even more powerful in this January update. Users can now connect up to 120 total items, including up to 100 projects, to goals. This increase in the goals connected to item limits enables you to set ambitious targets, align projects with your strategic objectives, and track progress effectively. By connecting a larger number of items to your goals, you can ensure that all relevant tasks, projects, and milestones are accounted for. This holistic view allows you to monitor progress, identify dependencies, and make data-driven decisions to drive your projects forward.

  • Goals Column in Portfolios

Portfolios provide a comprehensive overview of your organization’s projects and initiatives. With the latest updates this month of January 2024, Asana introduces the goals column in portfolios, enabling you to see the goals connected to the work in the portfolio. This new column allows you to track progress toward your goals directly within the portfolio view, providing you with a centralized and holistic perspective on your strategic objectives.

  • “Copy Link” in Saved Views

Saved views are a powerful tool in Asana that allows you to customize task views based on your specific needs. Asana’s January 2024 update introduces the “Copy Link” feature, making it even easier for you to share your saved views with others.

By navigating to the tab actions menu, you can now quickly copy a tab’s link and share it with your team members or stakeholders. This feature eliminates the need for manual instructions or explanations and enables others to access your customized views directly. Whether you want to share a specific project layout, a filter task list, or a customized timeline, the “Copy Link” feature simplifies the process and promotes seamless collaboration.

  • Gmail Sync

Email is a vital communication channel for many professionals, and Asana understands the importance of integrating email functionality into its platform. As another comes forth, Asana improves the integration between the work management platform and Gmail. With Gmail Sync, you can automatically sync future email replies to tasks in Asana.

Image Source: Asana |Help Center

With this integration, you can turn emails into actionable tasks without leaving your inbox. Connect your email account to Asana effortlessly, and Asana will automatically sync any email replies you send as comments on the corresponding tasks. This feature eliminates the need for manual copying and pasting, ensuring that your project management system captures and tracks important information seamlessly. Moreover, if you are looking for a way to increase your team’s productivity, improve your teamwork with Asana and Gmail integration.

  • Mobile User Account Deletion

Account management is an essential aspect of any project management system. This year, Asana enables you to permanently delete an Asana account via the mobile app on iOS and Android devices. This feature provides you with a streamlined and secure method to manage your accounts, even when you are on the go.

By offering the option to delete accounts through the mobile app, Asana ensures that users have full control over their data privacy. Whether you’re transitioning to a new role, leaving an organization, or simply streamlining your accounts, the mobile user account deletion feature offers a convenient and efficient solution.


The Asana January 2024 update brings a range of exciting features and enhancements that aim to improve collaboration, streamline workflows, and provide users with more control over their projects. From the comment-only Gantt view to the increased goals connected to item limits, Asana continues to empower individuals and teams to work more efficiently. With these updates and improvements, Asana solidifies its position as a leading project management tool, catering to the developing needs of its users. Whether you’re a project manager, a team member, or an executive overseeing strategic initiatives, the Asana update this month offers something for everyone.

If you missed the previous update, review our resources to stay constantly updated on what’s new in Asana every month, ensuring you stay one step ahead of your business competitors.

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