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Asana Generate Custom Reports with Formstack Documents

Hey Asana users! Are you looking for a solution on how you can add beautiful custom reports to your Asana and send them to your customers? Well, no need to worry. We got you! This article will show how we can help you generate dynamic, beautiful, customized report documents using Formstack Documents and how you can send those reports to your customers via Asana instantly.

What are Asana’s reporting capabilities?

Asana project management is one of the best tools available on the market to help you have a clear overview of what’s happening in your business. It is a tool that enables you to keep track of progress, stay organized, and ensure timely completion of tasks is critical for success. While Asana’s intuitive interface and task management features are widely known, one aspect that truly sets it apart is its robust reporting capabilities.

Asana Reporting Dashboard

Whether you are a team leader looking for an overview of your project’s progress or a stakeholder seeking detailed analytics, Asana’s reporting features provide a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your needs. Gain a bird’s-eye view of your project’s health and identity bottlenecks and celebrate milestones with beautifully visualized reports that are as insightful as they are easy to understand. Need to highlight specific KPIs or showcase the progress of individual team members? Asana’s reporting features allow you to create personalized reports that tell the story of your project’s journey, complete with the human effort and dedication behind it.

Furthermore, Asana’s reporting features promote collaboration and transparency within your team. Share reports effortlessly with stakeholders, clients, or colleagues, ensuring everyone is on the same page and aligned towards a common goal. Spark insightful discussion, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and foster a culture of continuous improvement with Asana’s reporting capabilities.

Here are some of Asana reporting features that will surely help you:

1. Dashboard

The Dashboard lets you generate and view different reports that provide insights into project status, task completion rates, team productivity, and other metrics. In addition, you can customize reports to focus on specific criteria, such as tasks assigned to a particular team member and tasks due within a specific tag.

2. Portfolio reporting

The Asana portfolio reporting feature makes your life easier and ensures you stay on top of your goals. It gives you a holistic view of all your projects, allowing you to see the bigger picture and make more informed decisions. Asana’s portfolio reporting feature highlights the milestones you have reached, the tasks completed, and the impact you are making.

3. Advance Search

Asana’s Advance Search feature will enable you to dive deep into your project data and uncover valuable insights effortlessly. Using this feature, you can run reports based on specific criteria most important to your team.

You can significantly benefit from Asana’s reporting features as it allows you to generate detailed reports and export them in various formats, facilitating communication and collaboration with stakeholders. By leveraging Asana’s robust reporting capabilities, you can optimize project efficiency, increase productivity, and ultimately achieve your business objectives with greater success.

Yes, Asana is a robust and flexible work management solution that can give insights into your project and task progress; however, if you want to have customized or branded for your customer’s reports, you need help from another robust tool.

The tool that we are referring to is Formstack Documents. With this tool, you can generate more dynamic reports and instantly send them to your customer in Asana. Before I introduce this game-changer, document automation lets you first know what Formstack is.

What is Formstack?

Formstack Website

Formstack is a powerful workplace productivity platform enabling you to create documents and collect eSignatures without coding. This platform also allows you to automate workflows and streamline data collection processes by connecting your forms to another tool you use.  It has five products, including Farmstock Forms, Formstack Documents, Formstack Sign, Formstack Platform, and Formstack for Salesforce, but for now, we will focus on Formstack Documents.

What is Formstack Documents?

Pre-build Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents is a versatile document automation platform that simplifies the process of gathering, managing, and delivering personalized documents. It seamlessly merges data from various sources, whether it’s online forms or spreadsheets, and transforms them into beautifully designed, customized documents with just a few clicks. So, if you are ready to supercharge your document generation process and reclaim valuable time, try Formstack Documents.

How can we help?

Let’s say you want to send a report to your customers, and after trying all the reporting capacities of Asana, you are still looking for more and want customized and branded reports for your customers where you can add graphics or charts. We can help you do that, and you won’t be able to do it repeatedly and manually. The following is the process of how we can solve your problem:

  1. We will connect your Asana to Formstack Documents.
  2. On Asana, we will take your project on a task.
  3. On a task, we will add a drop-down field to help you instantly generate reports.
  4. After that, with just a click, you can generate all the reports from Formstack Documents to your Asana task, including all your information on the reports.
  5. Finally, you have customized and branded reports to send to your customers without the help of a developer.

With this process, we will connect Asana and Formstack Documents, and you can generate your reports to your Asana. If you want to know more about this, you can contact us, and we will help you generate your reports for your Asana instantly.

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